Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Bonesday!!

Here we are, another Bonesday! Tonight, we get to the see the highly-anticipated (for better or worse) Bones episode, "The Con-Man in the Meth Lab." Plenty of spoilers were released early, as well as three different spoiler clips.

My question for today is this:

Would you like to have sides spoiler links posted here?

I don't read them personally, and I know many who don't, but I am okay with posting links to them here to give you a chance to discuss them all within one post. That will allow people who don't want to know anything about what the sides say avoid those posts and comments completely.

But it's also okay with me if you guys would like this site to stay completely away from sides. I leave it to you! Please comment below and let me know what you think.


nini said...

I prefer NO sides! LOL I used to read them but lately, I'm just sick of all the spoilers and I don't really want to know anything about the episodes before watching them so as not to "judge" too early. IMO.

pascale said...

I would not mind having a link to the sides here, as since I've known about them, I have a look from time to time. I'm just careful not to read the pages after #30 or so to avoid too much information.

Louise said...

Well, you know I can't avoid them. I've been dying for a place to discuss them (like a few weeks ago, when I wanted to shout "we finally get to meet Jared!"), but I know lots of people don't like them, so have tried not to mention them until someone else does.

Personally, I'd love a place to discuss them - even if just so I don't have to worry about spoiling everyone else! There might also be people that don't want to read the sides per se (so they don't find out who the killer is etc), but that would like to see the spoilers that come out of them. A place for the 'filtered' spoilers might be good.

But, I'll leave it up to the popular vote, and if you decide not to go ahead with it, I'll just keep quiet!

em-jay said...

The only thing I don't always like is a spoiler photo. I can avoid reading a link if I don't want to know.

I used to love reading spoilers on everything, but lately, I kind of like being surprised. I think you said once that what you expected from hearing a spoiler was MUCH worse than it actually turned out once you saw it. That's one reason I don't read the sides anymore.

I think you are very clear when you tell us how spoiler-y something will be.

And I agree with Louise--it's nice for those that want to know to be able to discuss it here. Once again, if we don't want to know--we don't read the comments.

Lauren said...

I'd prefer not to have links to the sides posted. I've been trying very hard to get myself to stop reading them. Plus I kind of like that you don't focus on the spoilers, whereas there are a lot of other blogs (for TV shows in general) who post all sorts of spoilers.

Shep said...

I'd love to have a place to discuss them. Thay way if no-one wants to read them they can always just avoid the post. I'm a sucker for spoilers as long as I don't know who the killer is or something - they just get me even more excited about episodes.

I agree with Lauren in that its good you don't focus on them like other sides but this won't change anything: it'll just make it easier for those of us who want spoilers and have difficulty hunting them down and then finding a place to talk about them without ruining it for someone else.

lily said...

I don't think having sides is a good idea. I think it might be hard to aviod it b/c the link is given. I don't like reading sides, it ruins the episode. But i guess majority wins.

cordy said...

I try really hard to avoid sides. Like lily said, if the links are posted here it would make it impossible to resist.

Stephanie said...

If making a separate post with a sides link will keep people from discussing sides in comments on other posts, I'm all for it. I get upset when people talk about the sides in the comments here because, while I'm fine with basic episode descriptions, the sides spoil way too much for my liking so I don't really want to know what's in them. I agree that they ruin the episode.

So basically if people can agree to keep sides talk to just the sides posts, I don't have a problem with posting a link, but if it's gonna cause this site to have spoilers all over the place, I don't think it's a great idea...did that make sense?

Louise said...

Stephanie ... that's my main reason for a sides-spoiler post - to keep the spoilers out of other posts.

I was actually thinking more of a discussion thread than the direct links themselves, since I think those that want to see the new sides will know where they are. Although if someone goes into a post that's clearly marked 'sides spoilers' and clicks a link to those sides, it's not really fair to blame other people!

Wendy said...

The main reason I proposed this is not to increase the spoilers here, but to give people a place to talk about the sides here, without giving away extra information in the less-spoiler filled posts.

Meaning - this is a proposal to spoil *less* people, at least in intention, but I am interested in everyone's opinions.

I don't want to focus more on spoilers, by design. I do still think they can really bother you for nothing and find it much more fun to dissect an episode we've seen instead of get worked up over things that don't even end up playing out like we think.

Also - consider that I can just posts a Sides for "(episode name)" post and the links can be included in a comment as well. If you don't want to touch that topic, you never click it? :) Don't know.

Please, more opinions, and I'll consider what everyone says!

cordy said...

I like Louise' proposal. just a discussion thread and no actual link to the sides. Because she is right. everyone who wants to read them knows where to find them.
Yes I know when they are posted here it's still my fault if I click on them. But OWB I check everyday at least once and the spoilersides don't. And sometimes I like to discuss spoilers without actually reading the sides.

Milky said...

A good thing about a post to discuss the sides and spoilers that doesn't include a link, is that it'd work as a filter: you'd be spoiled without necessarily know who the killer was.

I'm all for the spoiler discussion posts, cause even if I try to avoid them now (even if I'm as often succesful as not), I guess it'd be great to have where to discuss them here, with fellow fans we kind of sort of have gotten to know a bit :)

Besides, I don't think there'd be a spoiler-related post everyday, right? And I can't imagine a post turning OBW into a Sides Blog-- it's just give the oportunity to include that.
I mean, to me OBW is the place where I get my Bones Everyday Dose and News; it'd be great to have it all here and even more.

I don't know... maybe this is a poll material :D

Etay said...

I think adding a link to sides would be nice. I like to read them from time to time.

Zuzana said...

No sides! I love this site because there are no sides here and if they would be, I'd be tempted to read them and I more than often freak out because of them. So pleease, no sides!

mo said...

when it comes to sides... my temptation gets the better of me! :) LOL!
it would be nice if u could post sides, but make sure the people who dont want them are not going to see them.idk how, but i would hate for people to see them who dont want to see them.
i am okay with anything you do...whatever is easiest.
Thanks!! <33

katjem said...

I think it is a good idea to have a specific post for those people who want to read and discuss sides. It means that sides related talk would not appear elsewhere. A happy medium for all. I don't think sides are any different to photos, preview clips or entertainment / insider news. They are all spoilers and it is up to the reader if they want to click on a post. I think Wendy gives very appropriate spoiler warnings. I also think it will not compromise this site to include sides related posts. This is an excellent site - so much more than spoilers. I find it refreshing to be able to read and discuss all things related to Bones with other like minded / obsessed people.

Jeannie said...

While Wendy is doing a great job in giving precise spoiler warnings, I agree that sometimes posters forget in the comments that not all of us get their spoilers from sides and would rather prefer to be unspoiled. While I don't mind hearing about general spoilers (guest stars, upcoming storylines in general) I really don't want to know any specifics before the episode airs, especially not about the case. That's the reason why I'm not even reading the press releases for the episodes, they usually give away the identity of the victim.

I'm all for having a separate post where people can discuss sides all they want so that talk will be kept out of other posts.

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