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Bones Episode Review - 4.03 "The Skull in the Sculpture"

I have mixed feelings about this episode. On the night it aired I ended with two thoughts - love the subtext at the end between Booth and Brennan and I laughed, in this episode.

Neither bad thoughts, but were kind of light and vapid for the end of a Bones episode.

So, the more I thought about it, I was't surprised to have my opinion swing into the negative column about this episode. In the most basic sense, I feel like the show is becoming more narrow. It's becoming more stunty, more like everything else out there. Early seasons were quirky and unique, with a perfect balance of character and procedural. And, along my time with this show I have defended the character stories. Tell us more! as long as it's backed by plenty of science, and never too much of a soap opera.

This felt like a soap opera, I'm sad to say. It's too much character. Episodes like "The Verdict in the Story," which are almost entirely character-driven, are great. This did not have the power of character, to me, that merits a drop off in the balance of science. It felt like - it's sweeps month and we regular viewers should just sit on our hands and roll our eyes until we get our real Bones back soon.

And I'm not even talking about the girl-on-girl, here. There's a whole can of worms there. I always thought that bisexuality fit Angela's character well. It's never been a secret, and always seemed a subtle, but clear part of her history. No problem with her character re-exploring it.

But I felt it was cheapened by her whining that she hadn't had sex for SIX WHOLE WEEKS. Give me a break. That statement, and the accompanying attitude that love is NEVER permanent, suddenly made her more unrelatable than Brennan, and that's hard to do. All I could think, when they kissed was - "She's just using Roxie for sex, when Roxie is clearly still in love with her." Okay, maybe that's not *entirely* fair. In the scene where Angela first sees her art, there is a connection. But to me, her flippant attitude toward relationships now overshadows any sweetness in a specific scene. How can we, as viewers, trust the moments and the emotions we see, when she has professed her assurances that it's all transient anyway?

This is the first episode where I can say I didn't like a regular cast member. They've always made her free-spirit fun and enjoyable, but this was neither. (Don't confuse dislike of the character with the actress. Michaela Conlin played it all very well.) I don't even buy her statement that she requires a spiritual connection "I do require an emotional connection. Spiritual, actually. It's spiritual to me." - some of her past exploits seemed purely for fun and that certainly seems like what she's after now..

The lone saving grace, for me, was Sweets badly telling her how wrong she is, and why she acts like that. Of course, she completely ignored it, discounted it, and didn't like it. But if he hadn't said it, I think I would be even more irritated than I am right now with the entire sequence.

The other big thing I didn't like is the bar set they have hinted at for awhile. In "Yanks in the U.K." they go to a British pub. It feels crowded, but still airy with the outside lighting. More importantly, it completely fits. But to move the intimate scenes from the corner diner, something many people can relate to (we all have to eat, right?) into a bar, again, feels narrow. This show has very broad appeal and I feel like it's a step backward in sets, not to mention how dark and crowded it feels. I want to use my elbows to get them some room. I don't mind them going more 'adult' than the dinner, so characters can have a little drink. But, can we go hybrid again, like Sid's Wong Fo restaurant? Some conversations are far more appropriate in a more open, airy environment. But then, hey, if this gets Booth and Brennan into more intimate settings such as the woods for their talks, where it truly is just them, that will pacify me a little. But, overall, it felt like this set took them in a totally different direction, as a show, and I'm not sure I liked it.

Alright, one more thing. Angela should not have been allowed to work any aspect of the case. In "The Man in the Mansion," even before the association became known, Hodgins knew that a declaration of his past relationship with Clarissa Bancroft would instantly result in his removal from the case. Where is that type of investigative integrity where Angela's past relationship is concerned? They were all oh-so-admirable of her intention of clearing Roxie, where Hodgins had been roasted on a spit for his own good intentions of solving the murder of an old friend. Nothing that Angela touched would have been admissible, and she was all over this case. The others are more concerned with upsetting Angela than following the details.

As for the rest - I really didn't feel strongly about the case. I did enjoy the aspect of the challenge for the squints. How do you collect evidence when you can't get to the corpse in front of you? I thought that added a nice new aspect that made things a bit interesting and definitely provided some great humor. And who actually recognized Beth from News Radio under all that scary make-up? Well-played by Vickie Lewis. Angela with a new scanner, and the Angelator! were huge plusses for this episode.

