Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Zap2It: Korbi Interviews Michaela Conlin

Zap2It's Korbi has a brand new interview with Bones' Michaela Conlin. It's completely full of spoilers and I honestly couldn't copy any of it over. It talks about Hodgela, Birimbau, future love, Season 4, Zack, Angela's dad, cases...pretty much everything! Enjoy it here.


Milk Mama said...

That was a great article! Thank you!

Shep said...

One of the things I love about Angela (besides being an amzing artist) is that she's really fun and wacky and quite open when talking about things like sex - which makes for some funny moments!

Ahh, wonder what will happen to the Angela/Hodgins relationship in the future - I really wnat it to work.

And does anyone else think that the picture of Zack looks slightly creepy?

Stephanie said...

I've always thought that pic of Zack looked a little creepy, and it was taken long before they decided he was gonna be Gormogon's apprentice, lol.

I love David & Emily, but it's nice to see an interview with one of the other cast members. I'm glad to hear that Michaela thinks the Angela/Hodgins breakup won't last too long. Thanks for posting!

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