Friday, October 31, 2008

New Promo: The Skull in the Sculpture

Fox has released a new promo for next Wednesday's Bones episode, "The Skull in the Sculpture."



Anonymous said...

silly question--is that Booth that says the "butt on fire" line? It almost sounds like Sully. Anyone know who it is?

Shep said...


I love Bones!

Shep said...

Nah! It's Booth

This promo's really short.

Louise said...

Yay, promos are back!

I don't have sound at the moment ... any body want to tell me what they say?!

Shep said...

Voiceover dude: a murder victinm is hidden in a sculpure, and Booth and Bones are hot on the killer's trail.

(brennan lights a fire)
Booth: Whoa! You almost lit my butt on fire..

(In the car - Booth is on the phone)
Booth: You're da bomb
Bren: why is she a bomb
Booth: No -'da' bomb
Bren: da..bomb?
Booth: *sighs*

Anonymous said...

Booth is saying that she almost lit his butt on fire and trying to teach her how to say 'Da bomb' . It a is reference to a rap song.

Man, I loooove Booth, hot and funny!

Louise said...

Hee, thanks Shep!

Lily said...

I can't wait to watch this episode......i think its going to be funny...especially with Booth saying the butt

Stephanie said...

Booth should know better by now than to say stuff like "da bomb" to Brennan, but that part of the trailer was hilarious, lol.

I'm really excited for new Bones to be back! Thanks for posting the trailer.

Jeannie said...

Hah, I felt like Brennan watching this promo. Thanks everybody for explaining that "da bomb" thing! ;-)

Lily said...

I have a question...where do u read the sides? i saw the comments abt the GD episode...and u guys were talking abt the sides...i want to read it to but i dont no where to read them.....can someone post the link? Thanks

luvin da bones said...

hehehehe. i love booth's exasperated ~sigh~ in the car!

those two are hilarious together. if anyone were to remake the Thin Man movies...these two would be perfect.

Lindsay said...

Brennan, Cam, and Daisies faces when Daisy breaks the skull, is PRICELESS!
Looks like we are going to get back in the Bones groove everyone. YEAH!

Shep said...

Lily: sides can be found here

But beware, some can be extremely spoilery

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