Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Poll: The Crank in the Shaft

What did you think of The Crank in the Shaft? Vote on the right!

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Previous poll results

What did you think of "The Purple Pieces in the Perfect Pond"?

359 votes

Fantastic - 145 (40%)
Pretty Good - 116 (32%)
Mediocre - 19 (5%)
Bad - 5 (1%)
Zack's back and that's all I care about - 69 (19%)
Other - 5 (1%)

Another housekeeping note: Podcasts!

I'm going to start posting the latest podcast on the right side. You can always listen to the previous podcasts at the podcast site, but I'm going just keep the latest one on the right side.


Jeannie said...

Wendy, I can hardly hear you on the podcast. Lindsey's voice is loud and clear. Can that be fixed? Is that just me?

Wendy said...

I've listened to it as well and though I sound a little softer, I can hear myself pretty well. I'm not sure what the problem is! But I'll talk to Lindsey about it.

Jeannie said...

Um, don't bother. Sorry! Problem was at my end. Fixed it now. Thanks.

catnapping said...

I thought this episode was hilarious. I'm favorite so far this year.

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