Monday, December 29, 2008

David Boreanaz in Suffering Man's Charity - the only bright spot has come out with a review for David Boreanaz's movie, Suffering Man's Charity (or Ghostwriter). It's pretty scathing, overall, but it does give some nice kudos to David:

The only bright spot in this dimly lit film is David Boreanaz, who seems out to prove something to his fans and critics. He hasn't made the best creative decisions with his career as of late (he's starred in a hefty helping of straight-to-video films) and it seems he wanted Ghost Writer to be his return to form. While he draws the film's best moments to the surface, his character lacks dimensionality or development, and he's only really given a small handful of decent performance moments.

The movie (with a freaky cover!) is available January 6th.


Shep said...

I read that yesterday. David looks incredibly creepy in that film! (Lovely pic of him here though)

The writer seems to have forgotten that DB's starring BONES!!! which is hugely successful!

But ok, he hasn't had the best career filmwise - hopefully something will come up soon. He needs a film with a good director, storyline, and a role that will challenge him but bring out the best in his acting talents, which we know he has tons of!

Anonymous said...

Dig out the review of this as part of their SXSW festival coverage. It's a very funny (if not exactly positive) review. Scott Weinberg at Cinematical also reviewed it there; he too like David's performance.

ForensicMama said...

I'm glad he got some kudos! That is a very cute pic of David there!

Phoenix said...

I have to say I actually enjoyed that movie (though I did agree that David's acting was easily the best part). You just have to be in a certain...artistic state of mind to really appreciate it; Alan Cumming was INSANE and I found it a dark and twisted tale that gave me the creeps and made me think at the same time.

As for his film choices, I will never regret that he did "These Girls" because that movie was hilarious and pretty quality viewing (in a dark sort of way) and I also enjoyed the campiness of Crow 4 purely because he plays such a fun bad guy.

Too bad that Dave turned down the opportunity to do Batman on Batman Begins, right?

Shep said...

I read in an interview that the Batman thing was only a rumour. I'm sure he would have been brilliant though - even if a movie's really crappy his acting is always fantastic.

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