Much of that humor came from Daisy. When we first saw her, she annoyed me completely. She felt very flat, and entirely annoying. She was a one-trick pony. But now, they gave her much more to say and do. It was along the same lines, but not entirely so *only* annoying.

  • Luckily, I took the initiative and got those samples before the injunction.
  • Did you have, like, buckets of coffee this morning? You're very shaky.
  • A little more. Just a little more. Like tiptoeing mice.
  • We could have been here hours ago if Dr. Saroyan would have given me the endoscope sooner.
  • I will think about it until my head explodes.
  • Amazing it is, this machine you have. (She and Sweets both love Star Wars. Now *that* is adorable.)
Daisy: It seems that any viable examination pre-extraction is impossible. Unless somebody has X-Ray vision.
Cam: I meant to warn you that Miss. Wick came up in the rotation.
Daisy: This time you'll be glad that I'm here, Dr. Brennan. I promise.

Brennan: We need cause of death.
Daisy: Of the Caucasian male?

Daisy: Everyone here is so nice. You know, I think I may have initially come off as a bit too needy. My family was pretty dysfunctional, so I tend to want a work environment to fulfill certain needs. (Sweets' influence?)
Cam: Perhaps some therapy might help.
Daisy: What a thoughtful suggestion. I always wanted a sister.

Brennan: Very good.
Daisy: Really? They were *really* small.
Brennan: Micro-fractures are, by definition, are small.

Daisy: (breathlessly) She agrees!
The breaking of the skull was fantastic.

Brennan: Now, what we want to do here is remove the skull very carefully.
(Brennan and Cam stare while Daisy looks petrified.)
Cam: I can't believe you did that.
Hodgins: (snicker) Bummer.
Daisy: Usually when you say 'we' you mean 'me.' I am so sorry. I'll put it together. I will stay up all night.
Brennan: (shaking her head) I'll do it.
Daisy: Well I will assist you, every step of the way. I will not leave your side.
Brennan: I would prefer to do it alone.
I loved Sweets taking care of her, in the end. I had assumed, since his phone call in "The Man in the Outhouse," that they have been dating. When he said that he wanted to take care of it, I immediately thought that he was going to admit their relationship. But, I loved how it actually played out even more.

He was brutal, but, by doing it himself, very protective of her. He knew how to address her and it allowed her to express herself without worrying about impressing anyone. It was endearing. And then very cute.
Sweets: I've got some good news, and some bad news. Which would you like first?
Daisy: The bad news.
Sweets: You're toast here. Nobody wants to work with you.
Daisy: Why?
Sweets: You know why, Daisy. There are some things you have to work on when it comes to interpersonal relations.
Daisy: Does anybody like me?
Sweets: No, I'm afraid not.
Daisy: What's the good news?
Sweets: There is absolutely no reason for us to be discreet about our relationship any more.
Daisy: Really?
Sweets: Yeah, why'd you ask me that?
Daisy: Well, because I thought we were being discreet because you were a little bit ashamed of me.
(Sweets looks up at the group, then kisses her.)
(Daisy pats his butt as they walk away.)
I am liking Sweets more and more. Like Cam said, they all respect his opinion and he should be flattered. He can be a catalyst for these personal stories, without being such a pointless lab annoyance. His case appearance in the interrogation fit well, and wasn't intrusive. (Though, as I've been watching old episodes with my husband lately - it really made me miss the BB interrogations we used to have constantly. But, hey, at least we get one at the end.)
Sweets: I suggest you start with the mundane, and then work your way up to the sexual stuff.
Booth: So, did you have a sexual relationship with your boss?
Sweets: That's the total opposite of my suggestion. ... Prevaricate, keep her guessing. ... Why am I here?

Booth: That's why you're here.
Booth picks and chooses which of Sweets' advice to follow, which drives Sweets crazy. And that's a good thing.

Like I said before, Sweets' interactions with Angela are the one thing that saved that sequence just enough for me to not write her off. People may not always like him, and he can be annoying, but in the end, is he often wrong? People don't like his prying, understandably, but it usually serves a great purpose. I hope that, if we're going to continue a lot with Angela's mad rush to 'get some' that he is allowed to continue to tear into her reasoning, just a bit. If they are going to continue to go to him for advice, he should get to act in their best interests, not just give them what they want to hear.

Sweets: You think of me as male company?

Sweets: It's totally understandable that you don't feel like sex.

