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French Bones Article

Pascale, one of your fellow blog readers, graciously took the time to send me these scans of a French Bones article, as well as fully translate the text for us.

The first section involves spoilers for upcoming sections. If you want to stay unspoiled, skip to the second section and read some great interview questions and answers with Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz.


“Bones” fans have been waiting for a long time for Booth and Brennan to start a romantic relationship. Good news, this will soon happen, but not with the right Booth. The anthropologist will indeed be attracted by Seeley’s little brother, Jared Booth, played by Brendan Fehr (“Roswell” and “CSI: Miami”). He will be in at least two episodes, aired in the US at the beginning of November and will play a Navy Officer who has a difficult relationship with his big brother. “Jared and Brennan will go out and Booth won’t like it at all, David Boreanaz explains, as he is afraid that his brother could get her into trouble”. Moreover, the heroes of the show will have a hard job this year to catch a new serial killer who will make several victims during season 4. We’ll also learn more about Angela’s lesbian past and Booth’s family, with his beloved grandfather but also his father whom he constantly argues with.

Brennan and Booth make a dynamic duo in “Bones” but, behind the camera, the two actors are not less. No way to do an interview without big laughs with Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz who, between 2 jokes, still reveal a few secrets about season 4.

Which one of you looses patience faster on the set and who is the one who tries to smooth things over?

Emily Deschanel: David is, no doubt, the one who knows how to have everybody coming to an agreement and solve conflicts.

David Boreanaz: Emily might be more impatient than I am but I think we’re both the kind of persons who make compromises so everything goes well on the set. That said, there is no diva in the team. Most of the actors never had a regular part in a tv show and everybody was very humble from the outset. Until now, it remained that way.

The shootings are always long and tiring. What helps you to cope and give the best of yourself?

David: I just have to look deeply into Emily’s eyes and I am inspired. I see stars in her eyes, the moon, whole galaxies… (laughs)

Emily: One piece of advice: never stop being an actor to start a poet career! (laughs). To answer your question seriously, David and I love what we are doing and even when we’re exhausted, we don’t want to leave the set until the scene is perfect.

The dialogs in the show are full of scientific jargon. Do you always understand what you say?

Emily: When I say my line, I know what I say because I asked the scientific advisers who work on the show to explain everything. But don’t ask me the next day as I will have forgotten everything.

David: I just try to look as lost as my character. But well, the secret of this show rests in our ability to put latex gloves on with efficiency.

Emily: That’s right, do you remember how difficult it was at first? We never managed to put them on right, but now it nearly became second nature.

Emily, how would you describe your work relationship with David?

Emily: It’s hard to not faint when he comes in a room. He is so sexy, attractive. After all, his only fault is that he is married. (laughs)

David: Yes and thank goodness my wife has the same sense of humor as I have!

Emily: It’s your fault, you have a very bad influence on me! (laughs)

The first 2 episodes of season 4 take place in London. Can you talk about it?

Emily: I was delighted to come back to London where I lived for two years during my studies. I was a little like Brennan, I already had all my marks there.

David: I also had much fun. We spent 12 days there and it was a real pleasure. Moreover, this 2 part episode has what fans like most: never-ending bickering between Booth and Temperance.

Emily: Yes. She blames him not to be able to adapt as, at first, he criticizes everything that is English.

David: But Booth eventually adapts himself and even enjoys the life in London. He prefers FBI methods to Scotland Yard’s but has to admit that their inspectors work very well. I think that the show is at its top when Booth and Brennan are sent in an environment that is not theirs. That’s when they get along really well and their friendship is at its best.

It is said that during this season, Booth and Brennan will be in bed together. Is it true?

Emily: Actually, that’s not wrong. But as far as I know, it would be a fantasy moment and not real life. But then, which one of us will dream of being in bed with the other one…

David: I think that the script writers want to go on teasing the audience without Booth and Brennan doing it. If they really spend the night together and start a real relationship it would be the end of the show.

Emily: I think that the audience would miss their never-ending bickering if it happened. In the scenes we have together, David and I always try to show how much our characters share some kind of intimacy without becoming overly sentimental. I know that women can’t believe that Brennan does not throw herself at Booth, but it is not about to happen! (laughs)


serinde said...

Just as much as I like them in the show I love watching or reading their interviews. It's amazing that they are suc a good friends in real life too.

ie said...

Oh no, the interview was too short! I want more "Davily" (as always). Hehe :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article! David and Emily are so cute. But those spoilers about Booth/Brennan/Jared are quoted straight from the past spoilers from EW, TV Guide, e!online and Hart!

