Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"The Con-Man in the Meth Lab" - Live Thoughts and Discussion

Post your live thoughts, and after-episode discussion about tonight's Bones episode "The Con-Man in the Meth Lab" here!


Merv said...

I don't know about anyone else but I'm feeling a bit uneasy about Brennan meeting Jared. I'm having mixed feelings leading up to this episode. The promo does nothing to quell my butterflies. I hope my worries are for naught. *fingers crossed*

Lily said...

Booth looks extra good in this episode!!

Anonymous said...

I'm liking jared so sar away from the whole drunk driving thing.

Mom2ABnTB said...

OMG That was the best Bones episode I have seen. The Jared thing played out so well and Booth...I just wanted to hug him. I know it probably doesn't deserve it but fangirl says: SQUEEEEEEEEE!

Wendy said...

I usually don't comment pre-review...but WOW I loved this episode :)

Interesting lack of comments here...was everyone too glued to the TV to move?

ADDhole said...

Alright. *THAT* was the best episode ever. The case was totally ancillary but the characters were amazing. Any episode with Clark is already ahead of the curve, for me. Then, to have depth to Booth and Brennan while this still seems like the Cam showcase season was fantastic. I have come away with the impression that nearly everything I've felt was missing, this season, was "fixed" in this one hour.

So much is now so clear. Booth's gambling is his "drinking problem." It also explains his overcompensating and keeping such tight reigns.

So satisfying.

Louise said...

And THAT'S why you shouldn't jump to conclusions from the previews ... that episode was perfect. Ranks right up there with Verdict in the Story (and I liked the way they linked back to it). Poor Booth ... interesting twist with the abusive alcoholic father - did not see that coming.

Don't have many other thoughts for now ... is it too soon to re-watch?

Wendy said...

Louise - no. I had the same thought!

voltumna said...

Such a powerful episode. Wow.

Louise said...

I'm going to have to at least watch Bones shoving Jared off the stool again ... best moment ever!

Samantha said...

WOW! That was a wonderful episode. It made me laugh and cry. I also liked the arguement about booth being a loser. Best episode this season by far.

Anonymous said...

Amazing!!!! This season started kinda slow, but this ep. was great! Wow! I am dying to watch it again and again and even more to see what is coming next...

Amanda said...

It's definitely the best episode this season and one of the best ever.

This episode hit pretty close to home, and I can say with certainty that the characterization (protector/protected) was perfect.

Too much to comment on, but I liked that Booth let the monster out of the box a little bit where Jared was involved. Excellent portrayal on DB's part.

mo said...

Loved it!! was the best this definitliy lived up to its expectations!! cant wait for the review!

Rebecca said...

ditto Louise!

I wish I could re-watch immediately, but I'll have to wait for it to get online.

I laughed out loud when she pushed Jared off the chair!! And when Booth pulled out that huge gun at the end? A little random, but oh so sexy! Three cheers for the expansion and partial illumination of Dark Booth!

alanna said...

All I can say is WOW. That was AMAZING. Best episode this season, by far! So powerful and intense.....still too shocked for words. :)

Best scene goes to 'Brennan freaking out on Jared'!

woodward said...

Best episode ever - I loved every part of it. Big kudos to Angela, Cam and Sweets for trying to open Brennan's eyes. Amazing argument with Booth - I rewatched it so many times. And can I just say that moment after the cop crashed when Booth turned around - AMAZING, powerful moment. Loved everything about the episode.

I loved Bones this season, but I really feel like it got it's mojo back in full force after that. There are no words - just great - beyond great. Can't wait until next week. Wish I could send Hart Hanson a thank you and a giant bear hug for that episode!

alison said...

loved it!

but it was almost too much at the end. Brennan basically announced her permanent adoration for Booth in her speech. Why aren't they kissing already!!! come on. stop the torture.

alanna said...

Now that I have a few words back, I forgot to say, Wendy...I can't wait for your review on this one!! :)

Louise said...

Woodward, I agree - that look after the guy crashed the car was intense ... I was sure Booth was going to walk right up to Bones and kiss her. HOT!

MO again said...

the promo for next week looked REALLY GOOD!! too bad i only saw half of it... it cut off at the part where Booth told Bones- with the glasses on- to shake her hair or something, and say something about an overdue book!! I CANT WAIT!!

Wendy said...

I am actually rewatching it now, immediately after airing - something I haven't done all season.

Leanne said...

Holy I-don't-even-know-what. That was AMAZING. I just have to say that I was watching Stargazer (S2 finale) last night and Booth has this line where he goes "I love my father." For a second after Sweets was talking about the abusive father, I thought "ooooh, inconsistency!" But then I realized the Booth would absolutely love his father anyway. And the father thing explains so much about Booth- his darkness and protectiveness.
Once again, that episode rocked my socks. The promo made it seem like it would be very lighthearted, but it came out to be very dark (contrasting this seasons fun/funny episodes) and very very good.

