Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thoughts on Yanks in the U.K.

Many of you posted live thoughts thread last night, and we had a fantastic live chat! I hope to post at least a partial transcript today. I say partial because, well, how was I to know it would only keep about 20 minutes at a time. *grumble*.

After some reflection, and especially for those who didn't get to chat...what do you think?

I plan to get my review up today but it is a 2 hour episode, so we'll see! Post away in the meantime =)


Milk Mama said...

Oh you know I loved every minute of it. :D I loved the ending where they paralleled Pritchard asking to take Booth to the airport with Cam and Barasa.
I know people will poo-poo the Hodgela breakup, but I honestly think that it's good to test their relationship a bit. They've been running on lust and sex. Now they've got to test the true strength of their relationship. Plus, I know that everything will turn out great in the end. With more passion and love than before. It'll be great. :D

Anonymous said...

I liked it. I thought i was much less intense and heavily emotional than the last episodes of season 3 but I thought it was nice to have some levity, for once.
Levity that is through every scene, including the ones at the Jeffersonian. It seems everyone is flirting, thinking about having sex or doing sex with cheerful and happy superficiality. But in a good sense. Like in spring when bees apparently are carrying around hormones together with pollin. Except for B&B, sex between them remains a taboo that makes them feel uncomfortable to talk about, but for the rest, whoohooo, everybody wants or is getting some. Including the good Pritchard givind advice to Brennan.
In the end, though, Booth and Brennan have what Angela and jack are missing: mutual trust. Which is as important as love itself.
And despite the levity and the breezy tone of the episode, still the are plenty of subtle moments between B&B. Not only the "you are special" but for example when without saying a word Booth suggests Brennan to help Pritchard visibly emotional in front of the students.Brennan gets it straight away. Booth lessons on piking up the emotion of others have not been in vain.She might sleep around but she is definetly not regressed to the Brennan of S1.

I might no like the pace of the break up between Angela and Jack but I'm glad it happened.Issues in their relationship have alway been there, it is good that they came up.

I also liked it the brief moment of mentioning Zack:brief enough not to ruin the light tone of the episode, but beautifully acted by Emily to show her sorrow and pain.An we hear golden words from her:scientific approach and pure rationality are not enough.Who says there is no progress in this episode?
It is just subtle, subtle in the hints, subtle in the lines, subtle in the situations. I liked it.
It explains also a lot about the tone of the next episode.
Hanson has changed path, is less darker and surely less intense, but I don't see a change in quality.As satisfactory as always..


Monisse said...

I just finished seeing it! (since I'm not from America I only get them a little late) but I enjoyed the episodes very much.
There was some romantic oddity about the square formed by the english partners and the american partners which made the episodes so much more likable!
Best episode ever.

Mom2ABnTB said...

I hate that they cut out some things (i.e. I need a good spanking), but as a whole, I thought the epis were great. I am a little sad that Hodgela's break up didn't get more attention, because after a couple years together, you would think there'd been some sadness instead of blank realization. But it'll be made right I'm sure. I agree with Milkmama on the lust thing. I do think their relationship needs to be tested. As for Booth calling Brennan special...awwwwww...and Pritchard encouraging Brennan to climb Everest. *squeee* I am more eagerly anticipating this season now. Go Bones! And did anyone notice that, even though they both wanted to see the Tower Bridge opening, they both missed it b/c they were bickering?? LOL

ADDhole said...

*sigh* (Dramatic pose) Must I be the "voice of reason," AGAIN????

The entire episode spent too much time driving on the wrong side of the road and I'm not even alluding to Booth's stereotypical "ugly American in Europe" bore fest.

For those of you who want style over substance - this was a hands-down winner. For those who would like to see characters evolve - this was a performance where that branch of "humanity" died off. For those of us who like the "Pros" of procedurals - it was the equivalent of Diet Coke and Mentos . . . all fizz and we were left empty.

The strongest elements of this show were the real humor of Sweets's contributions, the real conflict after Cam made her confession, and the excellent moments with Clark. Clark had real character, real science and real energy and I hope it is not an indication where the show is heading that a character representing all of that walked off the show! (Sadly, I think it is)

"Hodgela" was rushed and handled just as poorly as Zack magically becoming the apprentice. However, I do hope that the "break-up"is to build conflict that leads to real exploration of their relationship. Their relationship had stagnated. All sex and no depth makes Jack a very whipped boy. I'd like to see Angela get over herself and Hodgins grow a pair . . .

