Thursday, September 4, 2008

TheTVAddict Interviews Michaela Conlin

Remember, a whole month ago, when I told you that TheTVAddict was taking questions for Michaela Conlin? Well, he's finally posted the interview!

If given the choice, where in the world would you like to go?
Back to Tokyo. I was recently there and people watch the show and know the show. It was totally crazy.

Have you seen the Japanese version of the show? What do you think of the woman who dubs your voice?
I actually haven’t seen an episode of BONES in Japan and I really haven’t given my voice dub a thought until right now. But that’s so bizarre. Somebody would be dubbing my voice in Japanese!

Check out the entire interview here. Did he ask any of your questions?


ADDhole said...

Bones really does have the nicest people in the cast.

Shep said...

She was lovely. It really is bizzarre to think of Bones being dubbed in japanese!

Ok, I know, I'm useless at this resisting temptation stuff! Just had to come and take a peek - glad to see that nothing will be spoiled unless I take a look at the comments so yay!

Can anyone confirm though, whether the premier will be in one 2-hour block or will they show each part in separate weeks?

Anonymous said...

Shep- US viewers had it in one 2 hour block.

Michaela was adorable, as always.

Also, having watched a good amount of Japanese tv, the thought of Dubbed!Bones just cracks me up. Oh, god, now I want to see that.

Milk Mama said...

Nah, he didn't ask any of my questions, but it was a wonderful read. I love Michaela. She's lovely. The whole cast is fantastic. I agree with what he said about the whole cast being nice! :D

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