Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bones spoilers: Ausiello and Mega Buzz

Both EW's Ausiello and TV Guide's Mega Buzz have Bones spoilers out.

I enjoyed seeing "Jimmy Berluti" on Bones a few weeks back. Will there be any other new grad students pitching in at the Jeffersonian? — Gayle

Click here for the answer.

Question: Seriously, I'm going crazy here. Are you really so horrible at your job that you can't come up with any Bones scoop, or have you just decided you hate Bones? Fifty trillion weeks and no Bones scoop? It's unbearable! -- Isabella

Click here for the answer. (It's re: The Fire in the Ice and a guest star)
What do you think of these tidbits?


heirofloki said...

I don't know if I'll be in the minority on this one, but as far as the female agent, I Love it! I mean, it's about damn time Booth got some attention. However, I do want to see a reaction from Brennan. It's always Booth reacting to Bones' dates/partners. I want to see some reciprocity in this matter.

cordy said...

Your definitley not alone, I second.
We need some hot stuff for Booth and Brennan going a little bit green can't be all wrong.

Shep said...

I really want to see a jealous Brennan - it'll be inetreting to see how her jealousy is showed!

Milky said...

Won't it be fun?

And she's interrogating him? would that be a metaphor... or the plain thing? Both seem interesting possibilities!

Even more if for once we see Brennan jealous!

Stephanie said...

The possibility of jealolus Brennan is very intriguing to me. On one hand, she'd probably hate it and try to hide it because she'd probably think jealousy is irrational, but then on the other hand, I imagine that might be the one thing she won't be able to totally compartmentalize. As long as the new hot FBI agent doesn't stick around too long, I'm all for it!

Lauren said...

I feel like we've already seen Brennan a little bit jealous before, though she tried to hide it. I can't, however, think of what episode that would have been.

mo said...

i think if we were to say we have seen Brennan jealous in the past, we would have to say Booth's old girlfriend Tessa..... Brennan didnt really seem tht jealous, but she jus asked a lot of questions about her.... maybe thts how she was showing it!
i am up for a jealous Brennan, but as long as it is only for one episode!! thats all i want!! <33

heirofloki said...

lauren I would say we saw her somewhat jealous in The Truth in the Lye. Not only did she blabber off to Cam about Booth and Rebecca, which I do think was a symptom of her dislike (she just happened to come up with that topic of conversation and use Booth as an example. Right), but her demeanor throughout the episode is actually rather confrontational. She's pissed. Underneath all the anthropological BS, she's pissed. And that look when she hears Rebecca on the phone is a silent and hilarious OMG!

katjem said...

Sounds interesting. It is about time Booth had someone interested in him ... Can only imagine how good it would be to see Brennan jealous and the conversations that result.

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