Monday, October 20, 2008

David Boreanaz: Characters Debate

I'm kind of with David Boreanaz on the "focus on the now" debate with his work. I loved Angel, but he plays Booth now and I can totally run with that.

But, it's hiatus for a few weeks, and there's not a lot of Bones to talk about, and the people over at GiveMeMyRemote have posed a questionnaire pitting Booth and Angel head to head. If you're in the mood for a bit of fun, head over there and put in your thoughts. You have until 8PM Wed. October 22nd to have your say.


Shep said...

OK, those shirtless pictures caught me off guard. I'm literally having real trouble breathing at the moment!

These ones are hard! I'll just post my thoguhts here because I don't really like giving my email address all over the place. I know they won't be counted but meh..

1 - I dunno about this one, both have this overwhelming authority but I'm gonna have to go with BOOTH

2 - ANGEl. Er hello? Vampire equals superhuman powers

3 - ANGEl. When he isn't brooding, the guy has a great way of making an entrance what with the kicking down dors and stading ther with that lovely broadsword of his! Although I did absolutely love the times Booth rescued Brennan.

4 - I'm going with BOOTH but even though Angel's son hated him, it wasn't his or Connor's fault - that git Holtz dragged him off to a Hell dimension for God's sake, and Angel sacrificed his involvement as a father just so Connor could have a normal, happy life *sob*

5 - ANGEL!!!! I am in love with that messy-spiky hairdo. It's damn sexy and I don't care what Spike says about his hair-gel.

6 - BOTH OF THEM. Booth for obvious reasons and Angel because he does care and even if he looks liek he's betraying people, it turns out it's all part of the plan. Ok,so we had teh whole Darla debacle but a)he fired his team so tehy wouldn't get hurt and b)the bastards at W&H wouldn't leave him alone.

7 - BOTH OF THEM. I love them both to bits (and Angelus too - his lines are hilarious despite being grim)!

8 - This one's a no brainer = ANGEL!. *remembers the B/A relationship and goes off to cry for an hour* Booth won't turn evil sadistic serial killer if he has sex with his one true love

9 - Again, ANGEL. The guy is repenting for a hundred plus years of maiming, raping, torture and murder after all. Booth, whilst he murdered, and nothing can take away the guilt of that, did so in service of the USA. But maybe one coudl argue that Booth still had a soul and a conscience...

10 - BOOTH. He's just so cute sometimes!

11 - BOOTH.

12 - Aw come on! How am I supposed to choose. Same actor, same gorgeous torso. Judging by the fact that I was fighting for air about 10 minutes ago I'm saying BOTH OF THEM. But I do think watching Angel do T'ai Chi is a beautiful sight. Then again, so would watching Booth work out!

Shep said...

A better bare-chested Angel picture could have been chosen though. Quite a few moments spring to mind...

Mella said...

1) Booth , Angel had to be forced to be a team player
2) Angel , to use a popular Sunnydale phrase "Duh"
3) Angel, jumping into hell dimensions without preparation equals great rescue
4) Booth, Angel never got a chance to be a real father
5) Booth , his hair in season one was kind of "helmety"
6) Honestly I don't know , maybe I go with both
7) Angel(us), he is just so quotable
8) Angel , poor Angel , poor Cordy
9) Booth , because it's not the past that's the problem for Angel , it's the souled status now
10)Not sure
11)Booth , Angel always makes the same mistakes all over again (hallo Darla)
12) Both look good without clothes . How am I suppose to make a choice here

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