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New French Bones Article - Arthelius

Pascale has again graciously offered her services, and brings us a new Bones article with her own French to English translation.

BONES - Interview with David Boreanaz
First seen with the role of "Angel", the vampire in love with the slayer in “Buffy, The Vampire Slayer”, then star of the spin-off of the same name, David Boreanaz has been playing special FBI agent Seeley Booth in “Bones” for 3 years - A U-turn the actor especially enjoys. Meeting at the Monte Carlo Festival. [last June]

Arthelius: What was the biggest challenge you had to face on “Bones”?
David Boreanaz: Scriptwriters never stop challenging us. It is delicate to play what they write down on paper, especially in our show where the line between the part about crime story and the part about the relationships between the characters is very thin. There are so many crime stories that focus on the scientist aspect nowadays, that competition is hard. In my opinion, it is really the fact that the show rests on the relationships between the characters more than on the investigations that makes its success. So the biggest challenge is to develop my character as much as possible so that the relationship between Booth and Brennan is the most honest and interesting possible.

Arthelius: You’ve been playing Booth since 3 years. After playing Angel for 8 years, aren’t you afraid to get tired of your character?
David Boreanaz: No, because as long as the show will last and my character will be interesting, I will go on playing Booth. Some actors get bored, but I am still happy and motivated to play this role.

Arthelius: Is there anything you absolutely avoid about Booth?
David Boreanaz: I try to bring the most of myself and my experiences in him. From the beginning on, I wanted him not to be the typical cop, very distant and unpleasant, the kind you see too often on television or in movies. I rather wanted him to be an original and unconventional agent, almost in rebellion against the system, but passionate and devoted to his investigations. His personality, his look, everything makes him far different from the usual cliché. Besides, that’s why I accepted this role.

Arthelius: Did you dream of playing this role as a kid?
David Boreanaz: I did not especially dream about being an FBI agent. When you’re a kid, you spend your time playing roles with your friends. Growing up in New York, I remember that one day I had dressed up like a police officer and went to a crossroads to regulate the flow of traffic. My mother had been very afraid and I remember that she had even punished me! I’ve always been a clown and I see this trait in my son.

Arthelius: Precisely, there is a lot of humor in your character, is it your influence?
David Boreanaz: I try to bring as much as possible to my character, especially in his relationship with Brennan. I work in close collaboration with Emily so that their chemistry really works, in particular by being as sarcastic as possible. With each new episode, we meet to study each scene and each of us make suggestions to get the scripts even better. I really have fun playing this character by filling out his personality as time passes. Playing Booth allows me to be in constant evolution.

Arthelius: Booth is very much obsessed with belt buckles and eccentric socks. Is it your idea?
David Boreanaz: (laughs). Yes indeed! Of course this means a lot more about Booth’s personality than it seems. He had had a problem with gambling addiction, that’s why he always has dice in his pocket. He also has a floaty pen where the clothes fall off the girl when you tip it upside down. These are small things I bring to my character, accessories that make him more authentic.

Arthelius: It would seem that you fool around on the set. It is said that you don’t hesitate to take your pants off to amuse the crowd. Is it true?
David Boreanaz: (laughs) This is an anecdote, but it is taken out of context, so of course, it seems crazy. I can tell you, I don’t take my pants off every day! On the other hand, it is true that I love joking and not taking things too seriously. Doing television, or shooting a movie, this is about entertaining audience. This is not a matter of life and death, we’re not surgeons, we create leisure. So I feel very happy to have a job where I can have so much fun. And if I can share this with my colleagues and my audience, I do it. This job is a real pleasure, I just have to put myself in a character’s shoes and give him life every day. In fact, my job is not to be an actor but an impostor.

Arthelius: How do you look at Angel, the role that made you famous?
David Boreanaz: I’m proud to have been part of this show. Even if it is said that it had a moderate success, it lasted 5 seasons. Which is definitely not nothing! I really enjoyed being part of it. Of course, people labeled and criticized it, which I don’t appreciate at all. “Angel” remains a fantastic experience to me.
What to expect in Bones’ season 4? Here are some revelations from Hart Hanson, its creator, and David Boreanaz, who plays Seeley Booth.

Arthelius: First of all, let’s go back to the terrible revelation about Zach at the end of season 3. Why did you choose to have Zach as Gormogon’s assistant, this cannibal who is part of several episodes of the show?
Hart Hanson: We first have to go back to the context. Because of the strike, we had to finish season 3 in 2 episodes instead of 8 as initially scheduled. So at first Zach was planned to be one of Gormogon’s victims. In order to do that, we would have had to define first Gormogon’s real identity. But for us, it started to be really necessary to finish this narrative story-arc as soon as possible, because it became very difficult to handle. We wanted to start something else at the beginning of season 4. That’s why we decided that Zach would be Gormogon’s assistant. [Note: I guess “assistant” was forgotten with the first English/French translation]

Arthelius: What will season 4 mainly be about?
David Boreanaz: This year, we’ll focus on Booth and Brennan getting closer. From the beginning of the show on, you’ve seen them having arguments, disagreeing on many topics… You can already see them as a couple, even if they actually are partners professionally only. So from the beginning, the audience dreams of seeing them together. As a matter of fact, we would like to thank the audience who has been following us since the first year, and who is waiting impatiently for this big moment.

Hart Hanson: For us, one of the main problems of this show has always been to keep Booth and Brennan apart one from the other, while trying to preserve our audience who only dreams about one thing: seeing them together! But on that topic, I can already tell you that, during this new year, you’ll actually see them together in bed, in a situation that will speak itself! (laughs).


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Thanks Pascale. You get great interviews over there.

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Fantastic ... thanks for this Pascale

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Good God. No wonder the Zack story was so half-assed on screen.

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Thanks a lot Pascale. I t was nice of you to translate it for us.

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Thanks for the article indeed :)
But ehm..."waiting impatiently"?? Impatiently?!? I wouldn't call it impatient, but that's just me. I'll simmer down now.

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thank you. that interview was a pleasure to read.

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Thanks Pascale! David gives great interviews! And see, he does appreciate being part of 'Angel'!

pascale said...

I like David's interviews too, but since season 3 is still not scheduled here :( I did not think I could find an interview that would be new, at least in part.

As for the answer about Angel, I'm very new in that (I had never heard about the show, never even watched an episode of Buffy until last June) but from what I could read of David's interviews the last months, I never had the impression that he didnot appreciate his role or the show, but rather that he didnot like the fact that some fans wanted him to remain Angel forever, or some professionals would start to talk about Angel while he was there to talk about Bones. Which I totally understand.

heirofloki said...

Thanks a lot Pascale.

I like how DB seems to be nice about Angel when reporters approach him nicely about it. And you totally nailed it too, I also think he just doesn't want to be stuck in that Angel box forever -which he is in the minds of some fans/reporters.

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Wow this is great! THANKS PASCALE!!!!!

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