Friday, October 31, 2008

Spoiler Clip: The Skull in the Sculpture - Booth and Brennan

Fox has released some spoiler clips for the November 5th episode of Bones, "The Skull in the Sculpture." Here's a Booth and Brennan clip for you to enjoy.


CupcakeBean said...

So Brennan's not allowed to carry a gun again? I thought we were past that.

Stephanie said...

I don't think we've seen her with a gun (her own gun) since she yelled that the gun was too big for her last Halloween. Plus, you know, she did kinda shoot Booth in that episode, so the FBI might've taken away her right to a gun again.

I'm glad to see the gun jokes make a comeback! Those and "I don't know what that means" were always two of my favorite things about this show.
Booth: What goes first?
Brennan: (big sigh) Gun goes first.
Love it! lol

cordy said...

Yeah, Brennan is so cute "Gun goes first"

Anonymous said...

See, Brennan kinda annoys me by doing that. How often does Booth have to say to her not to rush into an unknown scene? 4yrs now and she still doesn't get it. It is for their own safety. He is the trained FBI Agent let him do his job gal :)

Shep said...

'If anybody asks the door was open'
'No it isn't - oohhh!' Haha!

I missed the gun jokes and that woman really creeps me out, especially her double eyebrows!

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