Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Bones Promo - Good Stuff!

Here is the promo for the November return of Bones, shown last night at the end of "The He in the She".

Thanks to Tracie for getting it up so fast!


Jeannie said...

What an awesome exchange!!! I love Max and Booth and that son/father-in-law thing they have going on. This is going to be hilarious!!!

Catnapping said...

remember the look max gave his daughter when she slugged that bounty hunter? hehehehe

heirofloki said...

I can't stop watching this promo. I

lol catnapping I remember. And yeah, Max totally knows how they feel about each other. What I want to know is if or how this little exchange makes it back to Bones. Or maybe Max can have a similar one with his daughter. 'Cause that? Would be priceless

Shep said...

HAHA! Love the Max and Booth exchange. When Max asked if he was gay it had the tone of 'why are you NOT sleeping with my daughter, what is wrong with you!'. This should be gooood!

Maybe Max will have a little role in playing matchmaker!

Stephanie said...

I'm so hoping the scene with Booth and Max turns into a complete reversal of what Booth expects and Max ends up getting mad at him for NOT sleeping with his daughter. I like the idea of him having a similar conversation with Brennan, too. Either way, I'm sure it's going to be fantastic.

I also love Brennan's line about how maybe she should carry the gun. I miss all of those gun jokes they used to do with her. Thanks for posting this!

LaDy...BoNeS...* said...

i love this promo!
ooh no..! november?


thank´s... chaoO!

cordy said...

what a great promo
I always love Booth/Max scenes. And this one seems to be an extremly good one. Can't wait to see that on the show.

Liz said...

I noticed the name Billy Ray McKenna on the still of the promo- that was the victim in The Killer in the Concrete!
Have to agree with everyone that the Max/Booth exchange was hilarious.

OKJumperGirl said...

Wait no Bones until November? No Way that is way to

Jeannie said...

What exactly does Booth say before Brennan says "Maybe I should carry the gun?" I've rewatched it several times and still can't understand it.

Wendy said...

"You're gonna jinx it, you know? Alright?"

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