Angela: You're right. I have been protecting myself. Without the risk of pain, there can be no possibility of pleasure or joy or love.
Sweets: Yes, yes. And regaining that willingness to take a risk, that can take time.
Angela: No. I'm done protecting myself. I'm ready to move on.


Sweets: This is the exact same situation as the last time we were sitting here, except, you're quieter.
Angela: No, that was about Hodgins. This is about Roxie.
Sweets: You want to have sex with Roxie?... I'm not certain that you're being guided by your brain, that's all. Need can be confused with love. Fantasy can convince us that what we're feeling is love.
Angela: So you're saying that this is all rebound.
Sweets: Yeah.
Angela: No. You don't understand love, Sweets. (Um, does she?)
Sweets: I'm not as innocent as you might think.
Angela: You have this bourgeois nothing that in order for love to be real it has to be permanent. Nothing is permanent, that's just a fact. We move in and out of loving other people but that doesn't make the love any less real.
Sweets: Perhaps you're saying this because you've never met the love of your life.
Angela: I have, actually, many times.
Sweets: Fine. It seems to me that you always leave yourself an escape hatch in your relationships because you're afraid of commitment.
Angela: Nice try, but no. Actually I commit to every person I love.
Sweets: You marry a man, and then conveniently forget that you marry him because you got zonked on Kava kava.That compromises your relationship with Hodgins, so that ends, along with the marriage. Now you say that you have these intense feelings for an ex-lover who's heart you've already broken. Don't you see the potential for disaster here?
(I feel more connected with Angela in the vulnerability she shows here while he's laying into her, than with anything else she's done in this episode.)
Angela: Look, you said that without the possibility of pain there can be no joy, no real love.
Sweets: I said that, that's beautiful.
Angela: I don't want to hurt Roxie again.
Sweets: Then don't. Put her wellfare first. Let Roxie decideif she's ready to pursue a relationship.
Angela: And what if she doesn't?
Sweets: Then I'm afraid you'll have to live with that pain.
One thing, that's not Sweets fault, though - this is two episodes post Zack's revelation, and we heard not a peep about Sweets knowing it? Are we going to get some in the immediate followup, "The Bone that Blew," when it airs at the end of the month? How are those of you that love Zack so much not screaming about the complete shut-out of info on that plot?

Cam was great in this episode. She was the boss, but not oppressively so, and she was brilliantly comedic in her interactions with Daisy. I loved the look she gave the back of Daisy's head after handing over the endoscope and her continued moments of restraint toward the girl. Her reaction of firing her was perfect, and I loved the scene with Sweets.
Daisy: That's so beautiful!
Cam: And so...inappropriate, over a decomposing body.

Hodgins: This heap is considered art.
Cam: Well, it's...gorgeous.

Cam: Don't scratch the crushed automobile, which encases a rotting dead body?

Brennan: Am I fired?
Cam: Au contraire. Remind me of this moment around Christmas bonus time.

Cam: Nice. Now maybe you'll be able to rescue the princess.

Cam: Youth doesn't excuse everything, Miss Wick.

Cam: Well, I've programmed my phone to get the 5-day forecast.

Cam: Thank you so much for seeing me.
Sweets: I didn't agree to see you. How come none of you people ever book an appointment. Frankly, it's annoying.
Cam: Annoying, that's exactly why I'm here. I've done an unofficial, confidential survey of my people and ...
Sweets: And they find me annoying, no, it's worse, they hate me. You know why, don't you? It's because Dr. Brennan undervalues psychology, and all of you have picked up her vibe. I know that sounds paranoid.
Cam: And the word 'vibe' is a little dated.
Sweets: But it's true.
Cam: I'm not here about you being annoying. It's Daisy Wick.
Sweets: Daisy?
Cam: Yes. She's very smart, and very able, and she has a knack for turning reasonable people into flaming gas balls of fury.
Sweets: You want me to talk to her?
Cam: No, no. I need your advice on how to tell Daisy we can't have her at the lab anymore. I'm very comfortable with incompetence, but when it's just a matter of personality...

Cam: I'm not psychologist, but I think you should be flattered that we all drop in on you and ask your advice.

Cam: That's a method of termination I've never tried.
Nothing bad to say about her, and I definitely look forward to this character-driven bent swinging in her direction sometime soon. Tell us more!

