Wednesday, November 12, 2008

TV's Hottest Hunks - David Boreanaz Mention

AOL is counting down TV's 50 Hottest Hunks and David Boreanaz comes in at #47:

Hunk Factor: He's taking a bite out of crime as 'Bones'' FBI agent Booth, but Boreanaz's head-turning role (so obvious was his appeal that he was cast after a producer noticed him walking his dog) was as vampire-with-a-soul Angel on 'Buffy.' His beastly attractive Angel, whose star-crossed love with Buffy led to a scorching romance, even earned his own spin-off, where he continued to seek redemption for his blood-sucking ways.
Thanks to Emilie for the tip!


catnapping said...

47 ????

I seriously consider him the sexiest man on TV. THE.

His wit, his grin...the fact that his smile reaches his eyes...they sparkle when he's tickled...I don't see that in the other actors.

Boreanaz has real presense. There's a there there.

(just my humble opinion, of course)

Milk Mama said...

Yeah. I can't imagine 47 cuter men in Hollywood.

Lily said...

Yea....Of course he's HOT.

Anonymous said...

David is the No.1 Hottest guy on TV - no question!

Poetic_line said...


I totally agree that David is the hottest and Number 1 for me. I don't even look at other men, actors that is.

He is it for me. And really sweet too, not just physical appeal but true heart. Nothing more needs to be said.

Shep said...

I can't believe some of the guys above #47! David is the hottest guy in Hollywood - the man is effing gorgeous. He is the epitome of tall, dark and handsome! And has an amazing personality.

At least he beat what's-his-face from Moonlight (cheap take on Angel IMO) David also was the best vampire ever, good or evil!

Shep said...

And David Hasselhoff is in no way hotter than David Boreanaz!

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