Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Some people just don't know how to kill a vampire... has a photo essay of classic spin-off shows, and includes Angel in the list.

"Angel" spun off of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and lasted five seasons before it got the silver bullet.


Shep said...

I LOVE ANGEL!! I'm watching reruns and keeping up with the comics but I still miss the show *sob*. Seeing Angel kicking demon ass with his leather duster swooshing sexily - best way to start the morning. IMO, Buffy, Angel and Bones - best shows in the universe!

Jeannie said...

Silver bullet? Isn't that how you kill a werewolf?

Shep said...

Yep. These people obviously haven't done their homework.

Merv said...

Shep, I too start my morning with Angel reruns. It's better than coffee. Though the whole 'Connor being abducted' storyline has a tendency to make my mascara run before work. *sniff*

Bullet schmullet, someone needs to brush up on their monster killing methods. Love the pic of Angel and Spike though. Num!

Ms. Feasance said...

Silver bullets actually do kill some vampires.
Everybody's vampires are different. In True Blood, silver definitely weakens vampires.

Shep said...

Merv - they've just started season 2 again. But no episode of Angel has made me cry more than 'I will Remember You' - when Angel turns human and spends the whole day with Buffy! *sob*

Merv said...

Shep, funnily enough I cannot bring myself to delete "I Will Remember You" off of my DVR. It's one of those 'go to' episodes that I love. Several make me cry like when Connor gets kidnapped as a baby, but the one that broke my heart was "You're Welcome" in season five. Cordy and Angel always seemed to miss their chance. *heavy sigh*

What an awesome series. :)

heirofloki said...

Merv, You're Welcome makes my stomach hurt every time I watch it.

I was never able to stomach Buffy (my HS experience was perhaps way to emotionally distant for me to relate). But Angel? Angel I loved. Mostly. Even if I didn't watch religiously. Faves are: First Season, Second Season, and I proudly own the Fifth season -which some fans hated but I didn't because I like Spike -and Harm (Don't hit me).

Besides, how can you not love Smile Time? Fred's best line in the whole series was: Angel! You're...cute!

The Third and Fourth Seasons never happened. I mean they did, but I sure wasn't paying attention.

As for the silver thing: Moonlight had it that silver was the thing to get rid of a vamp. That and fire. Stakes only weakened/paralyzed them in that show.

Shep said...

Yeah, Smile Time is probably my 2nd favourite episode (I Will Remember You being 1st - uber B/A shipper here!) I couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole thing!Also - Angel doing karaoke: 'Mandy' and 'Everybody have fun tonight', that was hilarious!

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