I'm making an effort, here, to find the positive things I enjoyed (It's Bones - I love it even when it's a bad episode.)

Booth seemed remarkably out of character for the vast majority of the episode. Brennan was also at odds with her usual "psychological profile." That was odd, including moments such as when she was so cavalier about killing people and being alright with it. Meanwhile, Sweets and Camille were very well represented and a much bigger part of "the family" and that was good. Pritchard was a likable and believable character (which was all I was asking for from everyone else, really) and there really does need to be romantic tension for both Booth and Brennan, apart from each other, to give what we all love about B&B space to grow even sweeter.

This series is too important to me to turn a blind eye when it stumbles badly and I'm sorry - but, for a two hour episode with such potential - none of it became kinetic.

Louise said...

Honestly, I was a little disappointed (although I thought I might be ... I'm much more excited to get on to the 'real' season).

It just seemed like too much was going on, and it was too rushed ... which, seeing as they had 2 hours, was strange. I enjoyed the second half more ... it seemed to settle down, and became more like a normal Bones ep. The first 10 minutes or so just seemed strange, and there was far too much telling and not showing (e.g. "Hey, Bones ... they're the English version of us!" Yes Booth, we get that).

Strangely enough, I enjoyed the Jeffersonian scenes much more (strange, because there was no B&B). I guess that's a good thing, since that's more an indication of what the rest of the season will be like. Sweets was brilliant, Cam was great (I know!), Sweets and Cam together was surprisingly fun, and I loved the scene with Sweets and Angela (love the gay crush!).

There were some great B&B moments, but they seemed to be lost in everything else going on. Booth's "of course I think you're special" and "there is not a man in this country that wouldn't want you" would be HUGE moments in any other episode, but I almost forgot about them.

I also liked the comments about Bones having to kill but not being bothered about it, and about how Booth would be upset if Bones died, but again, they were almost lost in everything else going on. I really liked the conversation between Pritch and Bones (the 'Everest' one), but again, I would have liked more. I would have really loved a comment from Bones about how she knows what it's like to lose a partner, because I think we still need to see more of how that affected her.

What else did I like? I liked the relationship between Booth and 'Pritch', which seemed much more realistic than Bones and Wex. They seemed to have a mutual respect and understanding for each other, and I liked the way Booth knew exactly how to deal with her after Ian was killed.

I also liked seeing Booth react to the aristocratic life, and I loved the old lady - she was like an older version of Bones! (any else think she took a liking to Booth?)

I really wish they'd kept to one murder case. I know the two were somewhat linked, but I was hoping this was a chance to deal with a case in more detail. As it was, the first case seemed too complicated and confusing, and then was completely forgotten about.

Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy it, and I'm glad Bones is back. There were some great moments, but I think there were just too many ideas that they threw in there, just because it was 'the London ep'. In a way, I think it would have been better if this was just a normal case-based episode ... there were so many character-based issues to deal with, and I think they would have been explored better without everything else. But, let's hoping we get on to that next week. I shall just have to think of this as a 'pre-season' ep!

Louise said...

Oh, and another thing (sorry!) ... I did not like the way the Hodgela break-up was dealt with AT ALL.

They were great in the first half ... it was typical Angela to insist that it was her heart to give, not his to claim, and their 'bells' moment was sweet.

But the break-up just came out of nowhere. Even the actors looked like they didn't want to go through with the scene. It was as if Angela was just looking for an excuse for them to break-up (and, if you replace 'Angela' with 'the writers' then, I think it's true!)

In that sense, it reminded me too much of the Zack storyline ... they decided the way they wanted the plot to go, but the execution was flawed.

CupcakeBean said...

I agree with what louise has said. I'm a little disappointed with this episode. I felt like the writers were trying too hard... Much of the humor felt forced and I actually felt the episodes were too character-driven. There was just soooo much going on with the characters that it felt a little overwhelming.

The Hodgela breakup was long overdue, but happened much too quickly. They had that wonderful moment with the bells, which we were led to believe was the universe was pushing them together, and then suddenly they were breaking up. I found it funny that the one time Hodgins takes a stand against Angela is when they are breaking up! He was willing to fight Birimbau for her, but not willing to fight Angela for herself? That felt contrived. I think it would have been more believable if the two episodes were not shown together. It wouldn't have felt so rushed.

