Monday, December 15, 2008

Korbi Spoils: The Doctor in the Den

Korbi hits the sides again, and completely summarizes the latest production episode "The Doctor in the Den." Do not look at her post if you don't want to know it all. Go visit this blog's spoiler chatter post for that episode if you'd like to discuss it, though!

Important Note:

I am no longer going to read, or link, Korbi's posts. Sites like E! and EW! and TVGuide rarely spoil an episode so fully, and often have unique in interesting information that didn't just come straight from information we could all read. There is a reason many of us stay away from the sides - we don't want to be so completely spoiled! I will still provide the spoiler chat posts where you guys can discuss the information in minute detail, however.


Feeling_Puckish said...

WOW--they really let it all out on that one! While I am now reading the sides for Bones, I did avoid them for a while and I don't read spoilers for anything else because I like the element of surprise. There is something about Bones, however, that makes me want to absorb every detail!!!

Louise said...

Agree with you on Korbi's posts ... she just copies things straight from the sides with no filtering, and often (as we saw with the Angela info) with unnecessary spin.

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