Louise said...

Leanne - good point. Isn't the line before that "Do you like your father?"?

"I love my father" might have been Booth's way of saying "no, I don't like him, but I love him"

Louise said...

Sorry - me again. I was just thinking though ... one of the things I love about 'Bones' is the way they draw parallels between the cases and the characters. That was true tonight as well, with Brennan being charmed by the 'con' that was Jared. Her change in attitude definitely played as someone who realised they were duped.

Leanne said...

Yes, that line comes in the diner scene when Brennan goes "Do you like your father" and then is kind of ignored for the rest of that adorable scene (ending in the squeeworthy line "You're not a bad anything").
Loved your interpretation, Louise!

The Dahlia said...

ooooooo that "loser" scene was AWESOME. LOVED IT!!!

any buffy fans notice that the fast food uniform looks like buffys from when she worked at the burger shop?!?!

CupcakeBean said...

Wowie wow wow! I have no coherent thoughts at this point...

This one is definitely on my list of favorites! (It's a long list...)

Anonymous said...

can some1 plz post the promo!

Anonymous said...

Unbelievably AWESOME.

They still need to go to Hawaii--though *together.* (I'm from Hawaii.)

catnapping said...


I'm here in mountain time, so just finished seeing this episode. Definitely one of my favorites!

When Brennan pushed Bush-lite off that bar stool. I cheered.

And that seen with Brennan and Booth ... him asking her if she thought he was a loser...omg...that was HOT!

Best show so far this season!!

I. am. in. LOVE.

cat losing it said...

uh...bush lite??

ick...i meant BOOTH-lite.

sorry...too much time on msnbc today.

CupcakeBean said...

I really want to rewatch, but my tape ran out in the middle. Anybody know anywhere I can rewatch tonight? I know it'll be on hulu tomorrow, but I don't want to wait that long. ;)

I haven't wanted to rewatch an ep this soon since "Verdict"!

Lily said...

I loved this episode!! I watched it over again too!! Like most people said this episode is the best so far. i loved every bit of this episode. The end was amazing. Loved everything Brennan said to Booth during the toast. I liked when she holds his arm and he's "what you doing Bones".....i thought that was cute. i like how they had that bond at the end.

I can't believe that Booth did that for a person like him. I mean he knew how he is but he still did that for him. Booth is such a good person. I don't think you can find a guy like him. He is one of a kind. He would of gained so much. That was a huge thing he did for him.

It was good that Booth listened to Brennan and told Jared that he's not going to cover it up anymore. At first i thought Jared was okay....but after what he did and how he turned out to be....i don't like him at all.....he doesn't deserve to be Booth's brother. He didn't even appreciate what Booth did for him. He is definitely a LOSER......

Yea...i loved it how she spoke to him in the bar and pushed him....i was so glad she did that. He deserved that. Too bad he's coming back for other episodes.

I wonder if Booth will ever find out about Brennan speaking to Jared and doing what she did for him......

Overall I loved this episode. It was definitely one of my favorites too.

Can't wait till the review, can't wait till next week's episode, and can't wait for the podcast......

Amanda said...

I also shouted "yay!" when Brennan knocked Jared off the stool. My 2 dogs and the cat looked at me like I was crazy.

Just a note: Booth probably DOES love his father... probably likes him, even. It's not a bizarre Stockholm Syndrome kind of love, either. OTOH, he probably twists all over wanting his father's approval--it's interesting that both boys went into the service but neither went into their father's branch (remember their dad was a Vietnam-era Pilot--a Zoomie). It could be that they BOTH are attempting to gain their father's respect & love via their service.

IIRC, the diner scene from "Verdict" also makes mention that Booth hasn't seen his father in a while. It's possible they're estranged, which wouldn't be strange if their father is/was abusive.

I think the ending was perfect--absent of Booth's normal little speeches. The simple statement of fact was much more powerful than any speech.

Anonymous said...

WOWZA! I loved Sweets, Angela's, Cam's, and even Clark's hand in this episode. I was missing Hodgins more than I would have liked though...

Regardless, that was an amazing episode. There was an hour long blackout where I live and my first thought was that I'd miss Bones tonight. Luckily, the power came back and I got to see one hell of an episode.

I'm glad Brennan became semi-enamored by Booth-lite. It led to her totally realizing why Booth is WAY better (although she should have known--silly doc!)

I really liked the "intervention" scene; adding Cam created this effective dynamic between Sweets and Brennan. The whole "loser" thing really had me glued to the screen. When Booth got heated up after interrogating that fast food worker I basically lost the ability to blink for a good minute.

Pushing Jared off the stool was just priceless. AHhh, I just love this show. I totally agree with Rebecca, random with the giant gun thing---but oh so totally hot!