Hodgins, man, poor Hodgins. Understandably uncomfortable with Angela's unfortunate idea to push her dating on him in front of others, I felt awful for the guy. It was incredibly insensitive of her. I actually wish he'd reacted with Anger. What has bothered me so long about their relationship is the imbalance - she is allowed to be herself, while he constantly oppresses his own feelings on everything. If they have a hope of ever getting back together, he needs to stand up to her. If, in the end, they get back together just because she says 'Let's do it.' their relationship will still be just as unrealistic as ever. They really need to fight some things out. Ideally, she'll say that, and he'll push back at her. In her current state, she would simply walk away, crowing that it was just an impermanent love that is now over. I am hoping that, with Sweets intervention, she can learn more about herself and not be so self-involved in it all. Without some change in her attitude, she has no cause to fight for anyone she loves. She just walks away.

But, give me more of Hodgins with toys. I love it. It is old-school Jack, where he's actually enthused about something.
Hodgins: It looks like someone with a crooked nose was trying to get rid of our friend here.
Brennan: There's no way to know that the killer had a crooked nose.
Daisy: Do you mean the mob? It was a mob hit.

Hogins: 23,000 pounds per square inch of raw prying power.
Cam: You really want to be the one to use that, don't you.
Hodgins: It's not displaced sexual frustration.
Cam: Of course it's not.
Hodgins: I am totally cool if Angela wants to date already, I mean, again.

Hodgins: Best way to find out is to crack her open, baby. ... I didn't mean baby.
Cam: Carefully, Dr. Hodgins. Like removing a baby bird from an egg.

Hodgins: Stand back, ladies, this is about to get medieval.

Hodgins: It's a hard car shell, with a gooey corpse filling.

Hodgins: Excellent. Next you should learn the concept of personal space.

Hodgins: Do you ever listen to yourself?

Hodgins: Only because Angela asked for a personal favor and I am powerless to resist.
So caught up in everything else, I almost forgot about Caroline! I was so happy to see her, but man she needed more screen time, if anything.
Caroline: We'll see how artistic people are feeling when it starts stinkin'.

Caroline: ...A federal judge who turned red, and then blue, and then some other color I have never seen before when he heard that flesh-eating beetles had somehow infested said work of art.
Brenann: Dermestid beetles were not specifically forbidden on the injunction.
Caroline: I don't suppose 'spirit of the law' means anything to you?
(Brennan shakes hear head and Daisy follows suit.)
Caroline: That little kabuki lady started screaming like you peed on the Mona Lisa that you compromised the integrity of the piece.

Caroline: This one's a keeper.
Booth's respect of Angela was very in-character for him. He's a mix of faith and family, and you never know which will triumph. His faith says one thing, but his familial experience with his favorite Aunt gave him a different perspective. Angela is probably not the only one who expected more push-back from Booth on this story-line, and I think they wrote it very well, and very in-character, for the two of them. It, coupled with Booth's explicit defense of Angela, and Roxie, in the field, versus DeLuca, made for some very sweet interactions.

The heart-to-heart between Brennan and Angela is a nice reversal of the typical scenario where Brennan needs council. She is there for Angela, and she points out that Angela has a pattern of breaking people's hearts in intense relationships.

Brennan had plenty of problems with colloquialisms, which is always fun to see. She's been much more mainstream lately and I like the return to awkward Brennan. It fits more. There's no reason she can't always be that out of touch.
Booth: Do the math...It's a figure of speech.

Brennan: Oh no, there was no 'before' before the big bang, because time didn't exist. If there are no organizing properties...
Booth: Bones, I'm just going to write down that it's been awhile.

Booth: Thanks, Caroline, you are da bomb.
Bones: Why is she a bomb?
Booth: Da bomb.
Booth and Brennan have a classic feel in this episode. She has her problems with colloquialisms, they bicker over the gun, he's breaking the law and she's not getting's old-school, fun Booth and Brennan. There will be plenty of time for pressing issues. Sometimes, it's nice to just see them as companions.
Booth: If this is mob related, and we bring down the big boys, we will sell the movie rights for a fortune.
*What happened to "The Woman at the Airport" Booth who hated the other agent for selling out her job in the slightest?

Booth: Whoa, whoa, whoa...what goes first?
Brennan: Gun goes first.
Booth: That's right.
Brennan: What if you get shot?
Booth: Don't say things like that. You're gonna jinx me.
Brennan: Well, if you're relying on superstition for safety perhaps I should carry the gun.
Booth: You are definitely not carrying the gun.

Brennan: Is that legal?
Booth: Look, if anybody asks, that door was open.
Brennan: No it isn't. ....Ohhhhhh, right.

