Friday, December 19, 2008

20 TV Men We'd Kiss Under the Mistletoe

Looks like BuddyTV loves David Boreanaz x2! Thanks for the tip, Anon!

20 Men We'd Kiss Under the Mistletoe

#16 Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) - Bones

Kissability: 7/10

Kind of Kiss: Tame but Charged

Degree of difficulty: Easy. Booth has already proven that he is susceptible to mistletoe lovin'. Now's your chance!


Shep said...

Agreeing with this but he should get a 10/10 IMO. I really can't see how he can be beaten by some of these guys - have these people not seen anything DB's been in apart from Bones? Some of those kisses on Buffy and Angel were intense!

Shep said...

Ok, I realise they're talking about Booth, not DB. But still 10/10 I think!

Milky said...

100/10, IMO lol
I don't care about the other guys (ok, maybe about sawyer a bit...), but Booth???

Guess they haven't seen the extended version of the mistletoe kiss!

Poetic_line said...

I'd give him 100/10 on the kiss just from watching him.

He has the best smile too.

Feeling_Puckish said...

BuddyTV seems to have a "thing" for The Office, Chuck, and Milo from Heroes--give me a break!! i like Chuck ok but compared to Booth there is no contest!!! Booth ranks higher than these guys--the others are pretty fine (at least they left off the funky superhero) so I am ok with that.

Anonymous said...

How do the SN guys get 10/10 they are just so teen makes me sick.
Here in NZ we only got one season of SN it did so bad they did not order the next season but Bones is prime time and doing very well. :)

*Lucy* said...

Hmm well I would happily kiss David under any situation never mind mistletoe! He seriously is the best looking guy i have ever met, the only problem is how on earth can i ever find man to live up to him???

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