Thursday, October 9, 2008

Watch with Kristen: Bones Talk

Kristen has posted a great Bones article with Q&A from David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel, and Michaela Conlin, all in one! It debunks (or at least tries to put off) one BB spoiler, talks about Angela's big plot, the fantasy episode (or 'sodes) and much more!

Family Matters: According to David, the introduction of Seeley's family is going to be a great avenue into Booth's story and his secrets. He says, "I think what's interesting about Booth is that he's so charismatic and charming and sarcastic and in your face, but behind closed doors, he is maybe something different…I think getting more in [his history] will enable us to get a little closer to Booth's heart, see what really is going on underneath all this stuff—which should be fun!"
Check it out here.


Catnapping said...

i think if bones ever did decide to have a baby, she'd definitely want it to be booth's.

and after the things booth said to her in the epilogue of 'baby in the bough' i feel certain that he wants that job...full time.

all that talk about 'we' and 'home'....eyup. they're already married. i hope the writers see that, and don't try to convolute the series' over-arcing story by having either of them consider marriage/commitment with anyone besides each other.

cuz the only way that would happen is if one of them actually turned the other down. and that would come across as contrived.

Anonymous said...

Catnapping- a big frakking word to everything you said.

Personally, I'm glad they debunked the baby rumour. I'd be too much, I think, especially with all that's been going on this year. One too many admissions for the season, so to speak. I like it when they take things slowly (as long as they don't go all x-files-slow on us): these two characters are too awkward, have too many as-of-yet unsolved issues that I'd like to see them deal with first.

Also, I don't think Brennan is the type of woman to give into a fertility crisis, if only because I see her as someone who could rationalize her way around said crisis: She's too busy, she's unable to relate, she's aware of the horrors of this world, she has no clear parenting role-model (outside of Booth)...plenty of reasons (right or wrong) that she could cite against the benefits of having a child.

Eh, wordy! I guess I'm just glad they're not going down this road.

Shep said...

Ok, so no babies. That woudl have felt really out of place this season but i think if they did icludse it, it would have turned out to be something similar to when Brennan tells Booth he's a good breeder i.e. she'd just mention it in her very Brennan-like, detached, based on opinion way.

Yay for more stuff about Booth, I'm eager to see how the introduction of jared plays out (even though any Brennan/Jared lovin is still a big no-no for me!)

I'm hoping Hodgela works out but in my opion, it will take a while: they need to discover more about themselves and each other before they can build the relationship up again and I reckon the arrival of Roxie will throw up some issues for them to work through but it's gonna be tricky.

Stephanie said...

I'm SO glad Kristin debunked that baby rumor. I hated that!! I think it's adorable how Emily always claims to not know anything when reporters ask her about storylines (and I kinda hope that's not really true cuz that would just be sad if the producers didn't tell their star anything about her show, lol.)

I'm excited about the upcoming stuff with Booth and his family (even his brother,) and I'm even looking forward to the whole Roxie story. I think it'll be interesting.

I LOVE the idea of a black and white noir episode with Booth and Brennan. That would be simply amazing. So I hope Hart reads Kristin's post and takes note of that!

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