Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Update on the December Bones Episodes

Lily has been persistent with Fox, to get more answers on the December Bones schedule, as a follow-up to what I shared with you earlier today.


Why are you not airing any new episodes in December?

So we won't have a Christmas episode this season?

When will "Hero In the Hold" and "Fire In the Ice" air?
Thank You
Both of those episodes will air in January - in its new THURSDAY 8-9pm ET/PT timeslot

We will encore last season's holiday episode on Christmas Eve 12/24/08

Interesting! So is that 3 reruns in December? Sounds like it! And who can turn down some more of "The Santa in the Slush"?

Thanks so much, Lily, for pursuing the answers!


Lily said...

Your Welcome!

At least their playing "The Santa in the Slush" on Christmas eve. That will be nice to watch.

But it sure is a long wait till the new episode.

Anonymous said...

Argh! By that point, we'll all have "Santa" on DVD anyway!

Anonymous said...

They obviously want to hit that Thursday slot hard.

Anonymous said...

I also wouldn't be surprised if they saved the big/anticipated episodes for February since that's sweeps and more important in the ratings than January's eps.

mo said...

still mad...but i have a question...when does the DVD come out again!?
Need to know!! LOL! :)

Wendy said...

It comes out next Tuesday.

mo said...

thanks wendy!! i cant wait. YEAH!! my bday is this week and i always get gift cards...i will definitly be buying it!!

Shep said...

I noticed they skipped the first question entirely - WHY is what I want to know. I am, after all, being deprived of a Christmas present.

Jeannie said...

Thanks for asking and posting, Lily and Wendy. Another hiatus. They are really making it difficult for us. I don't get that sweeps concept - why are some months more important than others?

Anonymous said...

Sweeps are the months which determine advertising rates. The better ratings, the higher the ad prices is what I understand it to be.

Also, most television shows only air 9 to 11 episodes before Christmas, and after "Bone that Blew" that will be 11 so they need to save some episodes for 2009. Otherwise, we'll have more reruns then than if they air the new eps in Dec.

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