Thursday, December 18, 2008

TVAddict: Fox Mid-Season Report-Card

The TVAddict has posted a Mid-Season Report Card for Fox, and Bones is at the top of the list.

THE GOOD: Afters years of being shuffled around the schedule, BONES has settled nicely into its Wednesday night time-slot to become one of the evening’s highest rated shows. After shifting the focus to Walter (our new favorite mad scientist), FRINGE survived a shaky start to their season to finish off the year strongly. While THE SIMPSONS and FAMILY GUY continue to provide for consistent laughter on Sundays. will finally have a reason to turn to FOX between Thursday and Saturday with BONES moving to Thursday night at 8PM and Friday night culminating in a nerd orgasm for SciFi fans...


Merv said...

Do people really still watch the Simpsons? :O

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