I wanted Booth to make sure Brennan was okay...but oh well. I loved them sharing the cake though.

Heh, I'm sure after next week, one of Booth's fantasies will undoubtedly involve a forensic anthropologist/novelist dressed as a librarian...that is to say, if that's not already one of his fantasies. ;D

Can't wait for next week!


Lydia said...

i've been following this blog for a long time...yet this is the first time i ever left a comment!

it was such a great episode! i remember talking to the only other fan of Bones in my college and she was saying Bones isn't as good as it should have been this season. well, THIS episode is totally gonna change that conversation.

i can't stop laughing when Bones pushed lite off the stool. even the neighbor's dog was barking at me for it.

Anonymous said...

OMG OMG OMG. One word for this ep: AMAZING.

I don't even know what to say, I'm totally speechless. Def one of my fave episodes, ever.


Merv said...

So much for watching promo's. I should have known it would be misleading.

Hands down my favorite episode this season. Matter of fact it is in my top three eps of the show.

There was so much meat to this episode I should be full, but I will definitely rewatch it before I go to bed. Call me a glutton.

Totally agree with the "big gun moment" the ladies previously mentioned. That was Booth Full Flavored. How could Brennan ever think he could be Booth light? Pfft

Also, I love the fact that DB has worked several of his own traits into his character's. Flyers fan and all that.

I'm sure I'll make a more intelligent response later. I just wanted to share the Bones love before settling down for the second viewing!

Can't wait for the review

Tenny said...

My fav scene ever when Brennan shoved Jared off the stool. Hilarious!!!! Didn't see that coming.

Tenny said...

anybody else noticed they got a new hang out place now? no more diner

katjem said...

WOW. What a fantastic episode. One of my all time favourites - right up there with The Verdict in the Story. I had to re-watch it straight away. I normally don't do that - just wait for it to air on Australian TV when I can then DVR it. For other international readers or for those who want to re-watch again - put up full episodes very quickly and it is free. Just search for Bones.

OK. I loved Booth and Brennan in this episode. Loved Cam, Sweets and Clarke (my favourite intern). Not as much Angela and Hodgins in this episode but I didn't mind that as Angela had her episode last week.

Jared's character was pretty much what I expected. I think it played out well. I loved the "do you think I am a loser" scene, Brennan confronting Jared scene and of course the ending. It was nice to see Brennan recognise Booth in that way and be the support for him instead of the other way around.

I love discovering Booth's back story and I think it makes sense with a lot of things we have come to know about Booth. I, too, thought of the "I love my father" line from season 2. I think that there are some people you will love regardless, you might not like them though.

Wendy - I look forward to your review. What a great episode. Writers, actors, etc, all did a fantastic job! (Sorry this is so long, I am a tad excited).

ashley said...

OMGOSH.. how good did booth look?

DawninDenver said...

I thought Clark stole every scene he was in. This show had some great Bones/Booth scenes. See our recaps at if you can't get enough of Bones!

Cate said...

WOW! Like everyone else on here, an absolutely INCREDIBLE epidsode! I have no words. Well, actually I have quite a few. For the first time in a long time, I want to immediately re-watch this episode after its airing for more than just its B/B ending. uTorrent, please hurry!

As for the episode content, case-wise, I wasn't paying much attention. All the names with unattached faces left me a little in the dust, one of those "I'll catch up with it once I watch it again" episodes, but just the presence of Clark Edison made the case much more enjoyable :) I like that boy. He's a keeper. I really hope he ends up being Zack's permanent replacement.

As for the character development, again, ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! Hands down the best Bones episode we've seen in a while. I was a little upset with Brennan for jumping on Jared so readily. Especially when she turned down Ian so as to not hurt Booth's feelings. And I was a little disappointed that she didn't have more faith in Booth in that whole "loser" scene (an incredibly intense scene that really delves into Booth's heart and insecurity; BIG kudos to DB and ED), but I can understand that as someone who is guided for the most part in matters of the heart, she was swayed into a wrong direction. But she more than made up with it in that GREAT scene. It surprised me, but at the same time, it was SO Brennan. I love this look into Booth's past; they've been saying it was coming for a long while, but it really is playing out very well.

Wendy, I cannot wait for your review. But please, NO pressure because I know you're going to have a lot of insightful things to say and I want to hear all of it!

nini said...

Wow. This episode was just...great!! Wow. Wow. I can't think of another word!! I think the Jared character played out well. He is def not likeable. Oh well! Too bad so sad. Hehe.

Loved the loser scene. I have been waiting for a long time for them to tread on more serious conversation and this epi really made them go there.

Plus Brennan totally pledgedto never be dazzled by anyone but Booth again! Yay!

And...Booth ::sigh:: hotness!!!

Can't wait for next week to see the whole librarian scene! When I saw the stills, I knew he would be saying something cute!! Ahh!!

