Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Bonnie Hunt Show Video

A couple of you keep mentioning the Celebrity Babies article on David Boreanaz and his son Jaden. You're missing the best source! If you've never seen it before, here is the original video from David Boreanaz's appearance on The Bonnie Hunt show, where he tells the story.


Amanda said...

That was hilarious.

I was raised Catholic and had a very similar experience when I watched my family take their Communion.

I snorted a little when they talked about their Catholic Guilt.

I too had plastic bags in my boots....

I thought it was pretty cool the people who recognized his Dad's kids' show.

Amanda said...

BTW, I'm not trying to be completely fragmented and incoherent... I'm just fighting the flu right now and have cold-med-induced euphoria.

Poetic_line said...

I'm Jewish and we always felt guilty about something or other.

I used to believe that if the price of vegetables went up in the store, it was somehow my fault.

Of course that was many years ago, and I've overcome that guilt.

The only guilt I have now is that I watch Bones too many times and am not focusing on real life as much as I need to.

But I'm working on overcoming that as well.

With the hiatus, it's giving me a breather except I'm here on this website commenting about David Boreanaz's appearance on Bonnie Hunt's show that I only watched because he was on it.

He is so adorable so I just can't help it.

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