Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's (a real) Bonesday!

Excited about tonight's episode, "The Skull in the Sculpture?" I certainly am. If you missed the various teases and spoilers, check this out.

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So, as we get back in the swing of things I thought I'd ask your opinions on these interns we keep seeing. Do you like any of them? Are you ready for them to just PICK ONE ALREADY! or what?

Vote in the new poll on the right side, and drop a comment below to let us know why you picked what you did!

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Previous Poll Results:

What do you think of Season 4 so far?

Loving every bit of it - 274 (45%)
It's been great - 126 (20%)
It's been pretty good - 117 (19%)
I find it inconsistent - 69 (11%)
Okay, with a few really bad episodes - 14 (2%)
Horrible all around - 5 (0%)


Louise said...

Yay! New Bones at last. Shame I've now got plans to go out tonight ... thank goodness for my new DVR!

Louise said...

P.S. Can anyone say NEW SIDES! :)

heirofloki said...

New Bones! And New Sides! :D

As for the interns: I wouldn't mind if they picked one out of the lot they've shown us so far (except for Mr. N-M as I don't think I could live with his constant trivia outpour). Personally I lean towards Wendell but I wouldn't really mind any of the others.

Louise said...

... although the new sides are actually quite boring. They don't seem to have much Booth in them, so maybe this is the ep before the one he directs.

Booth's back problems seem to be back - glad to see that he is human, after his amazing recovery from the shooting!

RMF said...

I voted to keep rotating the interns. I would be just as happy with a new batch, too. They're a bit of quirky entertainment in each episode, but none of them really grabs me as someone I'd like to see long term.

Lily said...

um...i voted for Wendell..idk...i think hes the only i kind of like out of all of them...he was so calm and he even knew things..Bones didnt no....and he's also yea...i think he will be good to see again....but i don't mind them rotating either...but he was my favorite....

Milky said...

I wouldn't mind having the interns around for a while yet (since I don't think if I say 'I want Zack back!' they'll do it right away), for it'd let me decide which I like best.
But, if I had to choose right now, I'd choose the Ultimate Father Figure, Marcus Grier. I'm not so easy about choosing him, but I can accept him there in the middle of the Squint Squad.

And I have to say: Thank Goodness it's Bonesday!

Shep said...

I really like Clark Edison, but I don't really mind if they keep rotating as long as they add a few new ones with their own quirkyness. Having said that, I WANT ZACK BACKKK!!! I miss him and his adorableness *sob*

heirofloki said...

Louise, a bunch of us were thinking the same thing Re:DB directing, seeing as the new sides are for Ep.409 and HH mentioned at some point that DB would be directing Ep. 10 this season.

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