Friday, December 19, 2008

Buddy TV's 50 Sexiest Men of 2008 - David Boreanaz

Buddy TV has put together the 50 sexiest men of 2008, and David Boreanaz comes in at #23.

#23 David Boreanaz, Bones
Booth is a man's man, a tough guy who loves his family and loves justice. He's not the brightest bulb in the store, but he's a good person, funny at times, and so goofy that at times we forget how hunky David Boreanaz really is. Then we take a step back and remember that he's absolutely gorgeous.
Brendan Fehr came in at #37, with a Bones mention as well.
#37 Brendan Fehr, Samurai Girl
Who doesn't love motorcycle-driving ninja masters? On ABC Family's miniseries Samurai Girl, Brendan Fehr made a great return to TV as the sexy bad boy who could hurt you or make love to you. The fact that Fehr also turned up as Booth's rebellious brother on Bones only confirmed his hotness this year.


Milky said...

I'm glad he was mentioned; he well deserves it! Though I'd probably list him in the top ten...

Anyway, there's something bothering me. They completely forgot he's people-wise! He might not be the 'brightest bulb', but he's more than the man's man and cute little goofy man-- He's got his guts.

Oh, well. At least they got the rest right.

Feeling_Puckish said...

I am also annoyed by the "not the brightest bulb" comment! Brennan acknowledges that he is smart in ways that she will probably never be. I am now going to the list to see the 20 guys they think are sexy.

Feeling_Puckish said...

ok--there are plenty of people who do not belong on that list!!!!!

lily said...

Yea i agree with both of you. He should be in the top 10 like Milky said. But hey at least he's 23rd.

Shep said...

The 'brightest bulb' thing annoyed me too! He's very clever, just not a science boffin!

And some of those guys were definitely not sexy - Joe Jonas from Camp Rock - bleahhh! (I have not seen Camp Rock btw, nor will I ever). And I'm really starting to hate this 'ask any teenage girl' thing. They did that with Edward in Twilight as well, they must assume all teenage girls are half-blind or something!

Anonymous said...

Did you see it ? - #3 :)

alison said...

the picked such a goofy picture of booth with the beer hat that the caption had to be all about goofy/silly booth. if they had choosen a bad a$ picture of him with a shotgun, the caption would have gone a whole different direction.
aren't we lucky that booth can be sexy in so many different ways? :)

Poetic_line said...

I think he's extremely intelligent. They really haven't gotten the show. He may not be verbal liguistic but he is still very smart.

We see him with geniuses all the time and he might not be a genius, but he know how to talk and makes great heartfelt speeches.

*Lucy* said...

Who decides the order that the guys go in?? David would defiantly top my list, since watching bones he has replaced Matt Fox as my ultimate man by a mile but i have yet to find someone who tops David in both looks and personality....hmmm sadly i can only dream!

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