Booth: What the hell are you supposed to be?

Booth: Yeah, art - a nice bowl of fruit, dogs playing poker...

Brennan: You are an extremely unlikeable woman.

Booth: Alright, someone I understand less than you.

Booth: Why don't you just say it's pretty?

Booth: Simmer down Picasso. You get a compliment, you be polite.

Brennan: (as she pours in the beetles) I was going to say that I had an accident over here. But...I don't like lying.
*Is she being 'corrupted' by Cam and Booth? (In a good way.) That's very sneaky of her. She looks a little guilty as she walks over to the 'art'. I call progress for Brennan here.

Brennan: She says she's a lesbian.
Booth: Delicacy, Bones.
Brennan: It's not an affliction, Booth.

Brennan: I don't understand, and I'm not used to not understanding things.

Brennan: Booth tells me that people sometimes say the exact opposite of what they mean. ... Are you saying the opposte of what you mean now or before.

Booth: Whoa, Jeez. Okay, Bones, you know, you almost lit my butt on fire. ... That was a great trick there, Bones.

Booth: Excuse me, tiny little woman.

Booth: Sweets is a lot more sneaky than that. He'll use some kind of psychological Jedi mind trick to make her think that it was her idea to quit.

Brennan: They should not be doing that on the forensic platform.

Booth: They'll never work. They're like complete opposites.
Brennan: I agree. For all her faults, she is a woman of science. Sweets bases his life on the varies of psychology and emotion. There's no common ground. You need common ground. What else is there?
Booth: Absolutely.
Tons of obvious, and subtle subtext to that scene. It's a very clear comparison between Booth and Brennan, as the two of them lay out their own fears about such a relationship. Maybe they haven't admitted to themselves their possible feelings, making it more of a subconscious subtext, or maybe they both have, to themselves, and they were hoping the other would disagree. It's not a fulfilling scene, for a 'shipper, but it is a nice one. Hints of the relationship, and any level of acknowledgement from the two of them, are always a good step.


Christa Shishino said...

Great post! I completely concur. I was unhappy with Angela's character in this episode, no matter how much I like her. As social and free-spirited as she is, I never expected her to be so shallow.

And the Sweets/Daisy thing was absolutely brilliant.

mo said...

for waiting almost a month for a new episode of Bones... i just didtn feel fully satisfied... it was okay.
good review! you always sum everything up nicely! :)

Cate said...

I've been checking a few times a day to see when you'd get the review up! As always, very well thought out and it gives me a different perspective on the episode. Overall, I'm not sure if I liked it or not. Or rather I'm not sure if I liked it or had no opinion about it. I was a little disappointed that the last scene wasn't a BB only scene, but like you said, at least there was acknowledgment. Hopefully next week's episode will be better.

p.s. it's kabuki not kibooki, as in Japanese theater

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love your site and read it most days but I just have to point out that it's diner not dinner :-)

katjem said...

I liked Booth & Brennan in this episode. The ending - I think they knew what they were saying in regards to their relationship and agree with everyone else who thought they were secretly hoping the other would disagree. Sweets and Daisy were cute and I thought Cam and Hodgins were great. Verdict it still out on Angela. I like her but thought some of the things she said were just silly. Always love seeing Caroline.

Ariel said...

Oh yeah lack of Zack (*giggle* that rhymes) has been infuriating. I cant stand them drawing out the fact that Sweets knows everything and wont tell anyone, but knowing the show who knows how long it will be before any progress is made there... I just don't think I will ever be able to truly 'like' any of the replacements they find for Zack. True, they have made me laugh a great deal of times with them but there really is no Zack replacement.

The more I think about it the more I agree with you about the whole Angela thing. There were some good moments in there but she did seem very self centered and seemed to have no regard for Roxie's feelings.

Jeannie said...

I have to say it again, I loved this episode. I loved all the old-school interaction between Brennan and Booth, and I'm fine with them having not too many shippery scenes together here because there will be more focus on them in the upcoming episodes.

I might be the only one who didn't think they were secretly hoping for the other one to disagree in the end scene. I think they already both know what's going on but are not ready to admit it openly to themselves, let alone to each other. This was not a moment where Booth tells Brennan that there is somebody out there for everybody or that relationships could work without common ground, or that there actually was common ground for 2 people so different. This was the moment where they both state what they feel they "must" say but know they are just kidding themselves. Hence Brennan's look and Booth's smile. My take on it. ;-)

I didn't mind the bar, I thought it was very appropriate for that conversation.

