Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bones Ratings: Repeats

For last week's Bones rerun we had a repeat of "The Man in the Mud" and last night we had "The Crank in the Shaft."

Have you been watching the repeats?

I, admittedly, have not. And, I don't think I'm in the only one. The summer repeat ratings were much higher but in December times are busy and the break is much shorter. It seems many of us are dropping our Bones TV repeats in favor of family time and Christmas shopping.

"The Man in the Mud" ratings - 4.521
"The Crank in the Shaft" ratings - 4.18
I don't really feel bad for Bones ratings, though, when I notice how low the Private Practice and Life are...and those are new airings!

Do you think the random, mixed-bag of episode airings is hurting ratings? I can't imagine that the jumps we see are drawing anyone in to Bones semi-serialized character stories, but hopefully the general fun and great writing are doing the trick!


Louise said...

I haven't been watching the repeats (too much going on at the mo!), but I have left Man in the Mud and Killer in the Concrete (TNT) on my DVR, since I don't have the DVDs. I'll save them to watch at some point when I've got a night in on my own.

I'm not too worried about the repeats either ... just hope they advertise it properly for the Jan return. Speaking of which ... does anyone know if they showed a new promo during the ep last night?

Milk Mama said...

I've been DVRign it, but that's just because it's set to DVR anything Bones on Fox. I'll probably watch the DVR recording some time this week. :)

Louise, I'll check my DVR. I was curious, too.

Anonymous said...

With these rating will they cancel the show. Sorry paranoia!

CupcakeBean said...

I certainly don't think the mixed-bag of episodes will help ratings. I can't for the life of me figure out why they've chosen these specific episodes.

I've had the repeats on, but haven't paid them much attention to be honest. I've spent the hiatus watching the entire series from the beginning with my hubby. He's a new convert now!

Unfortunately Louise, it was the same promo they showed last week. Fox really needs to promo our show better, dang it!

Louise said...

Thanks for the info CupcakeBean.

Oh well, better than no promo. And I guess they never have promos for an ep other than the next one, so I wouldn't really have expected anything different. Still, I would have liked an updated version of the 'this season on Bones' one.

AMH said...

Actually, they showed what Brennan said after Booth says we're going under cover.

"Are we...going to join the circus?"

Poetic_line said...

I've been recording it to my computer so I'm going to watch it later.

And I'm watching Passenger in the Oven online anyway just to get my Bones fix.

alison said...

I haven't been watching either. put my Bones obsession on hiatus over the long break.

I did lend my Bones DVDs to my sister and got her completely hooked. I feel oddly vindicated that she has become so addicted in such a short time!
Booth and bones are like a drug.

Jamie said...

I am not ashamed to say that I watched "The Man in the Mud" for the sole purpose of seeing an episode with Zack in it. And after watching it...yeah, I still miss him.

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