Friday, November 7, 2008

Matt Roush on the Bones Time slot Change

Matt Roush, most definitely a Bones fan, has some nice things to say about Bones, as he talks about the Fox schedule shake-up.

Meanwhile, Bones is on the move again. One of the fall's happier (if under-reported) success stories, currently ruling its Wednesday time period, is being shifted to the hot spot of Thursdays at 8/7c. (Thankfully not to Fridays, where Fox has threatened to move the show for years.) Sounds like throwing Bones to the wolves, but look closer and you'll see an opportunity here on a night where Fox has underperformed for years. The competition isn't nearly as powerful as it gets later in the night, with NBC's comedies (My Name Is Earl and the dreadful Kath & Kim) especially vulnerable and Ugly Betty probably not much of a factor. Survivor of course is still formidable, and Smallville has a lock on its cult niche, but Bones is one of the most agreeable crime dramas on any network and has proven its worth as a utility player for Fox. Paired with a new season of Hell's Kitchen, this night makes sense to me (although I'd personally prefer Bones air on a less crowded night, for selfish reasons).


Milk Mama said...

Yay for Matt Roush being a Bones fan! I give that guy a hug! :D

I guess that it's not a bad move. I know that Thursdays were big when I watched a lot of TV (now I just watch Bones), so I can see it there. It'll probably do very well and maybe it'll stay on Thursdays for now on? Who knows? I remember Friends was on Thursdays when I was a teen. Loved that show lol. So I'm happy over all. In my opinion, none of those shows even shines a light on Bones!

Jeannie said...

It's on on Thursdays at 10 p.m. in Germany, and it's doing really well in that time slot. For whatever that might mean for the US market.
It doesn't really matter to me anyway - I'll watch it whenever it's on.

katjem said...

Bones is crrently being shown twice a week in Australia on Monday and Thursday both at 9.30 pm. Season 3 finale was on Thursday and Season 4 starts this Monday. Bones has been rating exceptionally well over here. My guess is that the local network wants to keep the ratings by "fast tracking" the new season so we will see it in line with how it airs in the US. Some shows, like House, are "fast tracked" with huge success. It would be great to watch all new Bones episodes on tv and not online - time will tell how this all develops.

RMF said...

I'm surprised he even mentions Smallville as a ratings issue. Although there's been an uptick in the quality of the show this season, it's still a CW series in its eighth season, and I wouldn't think it would be much of a factor. Survivor is still regularly top twenty, but I don't know that there would be much audience overlap, because they are much different shows. But by that token, pairing the show with Hell's Kitchen doesn't appear to make a lot of sense, because I don't see them complementing each other the way another strong character-driven show such as House would.

jojo said...

Wow, thursday is going to be a busy night for my DVR.

The Office
30 Rock
Grey's anatomy

these are the only shows that i watch... and they all fall on a thursday.

huh. Friday is so overrated.

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