Re: Angela. The whole 6-weeks-without-sex-thing made her look cheap, so I'm wondering if this might be her reaction to the break-up with Hodgins? So far, we haven't seen any real reaction from her yet. If I don't want to accept that they are making a regular character this unrelatable and unlikable then I would assume that she tells herself all the platitudes we hear from her in this episode to protect herself from the pain of the break-up, like Sweets tells her. But she doesn't want to admit it and convinces herself that nothing is permanent. I just don't buy this sudden "found the love of my life many times" stuff. It's not what we've heard her say or see her do during the past 2 seasons, where she talked about making Christmas decorations with Hodgins and starting a family tradition. And I'm not contributing it to the free spirit attitude either, as she has always been portrayed as a free spirit. I think it's her way of dealing with the break-up, telling herself that she didn't lose anything special and needs to move on.

cordy said...

Great and insightful review wendy, just as I expected it.
I think it was a great episode. Loved the BB interaction, not so shippery but fun as in the good old days ;-)
Also loved that nearly every character
had enough screen time. And this episode had more of the science stuff. Brennan had to spend more time in the lab.
The Angela issue is pretty much the only thing I truly disliked about this epi. Not that she now has this thing going on with roxy, god no. But her attitude towards love really bothered me.

Jeannie said...

Forgot something. ;-)

The difference I see between Man in the Mansion and Angela's involvement in this case is the fact, that Hodgins kept his relationship secret, tampered with evidence (removed the picture), lied to the investigating officer and, as Caroline pointed out, had a motive for the murder himself. None of that applies to Angela.

And call me heartless but I don't feel sorry for Roxie at all. She was the one who kept pushing Angela for more, and she's a grown-up who should be capable of making her own decisions. If she wants to rush back into a relationship with Angela without questioning Angela's motives behind it, than that's something she'll have to deal with.

Alanna said...

Jeannie, I couldn't have said it better myself! You hit the nail on the head with your comments. :)

I seem to be one of the (very) few who really liked all aspects of this episode. Heck, I didn't even mind the Angela thing. I'm glad one of them is attempting something other than moping around all the time. However, I have complete faith in the writers, and I believe Hodgela will be restored eventually; possibly even better than they were before. :)

Shep said...

s an art student myself, I can understand the artists' views about how it refelcts our consumer society yaddayadda..(or whatever she said) but personally, I thought it was junk!

I hope thay do decide to raise the Zack issue again. The squints love him, we love him and I want to see Sweets mull over his dilemma.

Jeannie said...

Thanks, Alana. I, too, believe that the writers are setting up a Hodgela reunification, and I wonder if that Roxie storyline could be a part of it. If Angela started dating a guy now it would really be upsetting to Hodgins and be a huge throwback for them, but with her seeing a woman? Hodgins has already made it clear that he finds that hot. Think the courier in Man in the Bear, or his reaction when he first finds out about Roxie from the PI.

pascale said...

Great review! And very interesting comments. They make me think of some aspects I had not thought about.

I too liked this episode. The first time I saw the previous episodes of this season, I felt like something was missing. After watching them again, that feeling disappeared and I liked them, but I enjoyed this one episode at once.

I like the fact they had to 'fight' to get to the corpse. I liked Daisy in this episode, or rather what happened around her -with Brennan, Sweets, Cam, Hodgins-, the talk between Booth and Angela. I'm not sure though what to think about Angela, what she sometimes says.

cordy said...

With her current attitude I wouldn't want Hodgins and Angela to be together again. I would doubt the sincerity of her feelings and think Jack deserves much better.

But maybe this whole thing is just Angelas way to process the painful breakup. So far we have seen a lot of his pain and suffering but nothing from her. So maybe thats the way it's going to be adressed. Just wait and see.

heirofloki said...

I agree with Jeannie and her above posts: I absolutely loved it the episode. That said, I will concede that the case maybe wasn't that strong. Personally, as I've stated before, I had a blast with the artists and their drivel -after hearing it for years IRL, it was nice to for me get acknowledgement of just how ridiculous it can get (and how it totally does). But yes, that's a very personal assessment. I see how it wouldn't be the same if I had a different background.

BTW Shep, it WAS junk. But then, the things I've seen.... Ugh.

