Monday, September 8, 2008

Special Promo for Comcast Users

Louise emailed me about a special promo available only to Comcast OnDemand users. I'm going to post what she told me about it. There is a *slight* Booth/Brennan spoiler that is likely to provoke some debate.

If you go to Comcast OnDemand, and then TV Entertainment-Fall Previews-Fox, there's a 2 min preview of Bones. It includes the same Bones on Dating/Bones on Attraction clips we've seen before, but also an extended version of the possum scene, and a clip where Bones tells Cam that she needs a forensic anthropologist in the lab, so she can be free "to aim Agent Booth in the right direction" (to which Booth replies "aim Agent Booth in the right direction? What am I, a hose?!"). It's very cute!
I'm jealous! I wish I could see it.

That's very interesting about Brennan completely wanting out of her lab duties, even jokingly. That's bound to upset some fans who want her right back in the lab and might answer the question I posed in the Yanks review about Clark's departure and which side of the science vs characters debate the season will follow.


Louise said...

Aww, I feel famous!

I'm trying to see if the vid is online. You might be able to see it here...
I don't have Flash at work, so can't tell if that's a video or not.

Ok, I'm going to talk about the clip now, so put your spoiler earmuffs on people...

I had the same thoughts as you Wendy. Although, to be honest, Bones has hardly been in the lab for a while now ... maybe the writers are just trying to explain it. But it is true that with Zack not there, Bones really is needed in the lab more (as she was when Zack was in Iraq).

I think this scene is more likely to introduce the rotating grad students. Also, I seem to remember in one of the sides, Bones complaining about a grad student being at a crime scene ... this could also be related to that.

Wendy said...

That's not it, but it is a good video of London with a few more scenes/shots/info we haven't seen in other videos and more information about the double-decker bus scene we didn't get to see.

Milky said...

Louise is right, Brennan hasn't been that much at the lab lately. I personally don't think that's a problem, as long as they keep it balanced with the work at the lab.
In that sense, if Brennan saying that is an explanation of why she's going out with Booth more, it can also be said that she adds the anthropology&science point of view to their investigations.

And well, in Yanks they said something that gave us a clue about it already: going together is how they do things.
It's part of what they are.
And they're forever getting closer to each other, we can't forget that.

Shep said...

I agree with Milky - they can't compromise lab work or field work. There needs to be a balance, but I think this 'aim Agent Booth in the right direction' is gearing towards getting B&B closer together. This is probably Brennan's way of justifying the fact that she wants to spend more time with Booth!

IMO - stinky dead people vs sexy FBI agent. Hmmmm... tricky! ;p

Anonymous said...

Louise, i am trying to find the vid with the "Aim the hose in the right direection, but the link is not? any other suggestions?

Louise said...

No, I can't find it anywhere other than through my Comcast (cable tv) service - sorry!

We need someone with both Comcast and a DVR to tape it!

Trish said...

Well, I take the comment about needing another forensic anthropologist to mean that Cam needs another forensic anthropologist to deal with the Jeffersonian's work -- indentifying bodies from Limbo and authenticating finds, etc. This would leave Brennan available to work with Booth and also in the lab as it relates to their cases. Well, that's my take on the "aiming Agent Booth in the right direction."

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