Thursday, October 9, 2008

Michaela Conlin Interview: MyFanBase

Catherine, from MyFanBase, discovered the previous mention of the T.J. Thyne interview they conducted, and just let us know that there's another one up, with Michaela Conlin.

She talks about her own hobbies, her early start into acting, what she thinks we'll see in Bones Season 4 (in pretty general terms but avoid question 9 if you must), and much more.


heirofloki said...

Direct link to the interview:

Wendy said...

Oops, thanks, Heirofloki! I've fixed the post now.

Jamie said...

Awww, I heart her. I love that she's a writer.

Milk Mama said...

Great interview! and I love that photo of Michaela!

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