Regarding Angela I'd like to add, I didn't think her statements about sex and her "all is transient" mentality cheapened her relationships. Sweets nailed it, mind you, Angie is a serial monogamist, but that doesn't negate that she feels deeply for every person she's ever been in a relationship with. I don't think that I could live like that (I'm too much like Brennan) but I can see it. And I didn't feel particularly thrown by her philosophy.

But as always, I really enjoyed reading your review and getting a different take on the episode.

RMF said...

Good review. Angela did veer toward the unlikeable in this episode. I was particularly freaked by her callousness toward Hodgins, and with Roxie's frailty, the rebound thing doesn't bode well either. What's interesting, though, is that with the revelation of Angela as something of a serial heartbreaker, her "you don't trust me!" defensiveness in the breakup with Hodgins is rather telling. She isn't trustworthy.

Speaking for myself, I'm not screaming about no Zack mention because I know the episodes are out of order. If there's no mention in the episode that was intended to be broadcast after "Purple Pond" either, that's a writing fault. We need a good Sweets squirm or something. He should be unsettled.

And that brings up the issue of the balance of the show. It is way off toward ship, ship, ship. Seeing old-school Hodgins was kind of melancholy, because it underscored the absence of his habitual co-conspirator. I miss the sense of science as the uncredited extra character rather than just a means to an end. Zack and Hodgins together perfectly expressed the "we have a great idea, please, ma'am, can we blow up the lab" fun of science. If we're lucky, this is on purpose. If we're not, they've changed the direction of the show.

Shep said...

Hey! This posting thingummy cancelled out half of my previous comment!

To me, it felt like Angela's attitude was because she was trying to cover up for what she really felt and move on. I like the fact that she requires a connection to people she dates - like Booth does. But it did seem unusual for her to be that insensitive for a usually very sensitive person.

I felt sorry for Hodgins especially when he said 'Only because Angela asked for a personal favor and I am powerless to resist' even though he said it fairly light-heartedly. I loved seeing him with the big device for cracking open the sculpture, but it still feels a little empty without Zack there vying for 'King of the Lab'! I hope we get to see Sweets mull over his Zack dilemma soon.

And Heirofloki - I know it was junk but I did have to study an artist who actually paints pictures of junk (don't ask!) last year. I hated it but she thinks it 'conveys the identity and transience of even the most humble of objects and the space it occupies.' - riiight!

brennanite said...

This episode belongs to Angela, and I love what they are doing with it. Yes, she is being perfectly awful, but also very realistic and human. Angela is just as bad as Brennan when it comes to protecting herself from commitments. She is just as prone to rationalize away her behaviors and feelings. But Angela expresses it differently. Where Brennan pretends to be "logical" about relationships, Angela pretends to be "free-spirited."

At first, Angela seems the kinder of the two, because she engages emotionally. But Angela breaks hearts, she crushes people. Brennan doesn't do that.

In this episode, Angela is in full b.s. mode. I thought it was hilarious when she started telling Sweets that she "fully commits to everyone she is with," and that his ideas about love are just a "bourgeois notion." And then she completely used Sweets as part of her rationalizations; claiming that "sweets thinks it is time for her to move on," and later putting her own word into his mouth. She is rationalizing furiously and I think it is an indication that she is COMPLETE CRISIS.

As if that wasn't enough, she then cowardly brought up an emotional subject in front of co-workers so Hodgins couldn't really react. She is afraid to face his feelings.

My prediction about Roxie: I think Angela attempting to recapture her bohemian youth. She thinks if she can just get back to her carefree youth then she will stop feeling so awful about Hodgins.

katjem said...

Wendy & Jeannie - You both made some very good comments about Angela. Thanks. It has been an enjoyable read.

Jeannie said...

Thanks to everybody who has been contributing to this fascinating discussion! I'm really enjoying this.

Brennanite, you make some great points about Angela and her behavior, especially how she uses that "free spirit" concept to get out of commitment. Although I'm wondering if she is looking for her youth per se with Roxie or if this is just an "opportunity" that came along conveniently.

em-jay said...

Getting back to the discussion between B&B at the end:

I love the hesitancy in Brennan's voice when she uses the words "woman of science" and "man who bases his work on the gray areas of psychology". I hadn't thought of the possibility that each of them was waiting for the other to disagree (but it's a very good possibility). My thinking was that it put the doubt in their minds that they could never work, and yet they were comforted by the fact that they already have the needed common ground (though it wasn't quite the time to admit it).

