Thursday, December 4, 2008

TheTVAddict talks to Brendan Fehr

Love him or hate him, Jared Booth is now part of Bones. When will we see him again? Check out TheTVAddict's interview with him to find out.

Do you agree with the last line of comment from TheTVAddict?


Ellie said...

I think they're trying to stir the shipper fans up.

I think if he is to come between them, it would be more because of his unreasonable behaviour - there's no way Brennan would look at him romantically now after Con Man, which is what I think TV Guide are hinting at.

Plus, without getting spoilery, I don't think Jared is back in the next episode for the reasons they are saying anyway and I can't see him being there in the future as anything other than a view into Booth's personal life and possibly an eventual reconciliation at some point.

He might be the one to brazen it out to Booth, you know, like Angela does for Brennan a bit. Kind of like 'you love her, just tell her, the fans are dying here'. ;-D Booth doesn't really have a close 'friend' apart from Brennan on the show, does he?!

Ellie said...

Sorry, I meant tvaddict, not TV Guide, didn't I?!

Lauren said...

I agree with Ellie, pretty much whole-heartedly. There is no way Jared's going to come between them romantically again. She may eventually come to not dislike him again, but I would be absolutely floored if she were to ever express romantic interest in him again.

Anonymous said...

TV addict are so lame! Nobody ever would believe that Brennan would have anything to do with Jared after Con Man. Unless to kick his ass again for treating Booth like crap. Jared is in one more epi. That is fact. There is always is talk that a character might return, that is just Hollywood talk doesn't mean that is going to happen. If he does come back it will be concerning Booth's family. Lame ass spoiler with not truth whats so ever.

Anonymous said...

Remember Brennan's birthday toast to Booth, so no men like Jared ever again for her. She has learnt her lesson. She would never betray Booth again. What a freaking stupid thing for them to even suggest. Ass*****

Just ignore it!

Louise said...

All that 'interview' says is that Jared is back in at least one more episode ... which most of us knew anyway.

Any conclusions drawn from that are just pure speculation.

Lauren said...

@Louise: and we know how much Brennan hates speculation!

Louise said...

Exactly! We need evidence!

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