Bones rocks!!!!

HH, I love you dude! Keep 'em coming!!

Merv said...

After rewatching it I still feel this is the best episode of the season yet.

I did notice that during the "intervention" Bones demanded evidence to back up what Cam was saying about Jared. However, Bones didn't require any facts/evidence from Jared when he implied Booth was a loser/afraid of success and she admitted that she believed him later on. I was a tad aggrivated that she was so easily swayed.

Also, since it was revealed that Booth's father was abusive and an alcoholic it stands to reason that Booth would become the protector/rescuer of his brother.

Clarke's "you've got to be kidding me" line was priceless. Like he couldn't get over that Dr. Brennan had breasts. Was it me or did he sneak several peeks? lol

I'm still lovin' this episode. I think it's time for bed though!

Anonymous said...

"My dad drank" = such a beautiful ending.

cordy said...

Oh my...There's so much I want to say about that episode but I'm lost for words.
This was simply amazing. Everything and everyone was just perfect. I totally love it. And now I go and rewatch it immediately.

Wendy, I can't wait for your review.

Alexandra said...

Ok Guys! In Italy we are still waiting for season 3 (....), but I love to read your comments, to follow season 4 through this blog and I was very curious about this coming episode. The comments left at the "Spoiler Videos" (?) made me worry about all the "B/B Affair" (a silly Brennan totally captured by the Booth-lite guy...simply NOWAY!). I woke up this morning at 4 thinking OMG I absolutely must read the live thoughts for this ep. Well, I'm crazy but not so far and I waited till now (Rome Time middday...). So, this was a very great episode I suppose... I'm curious. Please Wendy I'm waiting for your rewiew. No hurry. Thank you and you make a great job with this blog I totally love it!
P.s: sorry for my very bad english...

Wendy said...

Depending on how work cooperates, I may have the review up today. If not, definitely tomorrow. I did most of my notes last night when I immediately rewatched the episode. That was a first for me, but I loved this episode just as much as all of you!

Poetic_line said...

My favorite episode this season.

The deep emotional connection between Booth and Brennan speaks so much more than just a physical connection.

And we really can believe once these characters get together physically, it's the emotional connection that will keep us watching.

The scene where he asked if she though he was a loser shows how much he needs her to think well of him. The anger just sparked everything up a notch.

And then Booth let Brennan into his heart and it was incredible touching. Brennan publicly corrected herself and praised Booth, an incredibly powerful scene.

And at the end, the cake sharing and the admission about Booth's father drinking, left me in love with David and Emily all over again.

pascale said...

I just saw this episode at work during lunch time -I really could not wait 8 more hours until this evening!-, what a great episode! One of the best from all seasons. There are so many powerful scenes...

Anonymous said...

my heart is bursting with love ep!

Hot scenes;
DB & ED after shooting in the street

Bus stop scene with cake ( ED offered him cake...maybe its her substitution for booths 'seduction' with pie. lol sweets would love me.

Birthday Speech

New promo librarian ( DB husky voice and ED cluelessness)

Jared stacking it awesomely off the stool.

Loser anger scene.

Everything really

wooo hoooo BONES TV. Were back in the game.

Lauren said...

I'm thinking that maybe I just need to re-watch it, but I felt like Brennan believing so quickly that Booth was a loser seemed a little OOC. Mostly in that it was so quick. Though, I suppose that if she was enamored with Jared, and because Booth's previous actions do kind of fit what Jared was saying (and naturally that's how Jared would see things: Booth as being a bit of a loser and not as Booth giving up stuff for Jared), I could see how she might believe him.

Definitely, however, kudos to her shoving Jared after yelling at him. And I loved her face after shoving him.

And Clark. I like Clark. And I loved his "You have *got* to be kidding me" when Brennan came in in her dress. Hilarious!

Interesting, too, that Brennan wouldn't accept Cam's "I've known the Booth boys for 15 years" as evidence. Though I can understand how she wouldn't want to accept something terrible and painful like that about Booth's past.

I loved how Cam knew exactly what went on with the RICO thing and called Booth on it. She clearly cares very much for her friend and knows that he needs to stop helping Jared out because it's only hurting Booth.

Overall...fantastic episode! And I really hoped that they would kiss after the sheriff's car crashed, or in the bar. Either way, though, Brennan's speech was so sweet. I loved Booth's expression, kind of a "Really? You really think that?", and the fact that he got her to think that part of her anthropology was wrong (and to flat-out admit it, in public!) was really touching.
I also enjoyed the jab at Brennan teaching him psychology being like Booth teaching her anthropology. But at the same time, that's exactly what each of them has done. Because she admitted that he (albeit accidentally) taught her that anthropology isn't always right.

Hm. Sorry for the slight ramble-ness. Kind of typed as I thought.

Lauren said...

