Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday Bones-y Bits

Over this week I've been compiling a list of moderately interesting Bones mentions that I didn't have a moment to post. Now, you get it all, in one big pile! Happy Saturday Bones reading!


John Francis Daley scored a mention on this week in a "Where are they now?" feature.


The Chico Enterprise Record highlights Emily Deschanel's Thanksgiving-related, turkey-friendly plans.
Feed rescued turkeys a meal of lettuce, cranberries, cooked squash and pumpkin pie during the "Feeding of the Turkeys" ceremony, and enjoy vegan versions of favorite holiday foods on Saturday, Nov. 22, at the Sanctuary. Speakers include "Bones" actress and farm animal advocate Emily Deschanel; "Hervbivore Magazine" founder Josh Hooten; Farm Sanctuary president, co-founder and author Gene Baur. Deadline to register is Friday, Nov. 14; cost is $40 per person. Includes catered vegan dinner. Save a life at Thanksgiving through the Adopt-A-Turkey Project. Located at 19080 Newville Road, orland. For information or to register, call 607-583-2225, ext. 221, or visit

Emily Deschanel lends her support, and opens her wallet, to help fight the same-sex marriage ban, Prop 8, in California.


The LA Times blog highlights Hockey star Luc Robitaille's upcoming appearance on Bones.


The Fresno Bee talks November sweeps - the ratings push, the dismal season (hey! Bones is UP people!), and what networks will try to do this month to boost the flagging viewership. There is a Bones mention, but they somehow miss the upcoming Angela plot that is far more likely to get non-viewers buzzing.


NYMag disses Bones for the Zack plot and talks about Season 4 in general (scroll down, it talks a lot of shows in one piece). It's a new article, according to the publish, but it reads like it was written two months ago. Who knows?


Buddy TV highlights the great LA Times freelancer article from a few days ago. Do you think lack of sex is a good thing for the show?


RMF said...

The NYMag article is obviously dated because of the way it references the House-Wilson relationship, which is already resolved. However, until and unless they fix the Zack storyline, the author's crack about it still holds.

Stephanie said...

This makes me love Emily even more!! Though I am a bit surprised that the article actually stated the specific amounts the celebrites gave to the cause.

And my guess is the Fresno Bee chose to mention the Jared storyline instead of the upcoming Angela storyline, because, while the Angela storyline may catch people's attention faster, it could also, sadly, probably easily turn some people off from the show, which would not be good.

Shep said...

I think the lack of sex is good at the moment, it just heightens the sexual tension and gets people determined to see them together. It also allows for the writers to show the intense bond of friendship between Booth and Bones which, in my opinion is a key part of a romantic relationship. Yet they can't keep leaving us on the edge of our seats - they need to get these two together soon (but not hurriedly)!

As for whether a romance will ruin their relationship, I don't think it will - it'll strengthen it even further and they will continue bickering because I reckon the fact that they constantly challenge each other forms part of their attraction - I certainly wouldn't want someone who just agrees with me all the time: I like a healthy debate!

Poetic_line said...

Well, I really don't want to ruin the show, but it really hurts to see Bones and Booth in continuous sexual tension.

Oh, I suppose it was fun for a while, but really this teasing is too much torture for me.

We might need 3 guy hugs an episode to make up for the lack of a kiss.

I really think it would deepen the relationship for them to get together and I am all for the love.

I am sure they would continue bickering and flirting even after sex. That is who they are and I don't see them changing that much because they enjoy it so much.

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