Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ausiello spoils: Zack and the Interns

Ausiello has posted some Bones scoop about Zack and the rotating 'not-Zack's'. Part of it's old, but he also gives some specific details on new faces. Check it out here.

Edit: I should have read a bit better. Near the end there is a 2nd Bones question

Question: When will Angela's girlfriend, Roxie, be off Bones? I think she was a terrible add-on to the this season. -- Jessie


Shep said...

I miss Zack so much and I really want to see how Sweets deals with whether or not he should tell everyone about Zack's innocence. Eager to see where they go with the Hodgela stuff as well.

katjem said...

I miss Zack too and would like a conclusion to the story.

On a different note - nearly finished re-watching S1 & S2. Booth is an excellent FBI officer. I didn't realise how much Sweets & the Squints always helping in the interrogation room in recent episodes was bothering me. (Brennan is the exception).

catnapping said...

i can't wait to see sweets' reaction to angela's kiss!

i'm glad she's moving on from roxie...i didn't really see any on-camera chemistry there. i've seen more sizzle in her exchanges with camille. ;)

i was watching seaon 1's pilot...and hafta say i liked zack's personality better there. i think the writers started to caricaturize him some in the second and third seasons. he was too too. it seemed as though the more time passed, the younger zack got.

i hafta wait for january?? said...

omg. i just saw the promo for trouble in the panhandle...(the one where they pretend to be circus performers?) hilarious!

that mustache! brennans' russian accent. omg omg omg

i'm jonesin' for bones!

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