Also, I loved Brennan's line in the intervention scene: "Are you my loved ones?". So funny :)

Louise said...

Lauren ... I loved that line too. And she obviously has an issue with the term 'loved ones' (remember when Sweets tried to call Booth that before the 'funeral'?)

Completely random, but did anybody see what was on Booth's desk? It's the Bobble-head Bobbie!

irininde said...

OH MY GOD! This episode was amazing. I have waitd long to comment because I have now seen it three times. No, I am NOT kidding.
Freaking brilliant. Loved the B/B interaction ("Do you think I'm a loser?" Oh wow!) Loved the poignant ending, them eating the cake (THEY LOOKED LIKE A COUPLE SO ADORABLE!!!!), Brennan shoving Jared off his stool was by far the best thing ever! And also, I love how she can't believe she let him convince her about Booth. Just WOW. The case was also great, everyone was funny, we had another experiment, the murderer was hard to guess (for me at least). Just... WOW!!
And "I won't let my eyes be swayed by those conkles again" Is she basically DECLARING her fidelity for him!???? Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!
There are a million other moments, but I'll prefer to read them in the review. Can't wait!

RMF said...

If it were possible for a lead actor to steal the show, I'd say Boreanaz did it. He gave a very strong performance here, from understated pain to full-blown anger. Although the promos were very ship-heavy, what we ended up with was something much more interesting than who's jumping into bed with whom. And just in time, too, in a season that was threatening to float away like a helium balloon.

The revelation of Booth being the son of an alcoholic works, and it works like crazy. As opposed to Angela suddenly being exposed as a serial heartbreaker or Zack's completely gratutitous fall from grace, this development fits Booth like a glove. He had to step into the parental role with Jared while their father nursed a bottle, and it explains his protectiveness with the squints, joining the FBI to safeguard the public, and entering the armed forces to defend his country. That's the heart of the character. I especially liked that, when Booth is threatened with moral compromise, he does not give in to covering up local law enforcement's incompetence, but instead cedes the glory of the RICO investigation, which costs him pride but not honor.

I liked Jared. I mean, I hated Jared, but he was a good character. Smug, spoiled, arrogant, and sneaky. That's some nerve, sabotaging your brother's ambitions repeatedly to save your own butt and then looking down on him for complying. I wonder, though, about his important position at the Pentagon. How does someone so young and unreliable get to be in charge of anything?

What's not so good is that Brennan doesn't have enough reason to fall for Jared's mess. One line and a smooch, and she believes Booth is a loser? She's known him the same length of time as the audience, and if we can see it doesn't fit, why can't she? Is it because she resents Booth not making a move on her? She's a grown woman and can make her own move, so that makes her just as cowardly, if you can even call it that. Even if she wanted to stick up for Jared, she should have known better than to suggest that Booth was Booth-lite, and she shouldn't have been at a loss for words when Booth asked if she thought he was a loser. She also looked foolish for crowding Booth during the collar despite knowing he's the sharpshooter, not she. She did make up for it as best she could by publicly paying tribute to him with the toast, but I did like that Booth was uncomfortable, rather than instantly all smiles.

BTW, that bar is a really dark, oppressive place to have a birthday party.

Clark Edison is smart, but he sure is normal. The scenes with Hodgins and the can sorter and with Brennan and the bone analysis recalled past ones with Zack. If all you're going to do is repeat the same conventions with a less challenging character, why bother to make a change?

Anonymous said...

Fabulous episode! At the beginning when Bones and Booth are in the SUV and Jared asks if it's ok with Booth if he takes Bones to the event. Did you see the looks Bones gave him when he said, "No, go ahead. Why would I mind?"

I agree with another posting, I could barely breathe during the scene when Booth is so intensely asking Bones if she thinks he is a loser.

What a fabulous scene. These two are great with their little funny exchanges, but when they get really serious is when they are at their best.

There's no going back for these two. Huge strides forward in their emotional commitment to each other in this episode. Bones did pretty much admit that she won't be attracted to anyone else.

Fabulous! Congrats to Hart and the writers on this one.

Anonymous said...

One thing to add here about Brennan falling for Jared's story about Booth being a loser: they apparently were together for quite some time that night. Remember when Cam comes into Brennan's office and asks if she just got in? Brennan says she hadn't been to sleep. Then, she tells Angela & Cam she didn't have sex with Jared, which tells me they had to be doing something together. I'd surmise they were talking, which would allow for Brennan to believe Jared. I feel there's an implied lengthy dialogue between those two that the viewers didn't get to see. Given with little we've seen of Jared's character, I don't think it's a leap to see he's quite a master manipulator, especially his young age and current position of power.

Louise said...

As to the new bar ... I like it. I miss the diner somewhat, and hope they still use it sometimes, but the bar reminds me of the good old days of Wong Foo. The bar makes more sense in the group dynamic, but I did like that the diner was Booth and Brennan's little daily routine.

