Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two Articles - Emily/David in London and David to Backstage.com

I don't remember seeing this specific interview before, but you can check out a small chat with both David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel where they talk about their character's sex lives here.

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A far more interesting article is this Q&A with David Boreanaz, where he talked with Backstage.com.

On getting his first agent and job:

"I had to go in and do a scene. I was studying at the Gardner Stages on Sunset, and you’d do tons of monologues and scene study work. So I picked this girl to help me do the scene. It was working great in class, and then we went to do it in the agency and she was like a different person — she was all flamboyant and weird. I just did my thing and got out, and I said, ’This is not gonna go down well. That was the worst experience ever.’ The next hour, they called me in and they wanted to represent me. Lo and behold, I had an agent. They gave me an audition, and I went out for Married With Children and I booked the job."


Shep said...

Thanks for this! It is impossible to not like this guy!

Although,I didn't understand why David said the 'sex part of it is cheap'. It seems very unlike him to say that! I think the sex part of their relationship would definitely not be cheap - they have an intense bond so it will be amazing when they finally get together, it's what we're all waiting for!

Anonymous said...

I think David meant that just focusing on sex, would cheapen their relationship. Getting to the sex level, has to be earned between Booth and Brennan. And not just having sex for the sake of sex - that would cheapen the last 4 seasons character development. He wants the slow build to their romance and relationship. And honoring their characters who both aren't ready to admit how they feel about each other.

I love the David Boreanaz Backstage interview, what a great person he is!

Shep said...

That would make more sense. Thanks Anon.

heirofloki said...

Yeah, I agree with Anon. I took it to mean that sex is the easy part. Building the relationship and keeping it going is what drives the characters and makes them special.

Poetic_line said...

I agree with Shep and didn't understand why David would say anything about sex being cheap between Booth and Brennan. There is so much love between them.

I understand David's reluctance to put it out there in public view. But we need to see some sort of passion between these two because 4years of hinting is a very long time.

I trust David's intuition because he has been doing a great job of inputting to this show. It's just that I'm going to disagree with him on this one.

The physical expression of love is never cheap when it is love and not just physical.

Anonymous said...

David is referring to the fact that the press keeps asking when Booth&Brennan are going to jump into the sack and he is saying that it has to be earned, it isn't going to happen just so it can happen.Of course he isn't saying that Booth&Brennan having sex would be cheap,Booth is all about making love and being in a committed relationship,it is special to him. She is isn't there, yet.Both have a ways to go to having sex,their relationship is deep,they will get there soon enough, romance shouldn't be rushed

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