Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Spoiler Clips for "The Bone that Blew"

Thanks, Del, for the tip! Here are two clips from tonight's Bones episode, "The Bone that Blew."

This first one is the initial investigation of the crime-scene, nothing more.

The second clip could be considered a spoiler, as it involves this week's guest star. But it also involves Brennan and kids, so it's very funny!


rachel said...

thanks for the heads up del!

Del said...

You're welcome.
I hope there will be other touching scenes between Brennan & Max. & also funny scenes of course.

Mayflower said...

omg that was such a sweet scene between them!

Shep said...

Haha! The scene with Max - cute!
Scene in the wood- typical Booth!Can't with for the Max/Booth scene!

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