Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ask a question of Hart Hanson

Lynn at SearchingBones will be participating in a conference call tomorrow with Hart Hanson. She's open to taking questions (she says she'll probably get to ask 2 or 3) from fans. Visit this post to add yours to her list.


nic said...

Lynn at SearchingBones already posted a short summary of the questions she asked and Hart's answers to them:


brookiiiie said...

NO! no no no! you cant let zac go! you just cant! please talk to the people, bones will fall apart if he leaves, talk to the directors, producers, hart hanson, anyone! someone! please!!! no! he is the best! you can never replace him! say, that, that, just say something! just say that 'the master' would have killed him if he didnt help him! you cant let him go! you cant, you just cant, please, please, let him stay, please! PLEASE! your killing bones! your killing it! its going to loose ratings, everyone loves zac! everyone! say they made a mistake, do anything1 i would do anything to keep zac, he holds the team together, he is like, the glue, the meat in the sandwhich, if there was no meat, the sandwhich isnt a sandwhich, you think big shockers are important to keep veiwers, well its not! if zac leaves, then everyone leaves, remember that episode, where cam was gonna get rid of brennan? and, how angela said if brennan goes, they all go, what about zac, isnt he important!? he is! trust me, you are making a very huge mistake! i love bones! i love it to death! please dont get rid of zac, please, im not even very old, im only 13, but i love bones, i dont get scared, i dont get grossed out by the dead rotting bodys, i love it, and if you get rid of zac, you will kill it! keep zac, keep him, please keep him. say that, zac was brainwashed, he was gonna die if he didnt, he would die if he told someone, say it was in order of self defence, say anything, please, please say anything, do anything, keep zac! please just keep zac! please, thats all im asking, please, just please, try, say he had temperal insanity! he was on doctors medication,he knocked his head, there was something in someones bones that made him crazy! something, please. im begging you! please. just try, say it was a dream, something, it was a dream from when the thing blew up. please, say sweets did it, i dont like sweets, he did it, say it was all him! please. PLEASE! for me! do it for the fans of bones, for everyone! please, PLEASE JUST TRY!

why are you getting rid of zac!? he is the best thing about that show and you know it!!! if he leaves, this whole show is gonna come tumbling down on top of you! not everyone needs drama, too much drama causes very VERY bad problems! not everything has to be all, dum dum dum, or omg! no way! tone it down a little, its not fair, i love zac, he is the most coolest and most awesome thing ever about that whole show! just say the master would have killed him if he didnt help him, or he was temporaily insane. or side affects of doctors medication, or he was hypnotised, like angela went to see the lady to find out about her husband, there are so many posibilities, that can shock people, the best one is, say that it was all a dream!then he can get back to the perfect show, and zac can find out who the killer is in his dream, and they go find him! please let that happen, im begging you!

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