Friday, November 7, 2008

Emily Deschanel: 10 Things You Don't Know About Women

Emily Deschanel's "10 Things You Don't Know About Women," from Esquire magazine.

1. When you have a perfect body, we wonder how much time you spend on yourself.

2. Even if we've only been dating a few weeks, don't introduce us as your "lady friend" -- or that's exactly what we'll become.

When we use your bathroom (really use it), we consider you to be "the one."

4. Things we do not want to find in your medicine cabinet: self-tanning lotion, your ex-girlfriend's tampons, live ammunition.

5. The only acceptable men's wrist accessory is one that tells time.

When a guy sends us a text, we analyze everything, down to the punctuation. "Did he really use an umlaut? He must be smart!"

If you think we like the word panties, you've been watching too much porn.

Ditto titty and moist.

9. The only reason we accept for your following a rock band on tour is that you are actually a member of that band.

10. Don't wink. Never wink.
What do you think of the list? Agree, disagree, have some of your own to add?

Thanks, LoveBones!


L said...

#6 is DEFINITELY true lol. But I don't agree with 3, 4, 5 or 9. *shrug*

Anonymous said...

This post is just awesome :D

Emily is made of win. I love the last one Never wink :D

brennanite said...

These lists are usually a n opportunity for cringe inducing sexist stereotypes. She largely avoided saying anything truly offensive! So one cookie for ED. She's so smart ;)

Stephanie said...

I think I agree with all of them except maybe number 3. I found this last night and thought it was pretty funny (mostly cuz it's so true!) Emily's awesome. I loved this!

Shep said...

Yeah, I don't really agree with #3 but the rest are absolutely true!

Anonymous said...

guys shouldn't wink?! are you kidding? i love it when they do that....

Milk Mama said...

LOVED IT lol! :D

katjem said...

#11 - We'll share our Bones obsession with you BUT leave all questions to the commercial breaks!

Jess said...

Hahaha! That cracked me up. I like her sense of humor.

tails said...

haha, list list made me laugh :)
a lot of them are definately true ;)

Anonymous said...

I like her sense of humor! But #1 - DavidB has a perfect body, and I just appreciate that he goes to the effort! --DBCrazy

Anonymous said...

can someone explain to me the 2nd one?

whats the meaning of 'lady friend'?

yeh, english isn't my first language.

tails said...

to the anonymous one:
by "lady friend", she means you being his friend only, instead of his girlfriend/date etc.

Anonymous said...

oh, thank you.

I was expecting it...

I just fon't understand why it would be bad... I think it could be worst if you introduce a girl as your girlfriend if she isn't expecting it.

yeh, It already happened to me.

thats why after a month or so dating if the girl doesn't mention anything I always ask: "are we gf/bf?"

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