Sunday, November 30, 2008

Programming Note - OWB

Due to the holiday weekend, and the fact that I have yet even one more dinner to attend, the review for this week may take a couple of extra days. Ditto the podcast. Hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving had a great one like I did!


Milky said...

Take your time, Wendy, and have fun!
We don't celebrate Thanksgiving over here, but my bday is nov 24th so I have a great time every year nonetheless!

I am waiting for the review, though-- take no pressure on that, lol.

Merv said...

Happy Belated Bday Milky. My Bday was on the 19th. Between Bday cake and Pumpkin pies I've been on a major sugar rush. I'm hoping the extra sugar will help curb my Bones withdrawls but I doubt it!

I'm all fat and sassy at the moment. :D

Oh and no worries on the review Wendy looking forward to it as usual. I'm thinking we have to space out all our Bones news until the new episodes so a day or two on the review may be a good thing. ;)

Anonymous said...

You deserve a great holiday and many days after.

I always look forward to your Bones reviews and can wait some extra days since you put so much into it.

katjem said...

Your reviews are worth the wait. We appreciate all the effort you put into this site.

Milky said...

Thanks, Mev!
Happy belated bday to you too.

I've a cousing whose bday is on the same day-- February Summer holidays (south hemisphere here) caused a november-baby-boom on my family! LOL. There's at least a couple bdays every november week!

Jeannie said...

What Katjem said. ;-) Unfortunately, it's not like we are in a hurry before the next episode airs.

Glad to hear you got to enjoy some family time.

heirofloki said...

Well happy belated birthday to both Milky and Merv. And happy belated thanksgiving to you Wendy. hope you had a fantastic long weekend.

lily said...

Happy Belated bithday Milky and Merv. Hope you guys had a great birthday.

Don't worry Wendy hope you had a lot fun.

Milky said...

Thank you, Heirofloki and Lily!

Merv said...

Thanks for the bday wishes Lily and Heirofloki! I'm still indulging my sweet tooth :D Or teeth as the case may be. ;)

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