Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Zack Spoilers

TV Guide has some new information on how we'll see Zack. David Boreanaz talks about a specific episode story arc and what Booth does with Zack.

Those who read it, what do you think? Will it be funny or just drag things out even more?


Cordy said...

A little Booth/Zack interaction could indeed be funny. But I'm really not sure exactly how much I want to see of Zack in season 4. I guess I just have to wait and see, hopefully HH will make it work.

Shep said...

I'd love to see Zack back working on a case - it shows how much they need him! I'm sure the Booth and Zack interaction will be funny, lighten the mood a little for everyone and give peopel hope!

L said...

IMO they're beating a dead horse pulling Zack out now and again when he can be "useful" to the team. I'd rather see no more Zack at all, so we don't have a constant reminder of the massive S3 finale gaffe. What they seem to have decided to do is so exploitative and gratuitous.

Milk Mama said...

I'll follow the storyline wherever it goes. I <3 this show!

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