Lily said...

yeaa i like reading their interviews too...b/c its nice to read abt what they think abt their characters....and they are so cute....i like it how Emily said that David is hot and and David's response was funny...

Anonymous said...

^^ me again :D And serial killer? Unless they are getting mixed up with the Gormogan from last year, they are probably referring to the Gravedigger.

Stephanie said...

Emily: It’s hard to not faint when he comes in a room. He is so sexy, attractive. After all, his only fault is that he is married. (laughs)
David: Yes and thank goodness my wife has the same sense of humor as I have!

LOL! LOVE them! And I'm with Emily, I can't wait to see which one of them is dreaming about being in bed with the other. Maybe we'll get lucky, and it'll be both of them :-p

Thanks so much for posting this!

katjem said...

Thanks Wendy & Pascale. A very enjoyable read! Love the interaction between Emily & David.

heirofloki said...

Stephanie, I really hope it'll be both of them -or Brennan. We have too much "Booth loves Brennan" evidence already. I want reciprocity. :)

Thanks for posting this! It was an amusing read.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Nice interview.
Just a bit disappointed that they keep saing that a relationship is not going to happen.
I know it cannot happen now, but if it never happens or happens on the last episode I would feel so cheated.
On the other hand, I am pretty sure that even if it is in the plans for next season, there is no way HH or the actors ever revealing it now.

cordy said...

Wow great article. The spoiler about a serial killer in season 4 was new to me.
And the interview was really cute. I always enjoy David and Emily banter.
But I still don't understand why they always assume that the Booth-Bones-bickering would stop after they start a romantical relationship. I could never imagine that.

Shep said...

The whole it's-hard-not-to-faint thing is true for watching him on TV too. Though if I ever got a chance to work with him I'd probably die!

I love these two! They always make me smile! Can't wait for thursday (whcih is the earliest I'll be able to see the new episode - 9pm in the US is 2am here!)

Anonymous said...

I'm with you cordy... I don't think the bickering would stop if they started a relationship, or made a move in that direction. If anything, I think the bickering would be worse! They would have a lot to work out and I think it would lead to more conflict.

Thanks for posting this article! It was a lot of fun to read. I only wish we could see more interviews of them together, instead of just reading them. They're so cute together. :)

Anonymous said...

Great article thanks for posting it! What a great relationship these two actors have! It crosses over on the screen as well. They do not have to work hard at the chemistry, it is just natural. Emily has a point he is hot, his only fault is; he is married. Wonder how these two would be if he wasn't married??

MO=D said...

There chemistry is so natural... its amazing!! =D

catnapping, RN said...

since they brought up the gloves...

I've always had a bit of a nit to about that - I can see the FBI agents not removing their gloves properly, and maybe even the regular squints (though, seriously, I think IRL, they'd be mandated to handle gloves and organic contaminates properly).

But DAMN. Camille is supposed to me an MD. As such, she would know how to properly remove her gloves. And she has yet to do it safely.

It bugs every time, but then I always was anal about safety.

catnapping said...

I agree! The bickering would still be there. Intimacy lends itself to it. hehehe.

I love watching old couples - married for years - bickering about the silliest things. Hilarious. And really quite romantic. My husband and I bickered all the time, and neither of us ever doubted the other's love or commitment to the relationship.

Anonymous said...

I don't get why everyone is all crazy about Emily's comment about DB being hot, etc. Clearly, she was joking. She's giving joking answers, like David does. It's not that serious. If she was serious, I would have been mad that she said his only fault was being married. Since she was joking, then that's ok. I'm glad Jaime(DAVID'S WIFE) has his sense of humor. Anyone who didn't, couldn't handle him lol

They are pretty much saying B/B won't be together, imo. They get together, that's the end of the show. DB, HH and Emily said it. What a waste. Thank god I was never a B/B shipper. I would have been mad.

Wendy said...

You really shouldn't over analyze things too much in an article like this. It's light, it's fun, it's a nice insight into the working relationship of two people who, by the nature of their jobs, spend a lot of time together.

Both of them got very silly and cute in their responses about each other, but that doesn't mean they're jumping each other's bones, or even that they want to.

As for their denial that BB will *ever* get together...just remember how heavily Eric Millegan was forced to deny Zack's involvement with Gormogon, even after it had been shot and he knew.

Drawing out the BB tension is a huge part of the show's appeal and they are not going to give away anything but teases ahead of time. They are very much aware that the majority of fans want, and even insist, that these two characters get together at some point *before* the end of the show. I completely believe they will deliver on that. But they're going to make fans beg, scream, and pant for it, before delivering.

Catnapping said...


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