Monday, October 27, 2008

King of the Lab - Trivia

In "The Man in the Outhouse" Cam, Angela, and Brennan have a bit of man bashing in the lab. That's not the first time they have a moment like that.

Can you name another episode where the three of them do the same thing for the first time (laugh about men) in, I believe, the same room in the lab?


Anonymous said...

Episode Boy in the shroud.. talking about their teenage years and their first experiences with boys. Brennan is marching though at the rythm of a different beat..


Jeannie said...

Girl with the Curl? Where the 3 of them discuss in Brennan's office whether or not Angela should go on a date with Hodgins?

Leanne said...

Nice job yssel! You beat me to it!

Shep said...

Damn! I'm always too late!

Anonymous said...

Yoowhooo!! First time I'm king of the lab!! I should be queen.. but still... love it! Normally I'm late.

Joy Keanen said...

yssl totally right about the episode but Brennan is marching to the beet of a different drummer.

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