Friday, October 17, 2008

New Poll: What do you think of Season 4 so far?

So, I'm curious to know what you all think of Bones Season 4 so far. Love it? Hate it? Find it inconsistent? Vote in the poll on the right!

Previous poll:

What do you think of "The He in the She?"

Fantastic - 120(37%)
Pretty Good - 157 (49%)
Mediocre - 35 (11%)
Bad - 4 (1%)
Other - 1 (0%)


Shep said...

The inconsistencies are mainly due to the order in which they were aired but overall - loving it!

Wendy said...

I love that, at this moment, it's


Opinions are starting off very differently!

Louise said...

It's been pretty good so far - nothing to complain about, but nothing to go crazy over.

The one exception being Man in The Outhouse ... I thought that was a great episode, and loved the ending.

RMF said...

I've enjoyed what I've seen so far, although it suffered a bit creatively when the network changed the broadcast order. Character and plotline development would have been smoother if "The He in the She" had been shown second, and it would have packed more of a punch going into the hiatus if they'd finished with "TPPITPP". So far it seems they've concentrated on laying the groundwork for things to happen later in the season, almost marking time. The Zack storyline is still henky and getting henkier by the minute. Am I supposed to believe that's a consistent characterization or notice that it's not?

Lindsay said...

Its been pretty good. With inconsistencies here and there but by the looks of the next episode on Nov 5, we are in for some fun. MAX!
When are we gonna have the next podcast? I'm waiting patiently. lol

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