Saturday, December 20, 2008

TNT Marathon: Update

Friday morning I told you that TNT would be having a mini Bones marathon. At that time, they only had 6 hours of Bones listed on New Year's Day. Thanks to Su for prodding me to check they are listing Bones all day! Starting at 9 am with "The Girl in Suite 2103" and going all the way to midnight, ending with "The Mummy in the Maze," you can get a massive Bones fix on the holiday!


Anonymous said...

Thanks! :)

Did you see this brand new interview with David Boreanaz? :)

alanna said...

Day after my birthday, work is closed, nothing to do but lay around in my pajamas and watch a Bones marathon. January 1st is going to be a GREAT day. :)

have a happy happy said...

i'll be watching. even though i have it on dvd, i know i'll be watching TNT.

heee. i hope there isn't a 12-step program for this, cuz i love my addiction.

lily said...

Nice interview!!

Thanks for the link Anonymous.

I will definitely be watching too even though i have the DVD's.

Anonymous said...

Lucky! Here in Canada we don't have TNT. We have global and throughout the hiatus they've been playing back to back Bones episodes! Its not as great as six hours of Bones but its something!

Poetic_line said...

I've been wanting a marathon although I have seen the episodes multiple times and have many recorded on my computer.

It's a chance for me to record more of them on my computer and I'll be watching too.

I'm getting out the popcorn and making a party of it.

And anonymous, thanks for the interview thread. Great interview.

Anonymous said...

In case you haven't noticed, Starting 1/2 Bones will be on at 6:00 et EVERYDAY on TNT.


catherine said...

everyday at 6?? hallelijah!

Charlotte said...

OMG I can't wait one more week!!! I love Booths pants, they made me crack up. This show is so addictive, I find that I can't go online without looking up something involving Bones!! Anyway, I heard that Booth and Bones have to sleep in the same bed in this episode to appear as the married couple Buck and Wanda Moosejaw. Lets see how that plays out!!

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