Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's Bonesday...sorta

According to the schedule there's a rerun of The Man in the Mud tonight. According to my's baseball. Who knows!

But, it is technically a Bonesday. As hiatus fillers, I thought I'd post some various other ways people can enjoy Bones over the next few weeks.

Up first: Fanfiction!

We don't talk about that much here, as OWB is more focused strictly on the show. But, hey, fanfiction can be some good stuff! I've even written some (that I don't think is good) and read quite a bit more that is fantastic. Even those Bones scripts Jamie and I wrote are technically fanfiction.

And, for those of you who love can check out a very sweet plot Jamie has written for him now, that sprang out of a joint discussion between us of what they could actually do with Zack if he's let out (other than defy all logic and reason and put him right back in the lab).

But, what I wanted to propose is this: If you like fanfiction, or write it yourself - share your favorites with the rest of the bunch. Is there a story you just love, that you want to see happen, or that's just a good read? Share it!

(If it's an M rated story, please note that.)

P.S. Mandi Bierly just put up a post on Popwatch about Fanfiction too!


cordy said...

Oh yes, I really enjoy reading good fanfiction.
In my profile on you can see a list of my favourite stories and authors.

flowertje said...

I love fanfic :-)I especially like "Parker takes a stand" and "Parker love" on!

Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated but some of you mentioned that they wanted FOX to rerun Mummy in the maze...well I watched it and they reference Roxie in the ep...MRS Kippler mentions her to Angela about Angela Montenegro not beeing her real name...Angela states that she never told anyone and MRS Kippler said that she told a girl named Roxie who's heart she broke in college or something...

Jeannie said...

I'm pretty new to fan fiction (as in I didn't even know that kind of thing existed for any kind of fandom) but I believe this one may already be considered a classic:

Servare Vitas

(rated T; it's epic)

This is one of my favorite character studies:

Canon in M (rated K)

And this is a cute little case story I recently read and liked:

Feels Like Home (rated M)

heirofloki said...

Then why o, why are they not showing Mummy? Fox is weird.

Anyway. Topic at hand. I've just recently re-started reading fanfiction. Avoided it like the plague for a long, long time but I'm afraid this hiatus has pushed my back into it. I'm extremely picky, though: proper punctuation and formating are a must. As recommendations, I can point to Lerdo's stuff on Live Journal -she writes mostly drabbles, but good drabbles. And ForensicMama, our own MilkMama, who wrote this little fic entitled "Confession":

Warning: Don't drink and read. It gets dangerously funny.

Oh, and also on LJ: Things People Say by lizook12. Very short but accurate. =)

Shep said...

HAHA! Kudos Milkmama - I loved 'Confession'!

Milky said...

I'm relatively new to fanfic too. I started reading a few months ago, and was instantly inspired into writing some.

I don't have many favorite stories yet, but the ones I have are those I enjoyed the most.
Now that I've read quite a few stories, I tend to get impatient rather quickly... But, good fanfic? very, very welcome!

Stephanie said...

I LOVE fanfiction. lol. I've always read it for my favorite shows, but I've never really written it before Bones. But I've currently got several stories up for Bones on, under the penname HollywoodDramaQueen. These characters are just so much fun to write!

Here's my profile:

LauraintheUK said...

Love the fanfic - it's a guilty pleasure of mine. I've only just started reading Bones fanfic though, but these are my faves at the moment...

A Big Move
(quite adult!)

You're Different (again, quite adult). It's not all about the smut with me, I promise, lol.

Everybody into the pool is really good. It made me laugh.

And lots more. I've started following links from the Bones community on Found some really good ones through there.

I've only been obsessed with Bones for a short time (lots of episode watching going on here!!), but I'd like to say, your site is one of the best out there. Awesome work. Well done!

Monisse said...

I've been writing fanfic for more than a year... so here I leave a little publicity to my own fanfics,

I recomend to read Yield to Temptation, it's my latest baby and I'm really proud of it.

ForensicMama said...

Head in the Hallow, rated M

The Prodigal Son, Rated K+

The Confession, K+ 1Shot

Liza said...

I write fluffy fic on under the name DaLiza.

Feel free to check out my work or the work of my favorite authors (including HollywoodDramaQueen, who I see has already posted!).

Mom2ABnTB said...

I write fanfiction too! Check me out!

cindyk said...

I don't write fanfic. It's all in my head! I really have enjoyed the stories I've read by Wendy and Jamie.

Jamie - I'd just like to say that I REALLY liked your Zack follow up. You have no idea how grateful I am that you didn't hook up Zack with Naomi. Saying that,I think (in my opinion) that I could see Zack with someone outside the lab. Nurses are very compassionate and intelligent. I could see Zack with someone with a heart that's into the living. Someone opposite of his pure science. Just a thought!

One small criticism. I think by having Brennan find Zack a job in research, she's enabling him to continue to rely too much on her. He should have to do for himself. Figure out his own life and the decisions he made by himself.

I would enjoy seeing more of your fanfic.

Jamie said...

Cindy, I actually told Wendy about a pre-"Pain in the Heart" scenario that has Booth stuck with Zack at a crime scene while Brennan testifies in court, and while on the case, he meets a sweet museum docent and spends the episode vetting pickup lines through the team.

But I figured he would need Brennan to help him find work - who the heck would hire him without the recommendation of someone like her, knowing what he's done? But giving Brennan his blessing on his replacement (with the hopes of hooking up with said replacement) is a pretty good sign of his independence. That's how I pictured it.

Thanks so much for the compliment! I'm glad someone was kind enough to read it!

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