It feels quite good to have a new location now we're in the 'official' season 4. It does seem like the location sets the tone ...

Wong Foos (season one) - quirky, unique, dark
Diner (seasons two and three) - old-fashioned, lighter, 'fluffier'
Bar (season 4) - more adult, more serious, darker again

heirofloki said...

I've been trying to compose my thoughts regarding the episode in a coherent manner but can't seem to do so properly. The one thing I keep coming back to, is how much this episode hurt. Inside. I felt sucker-punched while watching it the first time, a feeling that did not diminish on second viewing. Here are some of my rambling thoughts:

DB really shone last night. We usually praise his comedic timing and his ability to communicate through facial expressions but last night, he was intense. The scene at the interrogation back-room was absolutely brilliant and true to life, and it made my breath catch a little. Unfortunately, not because I thought he was hot. He usually is but I didn't notice (still can't notice in that scene). It was just so unbearably sad for me. For a lot of reasons, that argument really resonated with me.

The revelation of the drunken abusive father works perfectly well, as others have said. I can't help but think back on an interview DB and ED did near the beginning of the show (I read it earlier this year, what with being new here and all) and he mentions he'd like to explore the character; that maybe he has a bad relationship with his father or was abused. I wonder if his thoughts played a part into last night's plot. Just wondering...But it does fit like a glove.

Jared was an ass. Obviously, life-long behaviour of his brother has him convinced all he has to do is call up and things are magically back to good. I'd wonder if he's ever thought of the consequences for his brother, but I don't he has, not for a long time. That said, I want to see more of the guy. I like the vulnerability he brings out in Booth.

Also, Brendan! Kid has grown so well! And I don't mean just looks-wise (those still don't work for me). He was good last night. I always felt he was one of the best actors in Rosswell but whoa! He was absolutely convincing last night. Both as the charming Navy officer and as the reckless assy little brat. Nicely done, kid!

Now, Brennan. Last night, I really felt her anger, disappointment and even anguish when she realized she'd been conned. ED did such a great job in that scene, looking so hurt and ANGRY, not just at Jared but also at herself. Obviously, the shoving at the end and her satisfied expression was a perfect way to cap that conversation. Also, the speech at the party was gorgeous, yes, and I liked how she really went all out with it. She's a private person, especially with her feelings but last night she shone a bit of light into those in order to shed the bigger light on Booth and his awesomeness. That was lovely.

I would like to add that I didn't find it hard to believe Brennan would be so innamoured with Jared, or that she believed him so easily. He made a good point with that kiss, about Booth not pursuing what he wants. Plus, the kid's showing all the traits she admires in Booth without the shyness Booth sometimes exhibits -Which I'm sure still throws her off. Angela was once again the voice of reason (OMG, if this is Roxie's doing, girlfriend must stay for good, 'cause Angela rocked her insightful self last night): Brennan's projecting all her feeling for Booth into a substitute. And what could be a better substitute than the savvier, edgier brother of the man himself? I mean, come on! Talk about a win-win situation: She gets to keep Booth as a partner for work and have the awesomer version for booty call at home. That's perfect.

Except, it wasn't. I love how it fits right there with her inability to read people. She got taken, but good.

I just realized how many times I used the word Love while typing this. I guess love hurts, after all.

Milky said...

Just watched it, popped in to babble a bit (not sure I can do more than that) and I'm off to watch it again!

It's absolutely my favorite episode ever. EVER. It was, simply put, POWERFUL.

And I finally fell for Clark as the intern of my choice, as many others.

I just don't know where to start. I guess I'll wait for Wendy's review to get into detail. But I agree on the best scenes you all have mentioned.

And I don't know how many of the tears I couldn't help spilling can be blamed on PMS, but this is the frist ep that does that to me.

When Bren is about to cry on the bar while yelling at Lite.
When Booth is asking her if she thinks he's a loser.
When he turns to her after checking the police is dead.

And oh so many others...

I just wanted to hug Booth fiercely and make him feel better!

Milky said...

ps: I've known them for great actors, of course, but last night Great Scenes? They just shone.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all that was said, this is the best ep thus far!!

DB, excellent acting, every scene! Booth's anger during the "loser" fight, absolutely powerful and very spot-on for the troubles of that character.

There is a big difference between self-confidence related to work and self-confidence related to personal. Booth is very confident in his professional life, but not so in his personal. As evidenced by his fear of being a good father to Parker, his fear of Rebecca's reason for not accepting his proposal. Also, his fear of Brennan exhibited by him not more forcefully pursuing a relationship with her. He feels he's not worthy of her, and their conversation last night of him being a "loser"... wow that really cut into his heart. He felt she was voicing what he has been afraid of all along.

