Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The He in the She - Live Thoughts and Discussion

For those of you able to chat about episode moments as they happen, here's a great place to do it! Post your live thoughts, or your after episode thoughts, on "The He in the She" here.


Amanda said...

I don't want to get into every little thing I loved (though I was happy to see the "too much car" comment).

I loved the cinematography, especially of the opening scene in Sweets' office.

I was amused by the intern, especially once he realized why he felt out of place. I thought it was interesting to watch him try to decide if Hodgins was serious about what happened to Zack.

It was good to see Cam outside of the lab.

I also very much enjoyed the scene in the church at the end. Very appropriate to Booth as something more than a cartoon character.

I'm geeked for the "Why not? Are you gay?" upcoming episode.

MO!! said...

I liked this episode, i thought overall it was really good! no HUGE B/b moments, but it was good.... once again i totally forgot about my DVR so it cut off the last bit, but luckily i was able to catch some of the promo live...sry if that sounds confusing!! LOL!!

anywho, can someone please post the promo ASAP, because 1 part that i saw looked really funny!! I CANT WAIT!!

heres the part:
(Max speaking to Booth)
MAX: Are you sleeping with my daughter?
MAX: What are you gay?
LOL!!! I LOVE THAT!!! And i cant wait. i get why they postponed the new episode, cause why compeat against the world series, most families will prob watch that... i just wish that we could still view them!! anyway, this post is now really long!! SORRY!! <33 Mo

Anne said...

Another good episode...nothing dramatic but a well balanced episode with much humor and good case...but the promo...Omg the upcoming episodes seem so good OMG again can't wait for them...Yeah Max is coming back...the scene with Booth is gonna be hilarious can't wait go Bones all the way

Anne said...

BTW is it Emily's birthday...or was it yesterday...can't remember

CupcakeBean said...

Did anyone else notice that every time they interrogate a suspect anymore, one of the squints is involved via microphone? I liked it at first, but it isn't necessary EVERY time. Booth was perfectly capable of interrogating suspects on his own before Season 4.

Anyway, I loved the ep overall and I'm really excited about that Max promo! I can't wait to see that ep!

firefairyangel said...

Did anyone else find the intern really annoying? He just seemed like an idiot to me. I loved the random, tangential comments he kept making but other than that he seemed so out of his league. He didn't seem able to follow the basic idea of what goes on in the lab. I remember him asking why they had to tell something to Brennan. And he seemed incapable of looking at the "big picture" of the whole body.

Cam seemed to have to guide him through everything, step by step. She seemed way too involved with him, moreso than she's been with the other interns. It didn't make sense to me that she was standing up for him so much (ie. subtly pressuring Brennan to make her say he did good).

Hannah said...

What did Brennan say at the end? Something buddy? I kept playing it back but I still couldn't understand.

Anonymous said...


At the end, Brennan says "swimming buddy," I'm pretty sure.

Hannah said...


hahahhaha wow yeah that makes sense...and it was funny for bren.

Chariot13 said...

I'm really impressed with the issues that Bones is taking on this season - the dog fighting and now transgendered people. This is the first show I've ever seen that has looked at it more from an emotional standpoint (of course that's only from my limited TV watching) and I think it did justice to the issue. I know this type of thing can be a touchy subject and I commend them for dealing with it.

Also, the case itself was pretty strong and the B/B stuff though not as much in the forefront was cute. I like that they are not making Brennan become soft in her beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the name of the song playing at the end of the show The He in the She?

Anonymous said...

The song had something in it about Black River I think. I kept playing it over and over but could not get it.

heirofloki said...

Oh. My God. That promo! Where the hell is November!?! *flails*


I really liked this episode. Lots of Cam, Hodgins in the field; I actually loved the intern and the way Cam acted towards him. I think she's getting tired of running through people every week or so. I know I would, if I was in her position. I have to say I was slightly wary of the storyline but I think they handled it well. Booth's confusion at first was natural, I think (I had a similar conversation with a friend: she didn't know which pronoun to use to address a transgender person). And the interrogation scene with the son made me fall in love with the character all over again. All in all, so much better than what CSI did when they tackled the subject (Hear that Josh Berman? I'm looking straight at you!)