Their work together--their passion for getting the bad guys, their history of all they've been through and experienced together, helping each other through their pasts (crazy family and Army service, etc.)--that is their common ground.

Perhaps Booth's smirk was due to his relief that despite the obvious issues that could keep them apart, they have already established a common ground that they both deem necessary for a lasting relationship.

Yes? No? I'm just a hopeless romantic?

Lily said...

Great Review!!I thought this episode was not that bad. It wasn't the best episode.

I really do not agree with what Angela said about love. i don't think that you can stop loving someone. Just because you have certain issues with that person doesn't mean that you stop loving them. I don't think that is true at all. But this is just what i believe in.

For some reason it felt their was something missing. I missed the B&B moments. Brennan spent most of her time in the lab. i missed them being together.

I agree with what you said Em-jay. Everything you mentioned is true and i believe that it should be that way. I loved the way Booth was smiling in the end when Brennan was saying the things she said. But i really wished that Booth would of disagreed even though like Em-jay said they do have common ground.

Hopefully we will have more B&B moments in the episode coming up.

Jeannie said...

Interesting theory, Em-jay. While I still don't think that they were waiting for the other one to disagree (Brennan is just not there yet and Booth knows better than to rush things with her), I like your take on the common ground. That could explain their looks and the smile, too, knowing that they actually do have common ground. I actually laughed at the fact that right after the "no common ground for Daisy and Sweets" discussion Daisy pads Sweets on the butt. Maybe those two have more common ground then we know. ;-) Shallow, I know.

On a side note: Did anybody else catch "B&B Enterprises" as the billing adress for the wrecked cars? Nice shout-out to the shippers.

Mom2ABnTB said...

Awesome review as always. I loved the B/B in this episode but not much else...and I've watched it three times to cement my opinion lol.

em-jay said...

Jeannie, that's funny! I heard the B&B Enterprises, but never made the connection! Gotta love the word plays.

cindyk said...

Who are we supposed to scream to about Zack? Does anyone listen? I read a Hart Hanson interview where he said that Zack's name was on a board and they're looking for a story to fit him into. How about the Gravedigger ep? How about anything?

Phoenix said...

Hey - just wanted to say that I really love your site. It's nice to go somewhere for quality Bones info, and "Watching Bones" website is a little frustrating for me.

I actually really enjoyed this episode, but I do have to agree that Angela is starting to seem a little rushed in her relationships. What I can offer is that when she does get into long-lasting relationships, they mean a lot to her. She had a good reason for breaking it off with Hodge, even though none of us wanted her to do it. Roxie was someone from her past that she had a genuine connection with, and I think that she was using that to try and get over Hodgins.

Booth really surprised me in this episode because I really assumed that his good ol' Catholic thingy would rear its head with the lesbian/bisexual thing, but the fact that he was not only accepting but embracing of it seemed totally in character. Although he is religious, Booth tends to be much more of a faithful man than most people -- meaning he doesn't use his faith to attack people, he uses it as a guide for his morals and beliefs, and believes the bible when it says love everybody.

Madz said...

While I absolutely hated Daisy's character in the first episode she was intern, I really liked how she stirred things up this time. I don't know if I'd prefer Clark or Daisy now...

Definitely agree with the point on Angela's character - it made her seem fake and, as Christa said, shallow.

I think I liked the episode, but there's obviously things that could've made it much better.

Angie said...

I have to disagree with your analysis of Angela in this episode. I see her as beginning to fall apart, Sweets even pointed out to her that she leaves herself an escape hatch in all her relationships. Moving those scenes to a bar could have been a shooting conflict with location or it could have been a deliberate view into how Angela is almost trying to find a band-aid for a deep wound. She goes to a bar because at bars you do not meet the man of your dreams there, you meet the man of that night.

And the Roxy thing? We all know it was a doomed relationship from the start. It has nothing to do with the lesbianism, it has everything to do with Angela not having a clue to what she wants or needs and jumping into a relationship with a ton of history and that ended badly the first time. It is heartbreaking to see her set herself up for failure like she is doing. She is relatable... if you have ever tortured yourself the way she is doing.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what the song is during the credits on this episode? So want to find it..

-Jack (not Hodgins)

Mindy said...

# "Happy Ground"
Performed by Pete Murray

# "Shiver"
Written by Edita Malovcic
Performed by Edita Malovcic

Those are the only two listed on the imdb soundtrack. Do either of them sound right?

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