Friday, October 31, 2008

What Hart Hanson really said...

Media articles based on Q&As tend to color their pieces with humor, hype, or even bias. Not that I begrudge them the right to report as they see fit, but doesn't it leave you wanting to get the scoop as it really happened, instead of 2nd-hand?

Enter GiveMeMyRemote. Over there, they have now posted the entire transcript of the interview with Hart Hanson. Some of you read this already on the official forums at the Fox site, but here's a full post link for those who missed it.

Obviously, there are plenty of spoilers. That's what everyone wants to know in these interviews anyway, right? But there were a few non-spoiler questions, like this one:

David: I thought I’d ask you, since you’ve been writing for [Michaela Conlin]/working with her for several years now, what was it that made her stand out for you when you were casting the part, and does she still have the capacity to impress you as an actress today?

HH: Um, yes. The answer to part two is that I think, um, the first thing that appealed to me, and the rest of us, when we were casting was, her, she’s a very experience actress, she has great chops, but also, she is obviously extremely beautiful, but she’s also funny. She has a lot of range. We were looking initially for that ‘best friend’ who could be a sympathetic ear, and she’s got that in spades, that mainly warm side to her. We have found out that she is funnier than we thought as well, and not only has she still got what we were looking for in the first place, but now that we sort of, for the time being at least, have split her from Hodgins, she gets to be a little bit more of the free spirit, bohemian, that we were after in the first place. And she’s just even better at it. It’s funny you ask that, because in the last four episodes, in post, we’ve just been saying ‘wow, look at Michaela, look at Michaela go’, she’s just…I think she’s really come into her own in the fourth season.

Check it out and read about Jared Booth, Zack, various romances, and more!


Shep said...

Great interview. I'm sooo glad he adressed the written vs aired issue and is as peeved as we are about it! I didn't think I could get more excited about the upcoming episodes but woooooooooo!

Rebecca said...

I wish someone had addressed the "sillification" of Booth, but it sounds like we will be getting some more balance to his character in upcoming episodes. I certainly hope that's the case! I miss the smart/dark Booth!

Jeannie said...

With Rebecca!!!

katjem said...

Thanks for posting this. A great interview and clarification on a lot of issues.

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