Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fox Orders Production Cuts

All shows produced by Fox (which includes Bones) have been ordered to cut 2% from their budgets.


"In these challenging economic times, we've asked all of our showrunners to trim their production budgets by 2%, an assignment which they have all embraced,” a 20th spokesman said. “Everyone understands that revenues are down and these steps are necessary to protect our business."
This could mean a variety of cuts, or produce placements, as pointed out. But it won't mean a loss of any episodes (thankfully!).


Shep said...

Thank God for the episodes! I hope it won't affect the rest of the w much.

Btw, while on Whedonesque, I came across this:
Don't know if anyone else has seen it bit it's the creepiest picture of DB I have ever seen! I think it's been photoshopped to look like that to accompany some fanfic but it gives me goosebumps!

Shep said...

* oops. I meant, hope it won't affect the rest of the show much!

Anonymous said...

That is a seriously creepy picture. Shudder.

I think they could make some cuts in wardrobe - like DB's sleeves for example. Or I mean, is there any real need for a shirt at all. He could hang out in his apartment more and do all the crime-solving from there? ;-D

p.s. Any word on the episode order for Jan - has it been confirmed yet? Thanks!

Shep said...

Actually, that picture seems to be from DB's new film 'Ghost Writer'. According to one review, David's the only good thing in it!

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