Like Louise said, there were some wonderful B&B moments, but they were overshadowed by everything else that was happening. Again, I think the episodes would probably be more palatable shown separately (even though I loved having two hours of Bones!).

Sweets was terrific in this episode. His Ninja Turtle story cracked me up, as well as Angela clearing it up for him. He's brilliant, but naive and needs to do some maturing. Cam was excellent as well, although I felt it was OOC for her to seek Sweets's advice. She thinks of him as a immature kid, so why would a strong woman like Cam talk to him about something so personal? I like that Sweets is becoming more of a team member though.

I think this is another episode that has to grow on me after I rewatch it. Like everyone else in the Bonesuniverse, I hated "Pain" the first time I watced it. After watching it again, I started to like it and now it's actually become one of my favorites (despite its many problems). I have a feeling "Yanks" will be the same for me.

Louise said...

Ah, it's always nice when someone agrees with me ... thanks cupcakebean!

And I agree with your post as well.

By the way, I think the squints were a little thrown off with 'mum and dad' aka Booth and Bones being away (as seen in Angela's phone message). That explained to me why Cam went to Sweets ... she couldn't talk to Angela or Hodgins about it, and I think she would normally have gone to Booth if he was there.

I also agree that this ep might improve with rewatching.

heirofloki said...

Was I the only one that felt for Angela when she was leaving that message for Brennan? My heart broke a little for her on that scene, when she awkwardly hung-up. It was like the reality of the situation was finally sinking in for her.

Apparently I'm in the minority but I liked it. Seems like a trend with me, since I loved PitH (even though it broke me). Do I think it was the best episode they could have made? No. But I think it accomplished it's intended task: to lead us away from the angst generated from the Zack reveal and start up the season with a fun, light outlook on the show -a huge departure from last season's premiere. I'd also point out that the England premiere was a Network suggestion that HH and the writers tried to make work for the show. Fox wanted their fun event (to hook viewers before Pushing Daisies starts again, no doubt), and that's what they got. It sure wasn't vintage Bones, but I don't think it was meant to be.

As for the angst, I don't think it's been forgotten - just pushed aside a little. I'm sure there'll be plenty of angst (Zack-related and otherwise) this season.

Louise said...

Ok, now I'm agreeing with everyone, but you're right hierofloki ... it was a fun, light-hearted start to the season. I definitely enjoyed the comedy aspects of it, and I probably would have enjoyed them even more if I hadn't seen so many clips in adance (like the guy headbutting Booth ... my fiance couldn't stop laughing at that, and he's not even a fan!)

I did feel bad for Angela, but you've just reminded me of one of my favourite lines ... Brennan's voicemail!

"Technically you have not reached Temperance Brennan, but if you leave a message it will reach her. Me. Temperance Brennan."

ADDhole said...

I am accustomed to the direction of this show always changing in a jerky manner with no looking back - that doesn't bother me (too much). I even have capacity for the Zach (mis)handling . . . BUT . . this show has always been fun - and humor of a higher caliber than standard fare - so this episode SHOULD have been especially strong given the pension for British humor to be so expectantly high-brow.

The most fun is found in the dynamics of the interplay of the characters. I have a tremendous warm spot for all of the quirky behavior among the ensemble of Bones. It was too contrived and fragmented, last night, however. It felt like my friends had gone away for the summer and not only Angela and Hodgins lost chemistry but so did I with all of them, as well.

I was wide open for any direction they wanted to go and from a production standpoint - this is "THE" season for this show to pass or fail, frankly. Fox is paying some interests and investing some money, as well - but I believe it's having a detrimental impact on the momentum and vision of the show(???) Anyone else have such a gnawing feeling about all of this?

Anonymous said...

This episode had its strong and week moments , but don't forget it was filmed after like 5 or 6 episodes of the new season so it is technically not really a plotline episode. Since Hodgins and Angela are broken up in the upcoming episode they had to find a way to break them up in this one. I have to admit the cases were week and not really well handled but the focus was clearly not the cases. Keep in mind that the "real" new season is starting next wednesday. I just hope there won't be any inconsistencies because they were shots months ago...the writters are to smart for that.

Nyways love BONES and always will

Cordy said...

