Friday, October 24, 2008

David Boreanaz in Draft Magazine

The current issue of Draft Magazine features Bones' David Boreanaz on the cover.

Over at Celebutopia you can see the entire picture set as well as the interview accompanying the pictures. In it. he discusses everything from Bones to beer to his (hopeful) children and why it's important to teach his son about putting mugs in the freezer.


Mo said...

Awesome!! :)

CupcakeBean said...

Good Lord. Could that man get any hotter?

I seem to be speechless...

Milk Mama said...

LOL no kidding. I think that I'm rethinking my decision to never drink... nah.

But he's so cute squeeeee!

Child(REN)! Good for them!!! :D Yay! More little Boreanazes running around!

Shep said...

God I love this guy! He's such a laugh.

I can't believe he was bullied at school and now he's an absolutely gorgeous brilliant TV actor. It's like a 'HA! In your face!' to the bullies.

Hate Guinness - I mistook it for Coca-cola once- stuff tastes nasty (no offence to any Guinness drinkers). Love golf - whacking a ball a hundred yards or so is a great way of calming down.

More Boreanazes! - they will be adorable!

LisannK2 said...

The thing that popped out for me, being from Buffalo, was the Jenny Cream Ale thing. Whoever wrote the article misspelled that.

It's not Jenny, like short for Jennifer, but Genny, short for Genesee.

They still make that beer in that area...good beer, not the cream ale though, eww.

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