Saturday, October 25, 2008

Matt Roush discounts a Friday Night Bones

When Fox first announced the 2008-2009 schedule, Bones was slated for Wednesdays in the Fall, and Fridays come January. Though TV schedules can change with little (or even no) notice, we've yet to hear any different.

Slight glimmer of hope? Matt Roush, while answering an unrelated fan question, manages to toss in his thoughts about Bones and Fridays and show pretty solid confidence that such a move will not happen.

Question: So here we are on Saturday night and there are one or two lame new shows. Did network TV give up on Saturdays? On the other hand Sunday has so many shows on at the same time that I have to torrent on Mondays to see six or seven shows I have missed. I used to be disgusted, now I'm just amused! — Ron

Matt Roush: The "lame new shows" you spotted on Saturday must have been replays from shows that aired earlier in the week. With the exception of Fox's true-crime shows and CBS's 48 Hours Mystery, no one's producing original material for prime time anymore and haven't for years. (CBS was the last to give up the ghost.) The networks did give up, conceding the night to cable, movie rentals, whatever it was that kept people away from network TV. And to think the night used to host some of TV's biggest hits, from CBS's all-star comedy lineup of the '70s to NBC's successful run with The Golden Girls. Now insiders are taking bets on how long the networks will continue aggressively programming Friday nights, where the numbers are weakening by the year. For some networks, like Fox, it's pretty much considered a graveyard night — which is why fans freak every time the network threatens to move Bones there. (Thankfully, the show's doing so well now on Wednesdays that isn't likely to happen, even when American Idol comes roaring back.)
Do you think he's right? I, for one, sincerely hope so.


Lily said...

Yea...i hope he's rite to....b/c Bones is doing really good now and i wouldn't want that to change...i want Bones to go on forever...hopefully he's rite.....

Stephanie said...

Oh, I hope he's right. I'm watching TV on Friday nights this year cuz I hardly ever go out anymore, and I'd definitely stay in to watch Bones, but I really can't think of anything currently on a Friday night that's doing very well.

Fox's best move would be moving the comedy on after Bones to Friday night and pairing Bones with American Idol on Wednesdays. Bones would get an even bigger boost in ratings.

Milky said...

I have no idea what kind of shows are running currently over there, but your idea sounds great, Stephanie!

You should seriously start working on Fox. Besides, having an insider to pressure Hart we could get some things moving the way we want them to, and soon!

Milk Mama said...

Oh thank G-d. I hope that that's a good sign that things will stay the same and that the network will see what a fallacy it would be to move Bones to Fridays because of how well it's doing on Wednesdays!!! Don't move Bones, please, Fox!

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