Friday, October 10, 2008

Yahoo TV: Fall's Top Detectives

Yahoo TV has a feature on the Top TV Detectives, and Brennan is on it! She comes in at number 2, just behind CSI's Gil Grissom (who is about to bail). Nice to see the mention!

Dr. Temperance Brennan ("Bones") may not be a detective by trade, but nobody dissects a case quite like she does. Employed by the renowned Jeffersonian Institution, Dr. Brennan is a forensic anthropologist (and best-selling novelist) who specializes in examining unidentifiable human remains of murder victims brought to her by FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth. What Brennan desperately lacks in social skills, she more than makes up for with her specialized knowledge and keen focus. Wednesdays at 8pm ET on Fox


Joy_Booth said...

That's awesome! I definitely think she deserves to be on that list, and 2nd place is just amazing!

Way to go, Emily^^

Shep said...

Whahay! Go Brennan!

Milk Mama said...

Oh yes! Brennan rocks! :D

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