Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Stephen Fry Talks about Bones

This is an older interview, just recently pointed out by Shopgirl at the ABY. In it, Stephen Fry talks about his time at Fox while working on Bones. It's a funny interview.

He mentions that they wanted him to do the rest of the Season. Would we have Sweets now, if he had? Interesting!


CupcakeBean said...

That was a fun interview. I always loved Gordon-Gordon. I wish he'd make a cameo this season. Maybe working with Sweets to analyze the partnership or something. :)

Shep said...

That was fun. I love Stephen Fry, he's a great actor and very eloquent and charming. I miss Gordon-Gordon and Ireally hope he'll make an appearance soon - it woudl be interesting to see how he works with Sweets - opefully, he'll annoy the heck out of him!

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