Children of abuse, now matter how old you get or what others tell you, always have a deep seeded self doubt. You always question if what you were told/treated as a child is actually true and how others perceive you. He is terrified that he's not good enough for Brennan. Her not answering his question right away gave him the answer he feared.

I am dying for them to kiss, but now is not the time. Regardless of her toast (which was awesome and I completely believe she announced her love for him to everyone!) it will take some time for him to believe in himself and believe what she says is true. He was deeply hurt, and one speech won't change that. Brennan will have to start showing through actions her unconditional faith/love for him so that he can heal.

Louise said...

anon - great insights, and it's completely true what you say about Booth not being confident in himself as a person. We already knew about his guilt over his past as a sniper, but we now we get to see even more.

'Loser' is clearly a hot-button word for him ... the way he immediately thought she was saying he was a loser, and how he thought he was just like the guy in the dumb uniform (good throwback to when Brennan called him a 'drone'). Boy clearly has some issues about not being 'good enough'.

Booth's always been a great character, but now I love him even more ... who doesn't love a tortured hero?

Louise said...

As for Jared, I did like that he wasn't a completely one-sided 'villain'. Booth seemed to have real affection for him at the beginning, and they really did seem like brothers.

As much as he just assumed Booth would get him out of trouble as always, I don't think he quite understood that that would mean a sacrifice on Booth's part (makes me wonder what else Booth has done that Jared doesn't know about). And he did actually look guilty when he realised what had happened (in the bar scene with Bren).

Yes, he was a jackass at the end of the ep, but that just shows the effect that drinking has on him ... which makes it all the more believable. How many times has Booth seen a family member he loves turn into a monster?

Shep said...

Brilliant episode! This was so much darker than what we have been seeing and made a profound impact,especially on the B/B front.

It was great to have Edison back with his usual awkwardness at having to hear about their personal lives. The look on his face when Booth told him about Angela and Roxie was hilarious!

But the rest of the episode - wow!
At first I was unsure as to what bringing Jared in would - aside from what we were told but it really helped push Booth and Brennan together. The scene where Brennan puched him off his chair - classic. I laughed so hard and even now I still can't stop grinning. I thought I woudl hate him in the usual he-gets-in-between-their-relationship way like I hated Sully or Cam when she first arrived but it was less of that and more of 'You ungrateful spoiled brat!'. During Jared's talk with Sweets it seems he does appreciate what Booth does to bail him out but at the end he still refused to stop drinking!. He showed utter lack of understanding of the burden Booth has to bear to keep him out of trouble.

Booth was wound up throughout the episode - a real contrast to what we've previously seen this season. David was fantastic in portraying Booth in stressed-out elder-brother mode and in full-anger mode (although I still think 'Woman in the Garden' - the moment the shoves his gun down Ortez' throat was an example of his full-blown anger - scary actually). The insights into Booth's past made so much sense and I felt so sorry for him, particularly at the look on his face when watching the news announcement. I'm hoping for more dark Booth in future - preferably in defence-of-Brennan mode.

The 'loser' scene was so intense and powerful I couldn't move. I loved it! It showed Booth still has insecurities

We needed Cam and Angela to show Brennan how blind she is - everyone knows about their feeling for each other except themselves! Her suggestion that Booth was Booth-lite was just her avoidance technique again but Brennan has finally realised just how selfless and heroic Booth is. I loved the ending where they each admitted that they teach each other psychology and anthropology and Brennan's toast was pretty much her way of rejecting anyone but Booth - they're practically trulymarried now. There is no denying now they can have a physically romantic relationship without it affecting their strong emotional bond.

That bar is a really good change from the diner - much more adult and sets the scene for more B/B even-closer closeness - eeeeeee!!! The only thing that could have made this better was a kiss - I was sure there'd be a kiss and considering the huge leap this episode has made there has to be one soon otherwise it will be drawn out too long. However I felt Booth's last line 'my dad drank' was incredibly sad and moving without going over-the-top.

And OMG: Booth with a rifle - HOTTTT!!

(and btw, I have spent the last hour typing this up - accidentally deleted my comment so had to start from scratch!)

heirofloki said...

Excellent point Louise. After watching the end scene and DB's delivery of "Happy Birthday to me" in that sarcastic tone, I had to wonder how many Birthday parties in his past had gone sour thanks to his father's drinking problem. It clicked right in with the whole thing about not liking Bday presents.

Wendy said...

Okay, I'm trying not to respond too much, or even read too much until I finish my half-complete review but, as a chick who grew up around guns and can shoot everything from a pistol to a shotgun....

That was a pump action shotgun, not a rifle :)

Shep said...

All this makes me love Booth even more! Don't you just want to give him a huge hug and never let him go!

Shep said...

My bad - not an expert on guns here! My dad once had a target rifle so that's the pretty much the only gun terminology I know or can recall.

Shep said...