I think I liked the episode. Yeah definitely. There where a few things that could have been elaborated better, but it was indeed a very light episode.
And the second half was much better than the first, mostly because of the case.
And OMG Sweets - he was totally awesome :D Hilarious. The Angela/Hodings break up was a bit rushed. But the story back in the Jeffersonion could easily keep up with the B/B storyline in London.

Keri said...

I am torn about the episode...I liked pieces of it and disliked other bits. It did feel like they were trying to do too much sometimes, but there were other moments that I completely enjoyed. And I have to say the Sweets story and the "gay crush" thing was an absolute highlight! One thing that did bother me was how much some of the things that happened seem to be counter intuitive to some of the promos we've seen for upcoming episodes. How can Brennan turn down the sexual invitation from Ian and then in next week's episode be dating 2 men (and apparently only seeing one of them for sex)?? Why does she care one week if it bother Booth and not the next? Highly illogical for such a pragmatic character. I am curious to see how they are going to fit all these conflicting directions together...I just hope they manage it!
As for Jack and Angela...I don't really care either way to be honest. However, I am hoping they might use their break-up as a jumping point to explore how the whole team's ability to trust has been shaken by the Zach situation. How could that not undermine even your closest relationships? To paraphrase Booth from 'Intern in the Incinerator'...they've been "betrayed by one of their own" and there should be aftershocks to that.
The one moment I really didn't like...Booth's flippant remark about Zach during Brennan's lecture. Completely out of character for him and his usual sensitivity for her emotional vulnerability.
That's my two cents...:)

Jeannie said...

Great thoughts, everybody! I think Keri pretty much summed up my thoughts about this episode, including that very off-topic remark Booth made about Zack. I'm glad they decided to cut that scene where he enacts the shooting of Gormogon for laughs in front of Brennan's students that was in the preview clips. That would have been even worse.

erewhon said...

Knowing the wit and sarcasm of British humour I anticipated that the episode would show Booth as the swaggering American cowboy figure--a figure that is very unattractive to me. Poor Booth doesn't deserve to be made fun of like that! No wonder Tempe was casting her eyes elsewhere! I've just read an interview with DB where he says that he sometimes thinks his acting goes overboard, and that he sometimes gets notes on this. I think he needs to listen to his instincts. He does go on to say that we'll be seeing a darker side of Booth this season and I hope he shows the reasoning capabilities and intelligence of a character who operated as a superb soldier and was very quickly promoted to a management position at the FBI (since he met Tempe). I think we get shown and told to often that his intelligence is emotional and intuitive and that his reasoning skills are much weaker than Tempe's. This of course is the reverse of the usual gender role's and that's not a problem at all. I'd just like him to be more balanced
Someone said that they filmed this after some other episodes. Does that mean they wrote it after as well? How much does the network control the development of a show? How much control do the actors have over their characters? I'm still looking forward to the season, but I hope the shows deal with the character's growth (or mental illness) in more detail instead of rushing everything like they did at the end of last season and then with the opening.
Like others though I think the show can only get better from here.

Milky said...

There's little I can say that hasn't been said already. So, in just a few words, I'll say I liked it, but I also think it could have been better.
There were a few precious moments, like--- wait, this is the point when I start repeating, lol.

But there was one thing that I don't know if I imagined or not-- I wonder if there's someone else who got the same vibe!

Is it me or, in the 'little gay crush' conversation between Sweets (everytime he appears I like him better! The way he laughed when he saw Grayson for the first time... just great) and Angela, at the very end when he's explaining who's who in his metaphore, when he says he (Sweets) is Hodgins... Well... Did anyone else think he was a bit too enthusiastic about it?? The way he says (barely and with a twinkle in the eyes)'Think about that'... ?!
Really, it got me thinking. It was a painful process LOL.

Shep said...

Why did they leave out stuff like 'I need a good spanking' - that was one of my favourite lines!

Other than that, I thought it was a nice light-hearted way to start the show after the heart-breaking events of Season 3 finale. There's not much I can say that hasn't been said already but there were some great moments - like the B&B ones and not-so-great moments - namely the Hodgela breakup.

Sweets was brilliant - the 'gay crush' thing was hilarious! He's really becoming part of the Jeffersonian team.

And yeah, this spisode seemed to focus a lot on sex! When Booth said 'there's not a man in this country who wouldn't want you', I wonder if he realised he was including himself as well! I loved it and I can't wait to see the rest of the season!

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