Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Michaela Conlin talks Romance with TVGuide

Michaela Conlin has a great interview out with TVGuide. She talks about her character, Booth and Brennan, Jared, and of course Angela's romantic life. The Angela-Hodgins fans were thrown earlier this season by their sudden break-up, using words such as "random," "rushed" and "not befitting the characters" to describe it. What's your take on what went down?
Conlin: Yeah, that's what I've heard people have been saying. I think the strike was definitely difficult on all the story lines that had been up in the air, so that was part of it. I think they rushed to the altar in the beginning anyway. We could have seen more of how the two of them were together. So you're saying the break-up wasn't the rushed part, it was the build-up of the relationship?
Conlin: Yes. Personally, I would have liked to see more of them making it as a couple. We may still see it, I don't know. That's more of a guess. But I really didn't feel the break-up was rushed.

Check out the full Q&A here, but be warned about spoilers and teases for tonight, and other upcoming episodes. Nothing specific, but still there.


Carolien said...

Hey peeps,

Congrats on the new president from the Netherlands!!

Oh, can't wait till I can see the new episode (which will be in tomorow)

RMF said...

The breakup wasn't so much rushed as it was over nothing. Hodgins' flash of insecurity was understandable and forgivable and seemed more like spat than breakup material. I don't like using the writers' strike as an excuse for failed story lines, because every series got handed the same raw deal, and most of them dealt with it just fine. If it's not going to work in the abbreviated timeline, don't force it. I do agree with Conlin, however, that I would have liked to see more development of the Angela-Hodgins relationship before it blew up. But the fact that it burned so brightly and quickly is also a legitimate writing choice, and a better, more stable understanding between the characters could develop later.

Shep said...

I did think the reason for their breakup was more 'spat' material but I reckon it just goes to show how they didn't really know each other and their relationship hadn't developed very much. Hopefully, the upcoming episodes will allow that to change and for them to gain more of an understanding of each other.

heirofloki said...

I whole heartedly agree with Shep.

Having watched S2 all at once (late newcomer) I was always a little O_o over the fact that in about ten episodes they fell madly in love and decided to get married. The breakup, to me at least, was a long time coming.

Shep said...

Wendy, I just found this off Whedonesque: TWOP deems Bones best procedural on the air!

Complete contrast with having David Boreanaz nominated for Least Favourite Actor - the hypocrites!

Louise said...

Wow, unexpected stance from TWOP, seeing as they stopped recapping Bones after about 3 eps (I agree with everything they say though).

I also noticed that someone from TWOP was in the recent HH conference call, which I thought was weird. Do you think they'll start recapping it again? The forum members still seem to hate it.

heirofloki said...

Re:TWoP recaps: Whoo! Hostility and rudeness under the guise of "snark". What a prospect!

Uh, no.

Been there, done that. And I like my fandoms as hate-free and drama-light as possible, so thank you? But no, thankyouverymuch.

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