And for all that's right and holly, I loved that sermon. Celebrating humanity and redemption, no matter who you are or where you come from. That's what's all about. =)

As an aside. Was I the only one that noticed that whenever the subject of past sins/redemption came up, it had something to do with Booth. I did a little dance inside because, suddenly, it's like the writers remembered season 1, the quest for atonement and the characters frakked-up past. I'm so happy. I'm only spoiled for one other episode, so I'm kinda grasping here but I hope it's foreshadowing for later in the season.

Milky said...


Tracie-- well, I think it's Tracie. It for sure is pir8queen-- already uploaded the promo!

I know this sounds like a mantra already, but... can't wait! this looks like so much fun. I just hope that what seems to be a memorable scene (what with the qn Max does and what Booth answers and, what I find even more interesting, the *way* he answers)is what it seems to be and not only somebody teasing us with clever editing...
Tho I think Booth will deflect his answer, I want to watch *how* he does.

Can't comment on tonight's eppy yet 'cause I haven't seen it yet :(

Wendy said...

Emily's Birthday is Saturday :)

And thanks Milky, I was just going to check. That's a wonderful promo!

Jeannie said...

firefairyangel, I agree 100% on the intern! I was very irritated by him and Cam's behavior, but I can also see heirofloki's point that she was making an extra effort to finally settle the intern issue because she is getting tired of the rotation.

I didn't know this was going to be a religious case but I found it to be a very strong one. Never guessed the killer until they started showing the wife a bit too much towards the end.

And while I agree that Brennan should be allowed to stick to her beliefs I just wish she could be more respectful to Booth and other people. Please! She expects other people to respect her view of the worlds, so why not return the favor. I was actually really disappointed with her during this episode. I honestly thought she had passed this kind of ignorant rudeness. But I will give her credit for attending the service with Booth in the end since she did this after the case was closed and supposedly out of her own will, I assume. So, I saw some respect there.

Speaking of respect, heirofloki already said it: The interrogation room scene with the son made me fall in love with Booth all over again. I loved how he was initially reserved but quickly started to honestly respect the kid and even opened up a bit himself, and it all felt sincere. That's my boy. ;-)

Jeannie said...

Um, it just dawned on me that we are watching the episodes out of order. Am I right in assuming that this was supposed to be the first intern after the S3 finale? Then it would cast a whole different light on that intern situation. But how does Clark and Yanks figure in then? Was this supposed to be the first post-breakup episode for Hodgela? Does anybody know more about this?

Wendy said...

I think Yanks should be taken as specifically written to come before the rest of the season, even what was shot before it. I think it's an exception, hopefully, to the 'written vs aired' problems.

Shep said...

I thought this one was a nice solid episode with a good case. And like Chariot13, I liek taht they are dealing with these moral and ethical issues.

There weren't many B/B moments but my favourite bits:
*'Aiming Agent Booth? Like a hose?'
*'You're not a member' 'It's not a gym!'
*'Hot, smokin hot!'
*Booth's he..she..person confusion and the expression on Booth's face when he lost an argument!

There was a major ick factor with the body this time too yay!

This week's Grad student, I thought it was a refreshing change having a British guy with a tendency to spew out random bits of unecessary info. He was odd and uncomfortable with their approach and unappreciation of his 'talent' which was amusing, as were his attempts at charming Angela - lol! Yet I'm glad he left, and doubt he'll return - I think he'd get irritating over time.
Another plus- seeing Cam out of the lab and being nice toward the intern rather than just strict assessment.

I found the guy in the wheelchair's reference to his past and his asking about Booth's past was a sort of build up to the promise of revealing more about Booth soon and getting to see some Dark Booth.

I agree about the interrogation with the son - it was a great moment and I really liked the son. He was very determined but sincere and forgiving and made me feel all warm and mushy!

RMF said...

Normally I like it when this show delves into matters of faith, because the tension between the figurative and the literal is a mainstay of the series, but here it was just okay. We've got representatives from across the religious spectrum, from the son on the liberal side, to Booth the moderate, to the mother on the far right. The right never rises above caricature, though, and we end up with a pretty by-the-numbers Hollywood take on the subject. Inclusiveness and compassion are good! Well, duh. There's nothing here with the deftness of Sweets and Booth's earlier "grandma in heaven" exchange.