Besides, shotgun, rifle - it's still DB holding a very dangerous weapon and looking determined and threatening - HOT!!

Bellababy4 said...

Okay, so here's something I didn't get. The look that Brennan gave Booth in the car when he hung up w/ Jared after saying "no, why would I mind"... what was that look for? It almost looked like she was mad at him for agreeing to it, but she was the one jumping all into the phone to get Jared to take her.

So, any thoughts on what the look was for?

Louise said...

hierofloki ... I think the fact that it was Booth's birthday really added to the sadness for me. Especially with the final line "My dad drank" and then he shoved the birthday cake in his mouth ... he looked so vulnerable, almost childlike.

Louise said...

A question about the shotgun ... where did it come from?! I know that scene was a bit longer in the sides, with more of the bad guy teasing Booth for his poor choice of weapon (the scripts call it a scatter gun) - but where did it come from?

My only guess is that is must be the Sheriff's gun, and they took it from the car so he wouldn't get to it. But they must have known he'd have another gun on him, right?

I think the sharp editing lost some of the detail of that scene, since the whole point was that Booth couldn't protect everyone properly with that weapon. But, the strict editing meant more B&B, so I don't mind too much.

RMF said...

I actually wouldn't expect Booth and Brennan to immediately draw closer romantically. The alcoholic father is a real can of worms, and there is a lot of emotional territory to cover. We've only just scratched the surface of what went on, I think.

Shep said...

Of course it won't happen immediately, but I think this does show that a romantic relationship won't ruin their friendship. If anything, it will strengthen it.

heirofloki said...

Bellababy, I thought she was confused at him saying one thing and clearly meaning another. He does NOT look okay with it, but sounds just find telling his brother that sure, go out with my partner. I think it began to plant seeds of doubt in her mind regarding Booth's character. Because if he minded, why would he just let his brother (and her) do what they wanted without protest? Why wouldn't he behave like the alpha-male as he usually does with other people? He, in a way, just let Jared be the guy right there. After he'd already been outstaged by little brother at the lab, too. That's why I thought she looked like "The F?!"

Bellababy4 said...

The alcoholic father is a real can of worms, and there is a lot of emotional territory to cover. We've only just scratched the surface of what went on, I think.

RMF - well said. that's sort of the point I was trying to make earlier (posted as anon) when I said it was not time for them to kiss yet, even though before this episode I was dying for it. It just doesn't fit into their character development yet. There is sooo much more for us & Brennan to learn about Booth. Brennan has to learn these things to have a true appreciation for him and to have a true understanding of him as a man and what fuels his actions. Just as her social awkwardness and "issues" are a product of her abandonment at age 15, Booth's protectiveness and internal insecurities are a product of an entire childhood spent with an abusive/alcoholic parent & goodness knows what else. I sure hope we get to find out more, and SOON! loving it

Lauren said...

"Her suggestion that Booth was Booth-lite was just her avoidance technique again"

I agree and disagree with this statement.
I agree because it's clear that Brennan is avoiding any romantic feelings toward Booth, because that's what she does.
I disagree because this was after her date with Jared, when she believed what Jared was saying about Booth (i.e. that he was a loser...though I don't think that Brennan ever thought was a loser, more of a "not in first place" thing). If what Jared says about Booth is true, then in fact Booth is Booth-lite. But since it's not true (which we knew but Brennan didn't), Jared is in fact Booth-lite.

CupcakeBean said...

It's been so nice reading everyone's insights, especially now that I've calmed down a little. :) I just wanted to add my two cents on a few things.

Some people have said that they think Jared felt bad for screwing Booth over, but I disagree. He was dismissive when Brennan was accused him of taking advantage of Booth. He seemed surprised that Booth lost credit for his case, but acted like it wasn't a big deal. He never even attempted to apologize. He gave him tickets to a Capitols game (a team Booth didn't even like), but I think a heartfelt apology would have meant more. And when Booth asked him to stop drinking, he smugly drank more and rattled his glass in Booth's face! If he truly felt bad and appreciated Booth bailing him out, he would have been more receptive to Booth's concern over his drinking. For as often as Booth apparently bails him out, he just expects it as if it's Booth's job!

I also wanted to say that Cam was terrific in this episode! She was a caring, concerned friend to both Booth and Brennan. I love her friendship with Booth and her girl talks with Angela and Brennan. And I loved when she thanked Angela for having the guts to tell Brennan her relationship with Jared was creepy. Kudos to Tamara Taylor! Yay Cam!

*Lucy* said...

OMG this was the best episode ever,we learnt so much about Booth and got to see him in a whole new light. I liked seeing his more vunerable side it made him more real. I also loved the Booth/Brennan relationship it was so intense and i think they both know that they love each other now.The writing was fantastic and for the first time this season i felt like we were getting what we want from the season...answers and character development. It flowed much better than previous episodes. More PLease!!!

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