I decided inside of 5 seconds that this intern must die. LOL Last week's intern was competent but lacked confidence, this guy has all the confidence but no reason for it. The problem with the juxtaposition of these two episodes is that the interaction with Cam was a repeat of last week. It was once again the graduate student lobbing them in there, and Cam knocking them out of the park. It's also awkward to get the explanation for the parade of grad students well after it's started. It's not horribly obtrusive, but it seems like this episode was intended to air earlier in the season.

Really bored with watching Sweets counsel people who don't need it. On the other hand, the character was used well in the profiling scenes.

Angela's appearances were a mixed bag. She seemed out of place in the interrogation scene, which really called for Sweets instead. The drawings she did to gradually work back to the preacher's original features were nifty, though.

What I loved in the episode was Thyne's performance. Hodgins' combination of anger, hurt, and wit feels authentic and is just so damn human. He is unable to mince words, so he recounts Zack's situation in the most brutal, frank way possible, while radiating hurt underneath the fierceness. This show is so larky sometimes that the same lines could have been played for the black humor, but thank God they weren't. This was better.

Anonymous said...

A question.

Being from Philly, I absolutely cracked up at Booth's line about the "seedy underbelly." But during the Stephen Fry episodes, didn't he describe Booth as a working class guy from... Pittsburgh?

Yes, David Boreanaz did live in Philly for a while. But as far as we've seen in the show (until now), Booth's character didn't. It's a nitpicky thing, but these little continuity issues are becoming annoying. I'm surprised at how many of them have slipped through the cracks already this season. Yeah, Pburg and Philly are in the same state, but the similarities end there ;)

Rebecca said...

My favorite was the second look Booth took at Bones at the end, right after the "or do you see where I'm going with this?" comment. It's like he had to look again and be happy that she had come and was sitting there with him. A little like last season when they were sitting on the steps of the monument and Booth was quite drunk... Cuteness!

brennanite said...

I liked the stoners in the opening scene. I liked how he was all stony serious about global warming. And then the one guy gave a perfect reaction when he realized it was a corpse: shocked/repulsed, then curious.

I thought Cam really liked this intern. She seemed charmed.

They seem to be building up to some big reaction from sweets. He is getting pretty tired of being disrespected. Maybe he is going to try to DO something, which will of course turn out badly/silly.

Finally we get a chance for Max to grill Booth on the inadequate romantic progress with his daughter. I can almost see him whining about wanting grandkids already!

firefairyangel said...

I think everyone's right about this episode being out of order. As far as I know, it was supposed to come immediately after Yanks. Why they changed it, I have no idea but I wish they hadn't. It felt really out of place, and led to quite a bit of awkwardness and things not quite fitting together.

Explaining the grad students, Angela and Hodgins' reactions to each other, nearly everything seemed out of context with the last couple of episodes.

I think it's fine to change the order sometimes, but they need to be aware of the overall flow of the season. I think this episode would have been much better airing after Yanks, like it was supposed to.

cordy said...

Good episode. Some very nice BB moments but nothing too significant.

The grad student was quite amusing, but I also hope that he will not return. It was quite obvious that this episode was shown out of order. Especially the whole rotating grad students explaination made this clear, as well as Brennans behaviour towards him.

That case was really good. I had no idea who the killer was.

Jeannie said...

Just curious - does anybody know why the episodes were shown out of order and what should be the correct one for rewatching during the hiatus?

Wendy said...

Making a post shortly,Jeannie.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just have a language related question. I am a member of the team that make Czech subtitles for Bones. So we are a little bit arguing about one sentence in The He in the She. In the beginning of this episode the guy who finds the dead body says that he is "toasted". Well... my question is: in this situation "toasted" means that he's high, drunken or just hot? I know it's a stupid question, but I am just curious:-). Thanks for an answer.

Jeannie said...

That is so not a stupid question! I had to look it up as well and my dictionary said it means that he is high. Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Thank you very much for such a quick reply. It really helps.

Anonymous said...

I love this show. I try not to watch episodes more than 2 times, but I cannot help myself they are so good.

I really do agree we need more romantic sparks because David and Emily are so good together. It's a waste of their talent and chemistry if we don't have more and more of the romance and sexy bickering as well as that real kiss.

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